Whomp - Live Gaming Platform for Cricket Enthusiasts

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Time and again, an app comes into play that floods up the market share. Online fantasy sports and e-gaming has become more common in the last 2 decades and shockingly it has secured top gear in India. Ever since the pandemic, sports events have been put on a halt, the mass have shifted themselves towards the exciting world of online gaming.

Online fantasy gaming is the only feature in the gaming sector where a user can play any number of sports with their friends whilst communicating with them in real-time. It’s obvious that online fantasy sports startups have been a boon to all of the gamers and even, non-gamers too. Whomp is a live cricket gaming app, where users can play a live auction in a gaming format.

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Whomp - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Whomp
  • Headquarter-Ahmedabad
  • Founder-Varun Gajjar
  • Sector-Gaming
  • Founding Year-2020
  • Website
  • Registered Entity Name-Whomp Pvt. Limited

Whomp - About and How It Works

One gaming app hit the market and BAM! There is no way that the app is going down. One such app for every Indian comes to life now. It allows its users to play cricket games and also, they can communicate with their friends simultaneously while enjoying real cricket auction.

Whomp is an interactive gaming platform where every cricket fan can play and experience a live auction. The Indian gaming industry has started to boom in the startup culture. It has been observed that cricket games are played by 74% of gamers on fantasy gaming apps over any other sports.

Fantasy sports platforms could potentially be considered as a means for earning increments by comparatively lower income groups, leading to an increased engagement on the platform.

Whomp - Founder

The Whomp gaming app is founded by Varun Gajjar.

Varun Gajjar is the sole founder of Whomp, with a strong supporting team. He has done his Masters in Business from Monash University, Australia. Till his Post education he has worked in his family’s company - Varuna Pumps, which started in 1935. He worked as the Head of Sales & Marketing for 8 years, handling a team of 180 persons across 18 offices with an export business to more than 50 countries.

After this, he joined in as an investor in Gamerji: an eSports tournament platform where there are daily matches conducted for games such as Clash Royale, Call of Duty, Free Fire etc. Being a part of the gaming business and community, he has learned many aspects of running a gaming platform. This not only provided him with the foundation and understanding knowledge of the industry but inspired him to launch his own gaming company - Whomp.

The hiring funda is simple, candidates for management positions are from top-grade universities like IIT and the one’s in the task-based departments have young local talents. The ‘young local talents’ previously have never received the opportunity to lead, so the company intends to give them that.

How Whomp Started?

It was a Eureka moment when the idea got hit at the time of IPL Auction. Varun and his friends used to play a friendly auction during the IPL season. The fun part was, that they would use chits and maintain excel spreadsheets for the scores. Whilst playing this way, they thought that why not create an app that can have a live auction in a gaming format. And that’s where the original idea struck.

Further working on this, they researched it well and realized a similar model is played in the USA for the NFL draft, so taking important insights from it, they created their first prototype. After seeing the initial success, they launched the product. During the COVID-19 pandemic and series of endless lockdowns, there was a complete halt on

all sporting activities and he quite missed talking to friends. This is when; they started using HouseParty app, and taking inspiration from that, they thought of a format where players can talk to their friends through the app to discuss the game.

Whomp- Name, Logo and Tagline

WHOMP pronounced as /w…ímp/ and the name means strike heavily or a thump. As the name already sounds so cool, everyone liked it and hence named the app. Also, it is short and easy to pronounce. The Whomp logo is inspired by the colour of a trophy or a gold medal, to showcase winning.

Whomp - Vision and Mission

Whomp keeps up with the mission to create a gaming app for cricket and sports fans, by giving them a platform to play as well as to communicate with their friends online, while enjoying real cricket action. The short-term vision is to acquire 3 lakhs + users by the end of this cricket season. The company strongly believes that to keep the user engaged, they have to give ‘one of a kind’ user experience to users by the introducing new games and updates in every couple of months.

Whomp - Target Market Size

The gaming industry in India is growing rapidly. According to a Google-KPMG report, the Indian online gaming segment is to reach $1.1 billion by 2021. India is also among the top five mobile gaming markets in the world, with around 300 million gamers. Also, BofA securities recent report has stated that India’s gaming user base will reach 486 million by 2022.

With mobile phone and internet penetration and rise in interest towards gaming, it can be seen that the mobile gaming industry will be growing stupendously in the next decade.

Whomp - Products/ Services

Presently the platform has the Live Fantasy Auction game and shortly it will have 2 other games, Super Selector and Daily Dabba.

The feature that differentiates Whomp from other online gaming fantasy apps is: that you can talk to your friends while playing the game. Also, it lets you play with your friends rather than competing with strangers. It is also free of cost and has no age restrictions, and is available on Android Play Store and iOS app store.

Whomp - Startup Launch

The team used digital platforms to launch Whomp. They acquired 1000 users on Day 1 and by Day 10, it was already to 35,000. Based on team’s experience, they had strategically chosen the preferred channels for Whomp, and they had a clear-cut intention to deep dive into these channels rather than just going wide at this stage. Their online campaigns helped in brand awareness and reaching out to like-minded potential users.

Whomp - Business and Revenue Model

The Whomp revenue model is simple. It works on in-app purchases, advertisements, brand partnerships and integrations with other apps.

Whomp - Competitors

As online gaming industry is on the rise, there are quite a few competitors of Whomp.

  • Dream11
  • Pocket52
  • PokerDangal

Whomp - Challenges

One of the most challenging situations the startup faced was on Day 8, where they had 10,000 downloads in one day and the server was not built to take that much of a load. To tackle the issue efficiently, they had to work hard overnight to bring everything on track. They eventually did manage it but they had to face some dissatisfied users. This lead to creating a CRM department to handle user queries.

Whomp - Coupon Code/ Offers

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Whomp - Future Plans

Since, they are very new at the moment, so taking one step at a time, they are eventually updating features within a month. They are introducing new features through which they plan to monetize the business in upcoming months.

Whomp - FAQs

What is Whomp?

Whomp is an interactive gaming platform where every cricket fan can play and experience a live auction.

Is there any Whomp coupon code available?

Yes, for StartupTalky Valued Readers and Whomp Users, use coupon: "Talky500".

Who is the Founder of Whomp?

Varun Gajjar is the sole founder of Whomp.

When was Whomp Founded?

Whomp was founded during the Pandemic in 202

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