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Video Factory is India’s leading video production company creating both animated and live-shoot: explainer videos, training & e-learning videos, corporate videos, promotional & branding videos, content marketing videos, and more. Their content-driven and result-oriented videos help brands simplify and enhance their business communication and optimize their conversions and visibility. Being video specialists, they help businesses explain their ideas in a crisp, interesting, and simplified manner and meet their communication objectives through videos.

With a team of 25+ members across Kolkata and Bangalore, Video Factory has delivered over 1000 videos to 500+ businesses, in 11+ vernacular languages, across 15+ countries. Working with brands like the World Health Organisation, United Nations, Tata Group, Ola, Uber, Berger Paints, Times Of India, Bajaj Finserv, GE Healthcare, and many more, has helped the team learn at an exponential rate & helped the brands/companies meet their communication objectives.

Video Factory - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Video Factory
  • Founder-Rashika Jain, Mansi Binani
  • Founded-2015
  • Headquarters-Kolkata
  • Industry-Video

Video Factory - About

Video Factory's services include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing or Branding Videos - Explainer videos, Promotional & Branding videos, Presentation videos, Product videos, Corporate videos, Content Marketing videos, and more.
  • Training & E-learning Videos - Mobile-app Tour videos, Orientation videos, Onboarding videos, Technical Skills & Development videos, Warehouse-based & Manufacturing videos, Soft-skills Development videos, and more.
  • It creates its videos in different styles, such as:
  • Animation - 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Whiteboard Animation, Motion Graphics, and more


The team at Video Factory is sparked by the spirit to simplify communication for the brands and empower them to leverage their digital presence by creating compelling videos for them.

Video Factory - Startup Journey

Rashika Jain (Co-founder & CEO of Video Factory) always knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur and the start-up world seemed very exciting to her. So she left her corporate job in the quest to find the calling and started meeting with startups, attending startup events and workshops across the country, reading startup stories, blogs, and so on.

During her interaction with start-ups, she noticed how startup founders struggled to communicate their startup ideas. Some were too passionate and kept on talking, some went too deep into the technical aspects so a layman couldn't really understand, while others simply lacked the gift of gab. They were all doing great stuff and knew their work, but a good chunk of these smart founders couldn’t articulate their ideas in a crisp manner and was losing opportunities because of this. Rashika knew that’s the gap that she wanted to fill and provide one-minute solutions to brands.

This gave rise to Video Factory, a 3 member team, delivering simple animated explainer videos to start-ups. They received a great initial response and realized there was a great demand for videos, which led to their expansion, and today they deliver almost every and any kind of video that helps companies excel and become more efficient.

Video Factory - Product/Service and USP

How does it work?

People can go to the Video Factory website, share their contact details & the team will get in touch with them, understand their problem, find the best solution for it & tailor a video accordingly.

What problems does Video Factory solve?

Today, more than 70% of the content consists of videos, and by 2022, online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media & 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

In such a situation, video is not only the most powerful tool of communication, but its potential is ever-increasing, with entertainment, business, and even educational sectors relying on videos to interact with the audience & keep them informed and interested. And being one of the forerunners who jumped on the bandwagon of videos, Video Factory has been utilizing every opportunity to create videos & also creating opportunities for brands to utilize videos, ever since.

Video Factory's services help clients save a fortune on time and money and:

  • Enrich business communication (both internal and external)
  • Enhance employee training & increase the productivity of a workforce
  • Simplify and explain complex ideas in a concise manner; whether it’s a product/service, process, functioning of an app, etc.
  • Increase the reach of digital marketing campaigns
  • Achieve a greater reach and visibility
  • Increase conversions and drive sales
  • Overcome barriers of language through vernacular content
  • Overcome geographical barriers through training and e-learning content

Build audience trust

Covid-19 has given rise to a new business landscape; remote working, online classes, technological adoption, digital promotions, etc. These created various challenges for businesses worldwide that had to adopt newer methodologies to adapt to the changing world. Videos for training, social media promotions, presentations in webinars, etc., are really helping overcome these new challenges. Video Factory has focused on Training & E-learning videos for quite some time now & has helped many companies, even the Government, enhance their training & internal communication with videos. The team knows for a fact that videos are the closest to replacing human training effort with actionable results that make the target audience think, perceive, and react, according to the message that is meant to be conveyed.

