Webkonf- First Homegrown Video Conferencing And Screen Sharing Platform

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The outbreak of the global pandemic has upended the traditional ways of doing things. Many things got different solutions to them due to pandemics. One such thing was about conducting office meets and business calls. Pandemic made each and everyone physically far from each other. However, the working pattern was in need of everyone's coordination. At such times, technology gave way for the world to move on. With the introduction of virtual meetings, the concept soon found a way to acknowledgment due to the need for hours.

Virtual meetings were able to fill up the space formed in communication and physical presence during a pandemic. Hence, they found an easy path to success. Till now, the tradition of virtual meetings has been accepted by a mass of companies. The platform, Webkonf provides a real-time and constantly evolving method of connecting with different business associates for the work to go on. Webkonf meeting platform itself was developed as the product researched during Lockdown by the startup firm located in Hyderabad.

Webkonf- Company Highlights

  • Company Name-Webkonf
  • Headquarter-Hyderabad
  • Founder-Rama Narayana Reddy Malay
  • Founded-26 May 2020
  • Sector-Video Conference Platform
  • video conferencing App

Webkonf is a video-conferencing platform that connects people through video, voice, chat, and content sharing. It is a web-based Audio, Video & Screen Sharing solution for meetings and conferences. They use open source systems and oracle cloud for security and scalability. Webkonf introduces background blur and noise cancellation features.

Webkonf Meetings Private Limited is a non-government, Private project incorporated on 26 May 2020. Webkonf is classified under the section of the non-government company with its registration done at the registrar of companies in Hyderabad.  The company is authorized with the share capital of Rs. 10,00,000 and paid-up capital of Rs. 1,00,000. Webkonf is not just limited to creating a communication space, it also provides other basic computer-related activities such as maintenance of websites created for some other firms along with the creation of multimedia presentations for different firms, etc.

The product Webkonf meeting was the result of research done in by the Hyderabad Startup in Lockdown.

It was developed as an outcome of lockdown research done by the startup located in Hyderabad.

Last year’s global web conference market size was US $2.5 billion and is expected to be US $5 billion by 2025. Indian market share is expected to be between 500 million and 750 million by 2025, as stated by Ram Malay.

Webkonf- Founder and Team

Ram Malay

Ram Malay has done his BTech from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Electronics and Communications. Presently, he is also the CEO of Soniks Consulting, which is a firm with latest & innovative domains /technology entries which can help companies bridge gaps in current operations. Mr. Malay is also a Founder at, which aims to be India's #1 online store for Diapers, Wipes and Sanitary Napkins.

Their growth trajectory has been quite impressive. It has grown from employing just three individuals to over 100 individuals currently. Today, the company’s talented employees handle multiple industry verticals across the world. The company is bootstrapped for the time being.

With the coronavirus pandemic hitting the whole world at large, the face-to-facebusiness activities had to take a toll. That’s when this company raised to itsmagnificence. We are talking about the Zoom cloud meeting which was founded byEric S. Yuan in 2011. Zoom is an American company offering r…

Webkonf Meeting Startup Story

The idea to launch Webkonf clocked my mind just before the COVID-19 lockdown when I and my team realized the need for an effective communication and collaboration tool. We felt that such a platform could lead to better connectivity and make our work more productive. With this realization, we commenced to work on building such a platform, and hence, Webkonf was born.

Webkonf- Name, Tagline and Logo

Webkonf is a video-conferencing tool, used for virtual meetings with its special features.

The name Webkonf somehow resembles its purpose of web conferencing.

The Webkonf logo is made up of two different colors, i.e Blue and green. The logo consists of the "c" shaped half circle made up of blue and green colors with the term "Webkonf" written from within it. The letter "W" of webkonf is also written in two colors, the first half is blue, and the part below blue is written in green color.

Webkonf- Vision and Mission

With a vision to create innovative products with the customer at their heart and a mission to deliver outstanding technology-based experiences to users, Hyderabad based Soniks Consulting’s Webkonf Meetings is India’s first simple, secured, and protected web video conferencing and screen sharing platform. This application, without any data breaches for data privacy, enables Local hosting end to end encryption. It signifies that Webkonf never collects any data which is irrelevant for Webkonf operations like the majority of other applications which collect users’ browse history.

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Webkonf- Products and Services

Webkonf Meetings is their most significant innovation ever. They’re confident that the platform will grow bigger and is definitely more impactful. It is India’s first extremely simple, secured, and protected video conferencing platform. It enables Local hosting end-to-end encryption without breaching any data.

Unlike other applications, Webkonf does not collect the data or browser history of users. Webkonf is potential enough to be adopted by almost 10 million people in a brief period. We are planning for a paid version of Webkonf Meetings once new features and enhancements are released. We are planning for a virtual launch of a commercial version of the Webkon, as explained by Mr. Ram Malay.

Webkonf- Business and Revenue Model

Businesses are facing a tough time in contemporary India. While the verticals of traditional business have slowed down, digital space such as apps and webs or e-commerce grew by 300%. Webkonf usage has grown rapidly. Projects of digital, apps, and web are growing alongside fresh acquisitions. Hence, they are expanding mobile and web teams for satisfying user needs. They plan to add AI capabilities and machine learning to their platform which will be a long-term roadmap in progress. Oracle for Cloud needs and expansion has been our partner to produce superior performance and overall experience for the end-users.

Webkonf- Competitors

Video conferencing has gained much acknowledgment during and after the pandemic. Earlier these platforms were not much used and known by everyone. However, after the pandemic, few already existing platforms started giving special attention to their online services and on other hand, many new startups were known to develop such platforms. Hence we can estimate that Webkonf might be getting its share of competition from many similar platforms, Some of the most common are:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • VideoMeet
  • Say Namaste
  • JioMeet
  • Google Meet

Webkonf- Future Plans

Webkonf is the most significant innovation at a time like this where it’s all virtual meetings. It is India’s first video conferencing platform which is simple, secured, and protected. It will have a deeper impact and will grow humongously over the years making it one of a kind than its contenders.

They are looking forward to getting a paid version of Webkonf Meetings in the near future. But it’s possible only after new features and enhancements are released. They are planning for a virtual launch of a commercial version of their product at the earliest. Adding, AI capabilities and machine learning to their platform is their future plan. It can be considered as a long-term roadmap that is already started with its progress. Over the next five years, they envision their startup to grow into one of the most powerful, influential and innovative startup brands and scale across regions globally.


Webkonf provides a secure environment for the purpose of online communication and video conferencing through its medium. Webkonf was developed by Ram Malay, the CEO of Soniks Consulting. Webkonnf gives a tough competition to other already developed platforms like Zoom and Google meet. The best feature provided by Webkonf is its background noise cancellation with the policy of collecting no-user data through its medium.


When was Webkonf introduced to the crowd?

Webkonf was introduced on 26 May 2020 by the CEO of Soniks Consulting "Ram Malay".

The biggest competitors of WEebkonf are?

Webkonf gets its competition from popular platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Jio Meet, etc.

What is the mission of Webkonf?

The mission of Webkonf is to deliver outstanding technology-based user experiences.

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