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Push notifications have emerged as an effective marketing tool. 52% of smartphone users have push notifications enabled on their devices. Again, push notifications to have 5-10 times more CTR than e-mails, which has made it an important part of any digital marketing strategy.

Marketers can use it for promoting products and services, re-targeting, building brand reputation, and much more. Considering the huge potential and growing popularity of push notifications, TruePush a Hyderabad based startup has come up with free push notification services for everyone.

TruePush - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-TruePush
  • Headquarter-Hyderabad
  • Founders-Ravi Vaka & Manoj Surya
  • Sector-Marketing Tool
  • Founded-2018
  • Parent organisation-Truepush Pvt. Ltd.

TruePush - Latest News

TruePush, a leading customer engagement platform in association with Amazon AWS presented the highly anticipated event of Fuckup Night Volume 4 Hyderabad- Quarantine Edition in May 2020. The event aimed at bringing out the professional failure stories of successful entrepreneurs in public which mostly includes emerging startups, entrepreneurs, and others.

The selected speaker for the event included Diksha Dwivedi, founder of Akkar Bakkar, Taran Chabbra, founder of Neeman's shoes, and Upneet Grover, founder of GetMyUni. Each speaker shared their professional failure, and the learnings from the same, which was the value addition to every participant of this free event hosted on Zoom Online.

The reputed media partners for the events were The Hans India and HMTV, which covered the event on different social media platforms helping TruePush for the wider reach.

About TruePush

TruePush is a free push notification product for web and mobile. It offers feature-rich, high volume notifications for web & mobile, deep analytics and easy-to-use dashboard. This Hyderabad based startup founded in 2018, envisions to dominate the push notifications and re-engagement tools space in the next 3 years.

Founders of TruePush and Team

Ravi Vaka and Manoj Surya are the founders of TruePush. They met in a startup leadership program meet. The duo shared common ideas and came together to set up the startup in 2018.  

Ravi Vaka is the Head of Customer Outreach & Success of TruePush. He oversees Customer Outreach, Customer Success, Customer Service and Quality Assurance Team. He aims to exceed the highest standards in delivering his clients with a lifetime experience.

Manoj Surya is the Head of Product. He is the person behind getting the product come in timelines according to the customer and market need.  

TruePush started with 6 member team and currently have 9 full-time members.  

TruePush Team

Ravi and Manoj realized that push notifications have a fast-growing market.  The duo did thorough research and found there are no free products in the market for push-notifications. This made them think about introducing a push notification service free of cost, which would help users save money and time. Being a free tool, it soon gained good momentum and a lot of sign-ups.

We launched on product hunt in Jan 2019. The response was great. We had 400 + signups in a day after product hunt launch.

TruePush - Name, Tagline and Logo

“We deliberated on a few names and TruePush seemed catchy and easy to remember and  so we went ahead,” said Manoj.

Since it is a free product, its tagline goes as - free push notifications forever.

The logo has a lot of lines going within it. These lines represent network/communication, as TruePush is a network and communication product.

What is TruePush

TruePush is a push notifications service that helps its clients to engage with their customers efficiently and effectively. Some of the features offered by TruePush are-

  • Unlimited Notifications, Campaigns, and Websites
  • Desktop Notifications, Mobile Push Notifications
  • Supports HTTP & HTTPS
  • Multi-browser support
  • Preview in different devices
  • 2-way Opt-in

RSS To Push , Rich Push Notifications

TTL & Expire of notifications

Website and campaign wise analytics

Custom Segmentation and Predefined Segmentation

Smart Triggers, and Templates

Truepush also offers its users a personalized dashboard free of charges.

Again some of the new features, which are soon going to be added to TruePush are

  • A/B Testing
  • Drip & Journey Creator
  • Snooze option
  • Automated Segmentation
  • Plugin to WordPress and other hosting sites
  • Emoji Support
  • Send a message to Messenger on Web

"We believe, more users will be benefited when the costs are lower to use. Our tool is completely free to use for all features, both mobile and web and unlimited notifications", says Ravi Vaka, founder of TruePush.

TruePush - Revenue Model

TruePush is currently providing the push notifications services free of cost and will continue to offer it for free forever. As far as the revenue model is concerned, it plans to monetize in the future from one of these ways-

As Google does, they may connect the cookie data of users to advertising partners. However, the company ensures that any personal information of the client is not used or shared with anyone.

They may add more re-engagement tools to TruePush and charge a low price from its users on other add-ons and leave Push Notifications feature for free, just like now.

TruePush - Funding and Investors

TruePush is backed by enterprise currently and has no plans of raising funds in the near future. It is a bootstrapped startup.

TruePush - User Acquisition

TruePush was able to acquire its first few customers through its network. A major chunk of its customers came from ProductHunt launch and later from Betalist. The company is also leveraging on a lot of word of mouth publicity.

"There are 654 million websites in the world and 5 million apps (All stores) and everyone can be our customer", says Manoj Surya, founder of TruePush.

TruePush - Startup Challenges

As said by Manoj, TruePush did face many challenges, but the product market fit was never an issue for them. There were many incidents when the team had to move that extra mile for getting things done.

Manoj recalls, "One day we shared our product on ProductHunt 9th with no expectations. The team in festive mood was heading into Sankranti/ Pongal vacation and to our surprise, TruePush was trending on number 3 on ProductHunt and with close to 900 % increase in our numbers, we suddenly had to cancel our holiday plans and continued to work from office for the next few days."

TruePush - Competitors

As said by Manoj, there are 70-80 companies in Push notifications segment that is doing well worldwide, but of these, TruePush is the only one which has all features free forever. PushCrew, Pushnami, Izooto etc are some of the competitors.

We made it free helping our clients to save up to $6000 compared to their prices while giving a robust product.  

TruePush - Growth

TruePush has been accepted well by its target customers and has big names such as Govt of Telangana and NASA space apps as its client. Currently, it has 1700+ clients and sends 2+ billion notifications a month and aims at reaching 1 billion a day in the next quarter of the year.

TruePush - Awards

TruePush has recently entered the High Performers quadrant under the Push notifications category in March 2020 on the G2 review platform. This entrance has made it win the High Performers (Spring 2020) award by G2, which is the most searched and trusted review platform. By earning the most positive reviews on this platform, the startup has stepped much ahead of its competitors within a short span.

Along with receiving good reviews, feedbacks, and acceptance in the global market, TruePush has also received many global awards such as the “9th Most Popular Push Notifications Service in India” by BuiltWith, “Rising Star Award – 2019” and “Premium Usability Award – 2019” by FinancesOnline, and the “Fastest Growing Software in Push Notification” by SaaSworthy.

Besides, TruePush managed to come up as the 3rd top most company in the ProductHunt on Jan 9th, 2019. It has also trended on Betalist and beta page home pages.

TruePush - Future Plans

The company has a huge prospect for growth. Its future plans include-

  • Hitting 100M devices through its clients in 2020
  • Introducing more re-engagement tools In the next 1-2 years.
  • Emerging as a market leader in Push Notifications segment in the next 3 years.

It is important for companies and makers to feel liberated and deliver their best product to the world rather than thinking about making huge profits. It is incredibly hard to get your customers attention but once you retain them, it is easier to generate more ROI with the same customers

TruePush - FAQs

What is TruePush?

TruePush, a leading customer engagement platform in association with Amazon AWS presented the highly anticipated event of Fuckup Night Volume 4 Hyderabad- Quarantine Edition in May 2020.

Who is the founder of TruePush?

Ravi Vaka and Manoj Surya are the founder of TruePush.

Is TruePush free?

Yes, TruePush is always free for its customers.

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