USP and Innovation

As a women-led organization, they are a bunch of creative thinkers, visual animators, and growth drivers who look upon themselves as a factory that up-skills itself each day to be Collaborators of Change and Harbingers of New Possibilities. In their quest to serve and do the best for their clients, the team is trying to learn every day. Video Factory focuses more on the content and does a lot of research on it, instead of just focusing on the design. They don’t promote a brand, they believe in delivering a content-driven and result-oriented video by creating a unique & intriguing story that resonates with a brand’s identity.

Since 2018, Video Factory is the only video production company substantially creating training and e-learning videos, especially in the Indian market, and it prides itself as a company that masters learning & development content.

The startup has made its internal processes very swift and set them in a very standardized format which makes the client experience really good and also reduces the time in which it delivers its services. The team has designed the content and streamlined the processes in such a way that they deliver the service in half the time of the industry’s standards, which helps reduce time and effort, thereby reducing costs and passing the benefit to their clients.

Video Factory - Founders & Team

Rashika Jain and Mansi Binani are the founders of Video Factory.

Rashika Jain; Co-founder & CEO of Video Factory

Rashika was previously an electrical engineer and MBA gold medalist. A stint at Bharti Airtel led Rashika to entrepreneurial waters with Video Factory in 2015. With her analytical & pragmatic skills, she aspires to enhance industries and create a body of work that can add to their business goals and revenues.

Mansi Binani: Co-founder of Video Factory

Mansi has helmed leadership roles in brand & marketing communications for ten years. A NIFT graduate & recipient of the “Most Creative Collection” award by the Ministry of Textiles, she has worked as the Marketing Lead at MyJobs in Myanmar, a top online recruitment company. A design storehouse, she dreams of enhancing & enabling the most ambitious brands.

How is Work divided?

While both the founders strategize and work together to ensure that there is cohesiveness in what they are doing and all the different verticals work for the same kind of goals, they have divided the roles based on the different verticals - sales, marketing, finance, operations, etc. Being the CEO, Rashika takes care of the operations, partly sales, since it has to be driven by both of them, and the overall work happening in the company. Mansi takes care more of the marketing & the PR and the branding of the company, as well as sales and client management. Within sales, they divide their work on the basis of the scale & revenue of the project. The smaller, day-to-day work is handled by one & the larger, bulk work is handled by the other.

Team & Culture

Video Factory’s culture is dominated by three main aspects - Empowerment, Independence, and Responsibility. Empowerment & Independence is the motto Video Factory lives by. The founders believe that each person should have the freedom of thought & be given the chance to execute those thoughts. Video Factory's team members have the autonomy to try working in different roles and are always encouraged to follow their gut and be the decision-maker. They believe that if every member is a master of his own, then there is more scope for growth and members also get space to be independent. In fact, they don’t even have any fixed time for lunch and don’t have a formal dress code because the founders feel that is something they can't and don’t even want to dictate. Hence you can basically wear your mood to the office and don’t have to wear something you're not comfortable in. But with freedom comes responsibility. At Video Factory, the team believes in taking accountability for the actions that they have freedom for. If they are given the gift of flexibility & freedom, then they also have to be accountable for it.

Video Factory Team

Video Factory believes in the underrated power of research for accurate results. Most of their work involves such thorough research that the actual execution becomes extremely easy. Working with clients from different industries and with companies who are into complex businesses keeps the job interesting. Working with big brands also helps them in gaining exposure and experience, challenging themselves, and working under pressure and learning. At Video Factory, everyone has to be self-reliant & do things on their own, which helps them be their own teacher and learn in the best way.

"We don’t have any rigid workstations, our workplace gives members physical space which leads to a creative flow, more room for discussions, and an overall healthy environment that ensures better teamwork. Even our flexible WFH options and timings and a safe environment, especially for women, help our team feel comfortable, which in turn makes them more confident and perform better at their job." says Rashika Jain, Co-founder & CEO, Video Factory.

Video Factory - Ideology behind name, tagline & logo

Name: Name: From Day-1, the founders knew that they wanted to be a company that creates lots of videos, and only videos. They wanted to be video specialists. They didn’t want to venture into 10 different domains like digital marketing, graphics, content, etc. Their focus was on their hero - VIDEO, which is why they wanted to keep 'video' in the name.

When they were thinking of specialists, they thought about where these specialized products were created, the standardization of the kind of work they do. That’s when they thought of a 'factory', the one place where a product is made from start to end, and they envisioned the company to be exactly like that; a factory where the product, that is, the video, is created right from ideation to execution.

Tagline: Video Factory's goal behind making videos was very clear and simple from the start - it wanted to simplify communication for businesses. Every step the team has taken since then, whether it was creating explainer videos, mobile-app tour videos, or training videos, has been to simplify communication internally (within the company’s workforce) or externally (for the company’s target audience). So it was a no-brainer that “simplifying communication” should be the tagline.

