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How frustrated are you with your hectic office schedule or simply with your colleagues? Do you also time to time feel the need to vent it all out on something that does not harm you? You're in the correct space because Mr. Sumit Mittal felt the utter need to create something as exciting as a platform where you can vent it all out.

Founded in the year 2018, VentAllOut is a social platform for "Freedom of Expression." It is a platform where users can share their frustration, comments, and opinions anonymously. The idea is to relieve people from stress, provide a platform for mental wellbeing and create a society that is free from anxiety and frustration.

VentAllOut Highlights

  • Startup Name-VentAllOut
  • Headquarter-New Delhi
  • Founder-Sumit Mittal
  • Sector-Technology/ Social Media Application
  • Founded-2018
  • Parent Organization-CrestlineBiz Solutions LLP

About VentAllOut and How it Works

In today's world, it is easy to connect with physicians, but still, consumers are very reluctant to reach out to physicians or specialists, given the stigma attached to society. People suffering from stress, depression or other mental health issues do not share their problems with their family members or friends due to fear of being judged. It is becoming a slow killer and as a result, people have resorted to counterproductive steps. VentAllOut is that much needed anonymous platform for people to share their pent-up emotions.

Now, let's see how this amazing platform works.The user signs up on the platform (on Android, iOS or Web) using Facebook, Google ID, or an email ID. There is no membership fee. Once inside the platform, the user can participate in 'VPolls', where the user's opinion is heard. Users can also share their frustration through the "Create Vent" button. Inside the create vent, there are various easy ways of venting out so be it creating your own frustrating experience or incidence or fetching a news link which the users want to comment on or posting a picture of something frustrating that they saw which irked them. The platform is very user-friendly and build with the intention that users love the interface and find it easy to use.

For every action on the platform, users are rewarded points and awards. "Quality" of content sits at the heart of the platform. The VentAllOut team focuses a lot on making sure that the users get access to content which enriches their lives and they derive something back from the interaction they have on the platform. In order to ensure that the content is rich and refined, VentAllOut has developed an algorithm which does profanity checks. There is a  minimum character count for writing the posts, so that users write a meaningful sentence to share their mood.

VentAllOut - USPs

VentAllOut's USP comes from a unique method of creating a community based on interest, and not the user. What this means is that at VentAllOut, users don't follow other users but follow the "interest" of other users.

VentAllOut owner Sumit Mittal is a true believer of what Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently said at a TED conference. As Dorsey says, "service works best as an "interest-based network," where you log in and see content relevant to your interests, no matter who posted it — rather than a network where everyone feels like they need to follow a bunch of other accounts, and then grow their follower numbers in turn". VentAllOut is also established as one such "interest based network"

VentAllOut - Target Market

According to the World Health Organization, the maximum stress level in India is higher than anywhere in the world. So, this platform has been launched at the right time for people to share their stress and thus achieve inner peace.

Secondly, as a social media Health Technology, VentAllOut is targeting savvy users of social media from all over the world. If you talk specifically about India, the number stood at 326 million which is expected to increase to 448 million as per Statista 2019. VentAllOut is working towards carving a niche for itself in the domain of mental well-being.

VentAllOut - Founders and Team

The sole founder of VentAllOut is Sumit Mittal. Sumit had a very flourishing career at MasterCard before he decided to leave the corporate life and start something of his own.

VentAllOut Founder Sumit Mittal

He is a professional with over 19 years of experience in the payment industry who turned into an entrepreneur. He has experience in working across countries including South Asia, the Middle East and Africa with assignments within GCC countries. He has worked with the top financial services multinational companies such a MasterCard Worldwide and spent 17 years (out of which 11 years were in UAE) where he was involved in six different roles across various geographies.

Sumit held senior roles at MasterCard, being Country Manager for Kuwait, Qatar & Oman and the last role was as a Senior Business Leader for the Middle East & Africa region. This was preceded by two years at GE Capital - the founding team member of SBI cards launch in India.

Sumit holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Mechanical). His other qualifications include Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Finance) and a Master's in Business Administration (General Management) from Warwick Business School, UK. This super talented entrepreneur is proud to have two patents under his name in the field of Card Payments, filed in the US.

How was VentAllOut Started

The genesis of this venture came from seeing our today's situation where everyone is trying to portray a fake image or emotion of oneself on different popular social sites.

The media leaves you with a lot of questions unanswered since they show what gets them the highest TRP. Facebook has become a bragging network where people flaunt their expensive gifts or lavish vacations, WhatsApp groups are biased and the members troll people for having a view so on and so forth. Whereas there is no platform where people can share their feelings, frustrations, emotions without the fear of being judged- without the fear of having a bias or being branded - Sumit says explaining the problem that VentAllOut intends to solve.

While there has been a recent advent of places in India and around the world where you can express your anger by smashing old TV, refrigerator or cutlery to release your frustration, the VentAllOut team believes that frustrations cannot wait for you to travel across the city so they created an online place for the public to release anger instantly and thus VentAllOut came into being to let you vent your pent up emotions! While people may have to pay to smash TV, but VentAllOut rewards you in terms of points and awards for venting out

VentAllOut - Name, Tagline and Logo

Well, the name says it all.  The team toyed with many names and finalized VentAllOut as the name suggests 'vent all your emotions and frustration out'. The name also has a good recall value.

VentAllOut - Startup Launch

The VentAllOut team talked to college students, friends and family around them and everyone liked the idea of ​​anonymity. The team also took feedback on what users wanted to do on the platform and what should be avoided. Based on Customer feedback, VentAllOut team ensures to maintain quality content at the platform.

VentAllOut Platform Image

The team also researched what kind of feelings or frustrations people have in the daily routine and therefore came up with a broader theme of categorizing the topics into 7 main heads - Politics, Current Affairs, Confession, Entertainment, Daily Drag, Relationship & Grievance. So be it your pent up emotion against your boss or your family member or having a confession for your secret love or having a view on Politics (which sometimes makes your friends troll you – in the given political scenario) VentAllOut covers it all.

For VentAllOut, Social media marketing is the key and the team runs campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to attract users and reach out to them.

VentAllOut - Business Model and Revenue Model

VentAllOut's business model is very simple yet robust. They want to generate enough and relevant data points from user-generated content so that they can assimilate them into meaningful data.

VentAllOut - Startup Challenges

Getting the right team was a challenge. From the technology people to the marketing team, it was hard to find people who have the passion to work tirelessly for a dream to make things happen.  

VentAllOut - Funding and Investors

VentAllOut hasn't raised any funding till date.

VentAllOut - Awards & Recognitions

The company is recognized by DPIIT

VentAllOut - Growth

VentAllOut has had a pretty exciting journey so far, from scrapping the whole back-end after spending 6 months on it and starting from scratch with a fresh mind and ideas.

The platform is growing at a fast pace and with a very negligible marketing spend, they have been able to get a few thousand users who contribute to interesting comments and opinions. VentAllOut has a community from as far as the US, UK, Switzerland, Belgium Belize, Kenya and closer to home from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and its growing. They have also seen a lot of interest from psychologists, counselors who want to partner with them in helping people from stress and also from HR professionals who want to counsel users on work-related stress.

VentAllOut - Future Plans

Currently, VentAllOut is operating in Delhi and they are in a pre-revenue stage. The company has been bootstrapped from the founder's savings so far. They are currently at 10k+ users base with daily interactions and vents on the platform. They expect to grow the user base to 5 million in the next 2-3 years' time. Also, they want to make this platform available in vernacular and other foreign languages so that they can reach to many non-English speaking countries and Tier-2/3 towns in India which is where the masses are.

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