Top 10: The Best Hotels in Dubai


The Best Hotels in Dubai

Just over 30 years ago, the Dubai World Trade Centre stood tall and lonesome as the only skyscraper in the city. Today, there are over 200 towers within the bigger-is-better desert fortress that is Dubai, each addition offering a unique jewel to the city’s crown in the form of architecture-meets-art creations and sky-high structures—including the tallest building in the world. Within this skyline are also some of the best hotels in the world, where the boundaries of luxury are pushed and prodded higher and higher with each opening. It’s not all gold leaf and white gloves—although there is a lot of that—some of the best hotels in Dubai are found on the ground, lining the golden beaches or even out in the desert dunes. Here we share our favourite Dubai hotels.

How we choose the best hotels in Dubai

Every hotel on this list has been selected independently by our editors and written by ListMyStartup team who knows the destination and has stayed at that property. When choosing hotels, our editors consider both luxury properties and boutique and lesser-known boltholes that offer an authentic and insider experience of a destination. We're always looking for beautiful design, a great location and warm service – as well as serious sustainability credentials. We update this list regularly as new hotels open and existing ones evolve.