Logo: The founders wanted to just represent the name in a visual format. So they literally just drew their own logo by converting the words into an icon. This is why the logo looks like a factory (where videos are made), a camera (with which videos are made sometimes), and has a “play” button (which is the classic representation of a video).

Video Factory

Hence, every aspect organically came together to form VIDEO FACTORY, a company that creates videos from start to end, to simplify communication for businesses.

Video Factory - Launch and Marketing Strategies

"Our vision & idea was really strong, we were absolutely clear about what we can do for, & provide to a brand, which is why our first customer literally fell on our laps. Digital platforms, social media networks, & digital marketing definitely helped us get more clients, but we genuinely believe that it was the good work we delivered that resulted in the classic word-of-mouth & truly helped us grow to 100 customers. And once we reached that peak, things just happened organically for us" - Rashika added.

Video Factory - Challenges Faced

Being one of the forerunners who jumped on the bandwagon of videos in 2015, a time when images were still considered to be the best, Video Factory has been utilizing every opportunity to create videos & also creating opportunities for brands to utilize videos, ever since.

Initially, not everyone understood the power & potential of videos but the start-up sailed through, firmly believing in its vision. And soon the industry & market started to change, videos became the buzz and their impacts started to show. Video Factory was undoubtedly a contributor to bringing about this change & knew that it was time to expand the horizon & delve into something new again. The online world was gaining momentum rapidly, with a digital option for almost everything available at your fingertips. That is when the team understood that digital training & e-learning is going to be the next big thing. So, they started creating training & e-learning videos in 2018, but with the sudden influx of the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire world shifted to a ‘Digital’ mode of being, that’s when they played their masterstroke & turned the tables around by getting learning & development content in vogue.

Video Factory was already on the path to becoming the best training & e-learning video production company in India & Covid-19 acted as an accelerator for them. The team can proudly state that with their hard work & innovation behind training & e-learning videos, they managed to turn even the harshest of adversity into an opportunity for themselves & have successfully worked with UNDP, JSI, WHO, in supporting them with the overhaul of their training from being rigidly offline to training their ASHA/ANM online & communicating vital social reforms schemes digitally through videos. They have even worked closely with both National & International development sectors over the years and voiced the efficacy of several state-initiated novel endeavors like - Vidhwa Pension, State Treatment Fund Pension, Old age Pension, Economic Self-reliance through rural Self-Help Groups, Ration card entitlement, Micro-financing for women alcohol sellers, besides communicating several important messages on farmer training, safe abortion, childbirth, and achieving zero malnutrition.

Video Factory - Future Plans

Video Factory wants to be the leading training & e-learning video production company in India that helps businesses meet their communication objectives.

It has already created videos in more than 11 vernacular languages, all of which have been received very well by the targeted audience, and the team wants to develop its vernacular language capability even further because they believe that that is the future. They believe that if you are doing things at the grass-root level and are reaching out to the masses, then companies will need to have content in vernacular languages, and Video Factory wants to build its capacity to be able to assist them in doing so. The startup is already working with 15-20% of clients outside India; German, Spanish, and Arabic companies. It wants to grow its base because the startup's business is such that it doesn’t have any geographical boundaries, so they want to reach out to more people abroad.

Video Factory's fundamental goal, something that the team has envisioned from the start, is that they literally want to be a factory. They want to create videos in bulk, daily, while having a set standard for the quality, just like in a factory. They want to churn out videos like a factory, automate the processes, get technology infused into its systems in a way that a lot of the manual work can be automated while keeping the design, creativity, and the human element intact.

“We go and grow as long as you grow along that infinite ladder of success” - this is the message that Video Factory gives to its clients and the principle upon which the team envisions success.

When Video Factory talks of itself as harbingers of new possibilities, it looks forward to building one of the best video production teams in the country, working with all kinds of brands, creating the most compelling videos, reiterating remarkable socio-economic impacts, and blooming the knowledge engine in their factory to be the most robust video growth solutions provider in the millenniums to come. This is the future the startup is working for and the team knows that they will make this possible!

Video Factory - FAQs

What is Video Factory?

Video Factory is a team of video specialists providing both animated and live-shoot videos. Its content-driven and result-oriented videos help brands optimize their conversions and visibility.

Who founded Video Factory?

Rashika Jain (CEO) and Mansi Binani founded Video Factory.

What is the tagline of Video Factory?

"Simplifying Communication" - is the tagline of Video Factory.