Zlen‌ ‌-‌ ‌A‌ ‌Social‌ ‌Media‌ ‌Revolution,‌ ‌Made‌ ‌In‌ ‌India‌

Social media has become so intertwined with our lives that it is difficult to imagine a day without it. Be it for connecting with our favorite people, or consuming the latest gossip from the world, social media is where the majority of us spend a good chunk of our daily time.

With nowhere else to turn to, there’s a sense of inevitability amongst people that you cannot have a fun social media experience without sacrificing your privacy.

Well…not really. From the city that never sleeps - Mumbai, there is now a perfect solution to your problems - 'Zlen’. Zlen gives its users a space to create their private circle & have a fun and engaging social media experience without compromising their privacy. Let’s be clear, Zlen is not for everyone and neither is it to have the whole wide social circle on it. Zlen is for your close and trusted circle only, a place where you can be yourself without having to worry about people judging you, disturbing you, or taking your personal space for granted.

How Does The Magic Happen On Zlen?

The Zlen Code

Once you have successfully signed up to the Zlen app, the first thing is that you will get your very own unique alphanumeric Zlen Code. This is an entry barrier that will help you keep all your own space, well.. your own.

Unlike other social media platforms, no one will be able to search for you with your name, phone number, or email ID. The only way someone can send you a connection request is if you share your Zlen Code with them. That ensures that you can keep all the unwanted people out because on Zlen there is NO DISCOVERABILITY. Even if you google your Zlen Code, nothing will show up.

You can add your closest friends by sharing the code or add them via their Zlen Code or just scan the QR code that is again unique to each user. Once you add your friend, they become part of your Zlen Club, and you can get the party started, away from the prying eyes of the public.

Zlen Feeds

This is the place where you see everything that your Zlen Club shares. You can share media, create polls, and share announcements that your Zlen Club will be able to see on their respective Feeds. Only those who are part of your Zlen Club can see what you post and share. In fact, you can create polls for specific people. If you’re planning a night out with only 4 of your friends from your Zlen Club, you can send a poll asking where to head only to these 4 people.

Zlen Messaging

Like we said Zlen gives you the complete social experience and the app has an intuitive chat interface that lets you chat individually and create groups too.

Disappearing Messages Now no need to wait for a week for your messages to disappear. Zlen believes in keeping the social media space clutter-free and with a minimal digital footprint. On Zlen you can enable the disappearing messages/media option. You can set the duration for which you want the messages to be visible. This can be anywhere between 5 seconds onwards. And once your friend has read the message, after the stipulated time, your messages get erased forever.

Someone On Zlen – An unheard-of feature

One of the dreaded things right now is being added to groups on any social media because half the time you’re in it with random other people you don’t even know. And in these cases, your profile and your number are visible to these people and there’s really nothing you can do about it. However, if you are in a group on Zlen, you will only be able to see the details of people whom you have specifically added with your Zlen code. Say your best friend added you to a group and they have some other people who are part of their club on it. You and the mutuals will not be able to see any details of each other, except the messages you send. Instead of your display name, it will only say ‘Someone On Zlen’. So now you really don’t have to worry about your details going to people you don’t know, even if you’re added to a group. The same is for the others you see who has commented on a post… It works the same way when you like and comments on a friend’s photo. To a person who is not connected with you on Zlen, you again show up as ‘Someone On Zlen’.

Digital Detox

This unique feature allows you to mute all notifications on the app and take a break to unwind. You simply need to click on ‘Start Detox’ under your profile and decide the time you want to detox for. Others in your Zlen club will be able to see that you are on detox and will not be able to message you during that time. Who knows maybe you might inspire them to take a break too.

Zlen Updates

This is a separate tab on the Zlen app, where you will exclusively see updates from the members in your Zlen Club when they change their profile photos, status, or even their display name!

Zlen Display Name & Status

‘Username is already taken'. How many times have you seen this on social media? It’s a shame when someone has already taken @ThomasShelbyFan. With Zlen, you can change your display name as many times as you want, no strings attached. And through your status, you can keep your Zlen Club updated with what the rest of the world doesn’t know (which they don’t need to also).

Zlen Team

What’s in it for Zlen Users?

Apart from the mashup of social media & private messenger features, complete privacy features, and the exclusive social community that Zlen provides, the platform has many exciting things in the pipeline for users. In the near future, there will be special offers exclusively for Zlen users with brands across fitness, F&B, sports, lifestyle, travel, etc.

Zlen plans to create a close-knit community among the users, and it will have unique Zlen experiences such as travel getaways, screenings, access to exclusive events, etc. for the community

The Future of Zlen

Zlen endeavors to keep up with the changing trends and requirements of the user. It is in the process of developing audio and video chat rooms, live video streaming, and even podcast sharing and creation. The app plans to go global in 2022!

There it is, Zlen is all you need to have if you want to bring back the healthy experience of social media. Just because of the negativity, there should not be a compromise in how we connect with our closest people and how we express ourselves, Zlen is not about how many friends you add and the number of followers you have. It is all about healthy, happy conversations and making your life visible to the people who truly appreciate it.

Also down the line when Zlen reaches a milestone of downloads, the app will become a paid service for new users joining. So, this is your chance to claim your private social space.