Trell - Enabling Us To Express Our Opinions In Various Sectors

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Product reviews are the outputs of peoples' comments/feedback on an item they have purchased. A product review aids other customers in acquiring a thorough understanding of the product before making the purchase. Other people may read the comments and decide for themselves whether or not the product is worth purchasing. Hearing about other people's previous buying experiences might aid buyers to determine whether the product or service has met or exceeded their requirements previously.

You may find it difficult to offer essential information only through the product specifications and description in some cases. Customers may browse reviews to see if the product will work for them in their unique scenario.

Trell is an application-based network founded by IIT-Bombay graduates that allow individuals to explore product reviews in a variety of categories including personal grooming and skincare, food, movies, fashion, wellness, web-show reviews, travel-related services and home design and decor.

Trell - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Trell
  • Legal Name-Trell Experiences Private Ltd.
  • Headquarters-Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Industry-E-commerce
  • Founders-Arun Lodhi, Bimal Kartheek Rebba, Prashant Sachan, and Pulkit Agrawal
  • Founded-2016
  • Areas Served-India
  • Current CEO-Pulkit Agrawal

About Trell and How it Works?

India's biggest Social Commerce platform, Trell, enables people, in ten Indian languages, to express their opinions and preferences in the lifestyle sector such as Fashion, Personal Care, Recipes, Technology & Gadgets, Movies & TV Reviews. The platform allows users to get recommendations, insightful information, and comments about beauty, grooming, and personal care items from relevant contemporaries, which they can purchase straight from within the app on 'Trell Shop.'

Trell presently has over 100 million users and 50 million monthly active users. Their purpose is to support each Indian create good lifestyle decisions. They provide content creators with a stable income source and the opportunity to transform their passions into a solid career option through their network. Trell now has over 18 million artists on its platform, making it the nation's largest participant in the creative economy.

Trell is a firm that creates clips of travelling and local activities using a visual blogging platform. Its platform links individuals by allowing them to locate, share, and analyze their favourite locations and activities through content that is mostly user-generated and in the form of short films, allowing learners to know about new locations before visiting them.

People may use the location-based storytelling platform to build attractive collections of their trip experiences, favourite dining spots, and other adventures.

Trell - Latest News

As of 17th March 2022, Trell cofounder Pulkit Agarwal addressed an angry letter to all of the company's investors, criticising the nature of a forensic audit being done by EY India. He stated that a group of financial backers, not the corporation or its directors, had ordered the drill.

The letter is noteworthy because it indicates a schism between the company's founders and some of its shareholders. It's reflective of a recent situation or boardroom battle at BharatPe, which resulted in founders Ashneer Grover and his wife Madhuri Jain's departure.

He requested that the investor who informed the media about the audit reveal themselves "within a few hours." "The founders will not take a reputational damage lying down." If necessary, we will do all in our power to safeguard our image and the company's and its shareholders' interests," the message stated.

As of 15th March 2022, Trell, a social commerce startup, recently performed a systematic review and announced that it will be "right-sizing" the company.

"In light of the [review] findings, the board has taken a decision to focus on a few core initiatives and strengthen our systems/processes before we plan to raise the next round of funding. Unfortunately, this also means that we will have to do some right-sizing within the firm. This can entail some roles getting redundant while there will be new roles also added. We remain deeply committed to our stakeholders and aligned to our vision," a Trell spokesperson told.

Trell - Industry

With a population of 1.37 billion people, India is the world's one of the largest and second-most populous countries. Despite this, internet connectivity is poor among some of the country's billion-plus residents, with just roughly 41 percentage points of the population, or around 500 million people, having access to the internet out of a total population of 1.37 billion.

Despite poor internet penetration, India's e-commerce business is vast, attributable to the country's large population. It was worth US$48.5 billion in 2018 and is expected to double in value to US$200 billion by 2026.

Also, it's worthy of note that India's smartphone and internet rate of adoption is steadily increasing. This use of smartphones also reveals a desire for mobile marketing among the large majority of Indians who own a smartphone.

In addition, the e-commerce industry in India offers a sturdy mix of pure e-commerce businesses and brick-and-mortar shops that have transformed into e-commerce behemoths.

While the Indian e-commerce industry is still in its early phases of growth, it is a market ripe with possibilities; with so many people, there is plenty of headroom for big and little firms to carve out a large slice of the Indian e-commerce cake.

The pandemic has drastically altered the retail industry's operations all around the world. The early 2020 Covid surge drove everyone, from tiny firms to gigantic firms, to quickly explore new ways to contact their consumers. During the lockdowns, e-commerce platforms helped to bridge the gap, resulting in a considerable increase in online sales.

India's social commerce business was worth $1.5–2 billion in FY20. It has the potential to grow at a CAGR of 55-60% to $16–20 billion by 2025.

Trell - Name, Logo, and Tagline

Trell comes from 'TR'ail experiences and t'ELL' your friends.

Trell's tagline says, "Ab Wishlist Nahi, Watchlist Banao".

Trell - Founders

Trell was founded by Pulkit Agrawal, Arun Lodhi, Prashant Sachan, and Bimal Kartheek Rebba.

Arun Lodhi completed his education at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. He is the co-Founder and CTO of Trell.

Bimal Kartheek Rebba

Bimal Kartheek Rebba is Trell's Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. He used to work with ITC Limited as a Lead Consultant. Before that, he worked at several firms, including ScienMine, GE, and Infosys. He earned his bachelor's degree in engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.

Prashant Sachan

Trell was cofounded by Prashant. He is now the CEO and founder of AppsForBharat. He earned his bachelor's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. He worked on Cortana with Microsoft R&D before co-founding Trell. He had previously worked with Samsung R&D on ChatOn Messenger. He holds a Master of Design degree from IIT Bombay and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Uttar Pradesh Technical University.

Pulkit Agrawal

Pulkit Agrawal is the CEO and Co-founder at Trell. He also completed his education at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay.

Trell - Startup Story

Pulkit was seeking a nice pooja pandal to visit for Mumbai's most celebrated celebration, Ganesh Chaturthi. He had been in Bombay for four years then but, other than the renowned ones, he seldom got the opportunity to watch decent Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. He had no idea how everything was commemorated in the neighbourhood. Even on the Internet, practically everybody used to talk about those four or five well-known pandals.

So, Pulkit with the help of a Mumbai acquaintance, whisked him off to all such little-known pandals that only locals are aware of! These culturally rich pandals on a variety of topics, including the Bollywood celebrities' whereabouts, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, exquisite Tamil architecture, and Ramayana performances, were a surprise for him.

When he inquired how she learned about all of these hidden jewels, his acquaintance said that such knowledge is only exposed to locals and that they'd not post it elsewhere internet unless they were into blogging. Blogging is especially tough and time-consuming for those who do not enjoy writing and do not have the time to create lengthy materials.

This started the concept of addressing the void of local fascinating knowledge sharing, even among those who aren't interested in blogging. So, he decided to tackle the challenge of how we might make it simpler for individuals to blog and make it more entertaining. He intended to make blogging "exciting," "clear," and "obvious" for all, especially teens, so that they might quickly begin sharing local details and inspiring experiences for others like ourselves.

Therefore, in November 2016, Trell was born. The crew found that several accounts, such as Mumbai foodie, were gaining a lot of traction on Instagram. They had over 200,000+ followers and received a lot of appreciation. As a result, they chose to begin with Instagram to investigate how people are finding new products through such accounts.

@trellingmumbai was the name with which Trell began its Instagram journey, where it shared exclusive and generally unknown information about the city. Trell went popular in less than 4 months, amassing over 40,000 followers. That was confirmation for Pulkit and his co-founders that the demand for this prevailed as well. The team also began organising meet-ups, such as photo walks or culinary events, and enlisting the help of a few of the best travel and food bloggers. This gave them a better understanding of how influencers work.

People may use this location-based narrative platform to create attractive collections of their trip experiences, beloved dining spots, and other adventures. It assists them in finding new experiences around themselves via their contemporaries, which they may record in a wish list for future reference. Trell, the startup's app, was released in July 2017 and is currently available on Android, iOS, and the web.

Trell - Vision, and Mission Statement

Trell's vision statement says, "our vision is to empower people to have better Life by bridging the information gap between the experts and seekers. We are building a community of like-minded people who share similar interests and passions."

Trell - Business, and Revenue Model

Trell is the only Indian Lifestyle Community Commerce platform where major opinion leaders share lifestyle product suggestions and their experiences. Such key-opinion-leaders are associated with companies that have unique offers which will assist their consumers while also assisting them in making appropriate lifestyle decisions.

These items are then detected and auto-tagged by their algorithms and made available for purchase on the 'Trell Shop.' Trell earns money from every transaction made on the site, and a portion of that money is shared with the KOLs to ensure their long-term viability and commercialization.

Trell began commercialising its Instagram profile as far as monetization is concerned. On the platform, the same channels are being used as well. For example, it was able to get some of the advertisers to promote on the Instagram handle or execute celebrity or influencer endorsement using the handle.

Trell - Achievements

Trell was also recognised as one of the "Top ten promising businesses globally" at StartupBootcamp'16 (Europe's Largest Accelerator), FBStart'17, and Nasscomm's 10K Program.

It is also the only Indian startup that was recently named to the 'Top 20' for the Worldwide Mobile UX Awards, with other industry giants such as Crunchbase, Wattpad, and Eventbrite, for providing the greatest user experience in the Social and Communications area.

Trell - Competitors

ACE, Solve HQ, StreamLayer, and WinZO are among Trell's main competitors.

Trell - Challenges Faced

For a long time, the information on the internet has been westernised, and Trell's creators realised that they needed to emphasise the provision of native language and relevant information that more users could connect to.

Unfortunately, owing to issues such as sluggish internet connections in many parts of the country, this was not a simple task. While the internet penetration rate in India grows every day, poor internet speeds and unreliable network services degrade the overall user experience.

Furthermore, while seeking to produce state-of-the-art items, the cost of technology is not affordable. Trell is striving to create a culture that embraces the nation's variety and heritage, which is a massive task in and of itself. Though some of these preliminary obstacles remain, Trell's ambition guides their way to power.

Trell - Future Plans

By experimenting with whatever is fresh and unusual, Trell is always inventing and doing the unanticipated. For all of this, the team intends to conquer short-term objectives that must be established before they could achieve their desired long-term objectives, allowing everyone to continue on a simpler and more profitable path. Because speed is a competitive advantage in the digital era, the team is always thinking on their toes and developing a workforce that can be innovative, original, and swift enough to implement ideas. However, for all of this to come together, they aim to keep listening to their users and engaging with their needs and desires so that Trell can serve them more efficiently.

Trell looks out to introduce several more languages and reach a broader percentage of Indian customers shortly. With their tight KOL network, they will remain to emphasise their focus on expanding and uniting the community across India.


What does Trell do?

Trell is an application-based network founded by IIT-Bombay graduates that allow individuals to explore product reviews in a variety of categories including personal grooming and skincare, food, movies, fashion, wellness, web-show reviews, travel-related services and home design and decor.

Who founded Trell?

Trell was founded by Pulkit Agrawal, Arun Lodhi, Prashant Sachan, and Bimal Kartheek Rebba.

When did Trell start its operations?

Trell started operating in 2017.

Which companies do Trell compete with?

ACE, Solve HQ, StreamLayer, and WinZO are among Trell's main rivals.