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In the last decade, edtech's growth has been exponential and has transformed the way in which people teach and learn. People have become more welcoming to remote learning, thanks to the easy accessibility of the internet.

The conventional concept of requiring the physical presence of a teacher to teach a trade has become dormant. More and more people are moving towards online course platforms to share their knowledge with the global audience. The ability to share knowledge with learners across countries and create a streamlined business around their passion has significantly contributed to the growth of online course platforms.

There are always questions about why should a person use an online training platform when they can host live classes on Zoom and post videos on YouTube? The reason is simple, these single-purpose tools are not scalable and will create operational chaos as the business grows. Also, the autonomy of establishing your own training brand is missing here. So, online course platforms are the best tool of choice for course creators to streamline and manage different functions of the business.

TrainerCentral has been launched by Zoho to empower online training businesses and help learners. Read the startup story of TrainerCentral, the services offered, business model, marketing, and more.

TrainerCentral - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-TrainerCentral
  • Headquarters-Chennai, TamilNadu
  • Industry-Online Training
  • Chief Brand-Evangelist Aarthi Elizabeth
  • Founded-2021
  • Parent Organization-Zoho

TrainerCentral - About

TrainerCentral is a division of Zoho. TrainerCentral was conceptualized and developed by a boutique team of engineers with a mission to provide a truly all-in-one online training platform. The product was beta launched on August 2021 for select users and was made available for public on November 2021.

TrainerCentral is an all-in-one online training platform transforming the way trainers teach online. The platform offers a comprehensive tool kit for online trainers to create websites, draft course curricula, host live workshops, encourage community learning and generate revenue around their expertise.

TrainerCentral - Vision and Mission

TrainerCentral's mission is to make knowledge sharing easy and accessible to all with the help of robust technology. They empower trainers with a unified platform to create, run and scale their online training business without the need to integrate multiple tools together.

TrainerCentral - Industry

TC caters to trainers, freelancers or individuals and basically anyone who wants to transform their talent into a successful profession- for instance a home-based teacher, yoga guru, a 12-year old teaching online gaming strategies, or a company upskilling their internal team. The platform is so intuitive that it fits any type of teaching requirement.

According to MRFR's survey, the online teaching business is set to grow at a rate of 30% CAGR from 2022 to 2026.

Aarthi Elizabeth - Chief Brand Evangelist of TrainerCentral

TrainerCentral team is a bunch of handpicked proven experts in development, marketing and sales. The team is growing rapidly to accommodate the product's growth and goals. Aarthi is the Chief Brand Evangelist of TrainerCentral. She has experience in growing SaaS products that have won the market in competitive landscapes and is quite confident about TrainerCentral making a huge impact.

“With Trainer Central, they have addressed this digital gap in the e-learning market, by offering all essential tools on a single, easy-to-use platform so that creators can quickly establish their knowledge brand and nurture a dedicated community of learners, all while turning their passion into profit. As their learner community grows, the trainers can continue to scale their business on Trainer Central.” - Aarthi Elizabeth, Chief Brand Evangelist, Trainer Central.

TrainerCentral - The Idea and Startup Story

The team did comprehensive research into the gaps in the existing technology and pain points of the online training community. Deep diving into their research they found that the current players had serious setbacks in not offering important tools and integrations that contributed to inefficiencies in online training businesses.

Upon thorough research, they started developing tools to provide a standout product that is deeply integrated, user-friendly and easily scalable. The product was reviewed by well-known trainers from different regions and the feedback was receptive and appreciating.

TrainerCentral - Online Training Platform

TrainerCentral is a cloud-based platform that incorporates various tool kits that enable seamless functioning of online training businesses. The product focuses on providing truly end-to-end solutions that enable trainers to manage various aspects of the business in one platform.

Trainers can create an exclusive website using the no-code drag-and-drop style website builder tools, upload course content, create learning methodologies, automate learner communications, host engaging live workshops, link bank accounts and receive payments and much more.

Trainers can also white label the platform by using customized domains for their website and email communications, thereby maintaining consistent branding and ownership.

No-code website builder

To help create an online presence for trainers, they provide a no-code drag-and-drop styled website builder tool to build dedicated website for their business. The tool provides a library of pre-defined templates using the trainers can launch a website in a matter of minutes.

In-built live classrooms

Live workshop is the most sought out feature by trainers in an online training platform. Trainers can now host live virtual classrooms without having to integrate their Zoom or Google Meet accounts. This feature cuts down the burden on trainers of subscribing and integrating different tools.

Breakout rooms feature in live workshops

Breakout rooms are a feature to split live class attendees into small groups and create focused discussions and engagements. Trainers can also be assigned to different breakout rooms.

Intuitiveness and flexibility

TrainerCentral is known for its intuitiveness and adaptability. The tool was developed from a trainer's POV, so the platform is sequential and simplified. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can set up and launch an online course without any technical assistance.

White labeling

The platform is white label friendly. Trainers can use customized domain for their website to maintain consistent branding. In addition to website domains, email communication domains can also be customized.

Payment gateway integrations

TrainerCentral supports payment gateways such as Razorpay, Stripe, Paytm, Forte,, PayPal Payment Pro, and PayPal Payflow Pro.

Top-notch security

TrainerCentral is GDPR compliant and follows robust security methodologies to ensure data privacy and security.

TrainerCentral - Business Model and Revenue Model

TrainerCentral is offered in three different pricing models.

  • Free Plan: $0 USD
  • Unlimited learners
  • Up to 3 free courses
  • Starter Plan: $16.67 USD/month when billed annually or $20 USD/month
  • Unlimited learners
  • Unlimited courses
  • Live virtual classroom (Up to 50 live participants)
  • Professional plan: $41.67 USD/month when billed annually or $50 USD/month
  • All the benefits of the Starter plan
  • Live virtual classroom (Up to 100 live participants)
  • Custom domain (full rebranding)
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Multi-currency support

TrainerCentral - Customer Acquisition

During the beta launch period, they signed up trainers from different industries and markets to understand the product fit and adaptability. This helped them to refine the product much better and create a wholesome experience for trainers irrespective of their industry.

They were able to convert 60% of their beta users to paying customers. Post public launch, the product started getting organic traction as people started starting their feedback on online forums.

TrainerCentral is focused on organic marketing and product-led growth. Their idea is to add more product value in a cost effective manner and this made them stand out in the market. TrainerCentral subscription charges are 50% lesser than any other providers in the market.

They are focused on content creation to scale the business further. As a team, they believe in long term focused marketing activities, thus spend 90% of their efforts on content.

TrainerCentral - Challenges Faced

The main challenge was to communicate the product's unique value proposition and gain brand awareness during the initial phase. They focused on product positioning and streamlined communications, to resonate and empathize with potential customers and industry.

TrainerCentral - Growth

TrainerCentral user base is growing on an average of 25% MOM with promising signs to double in the next quarter. Currently, the user base is majorly from India and the US, and have plans to expand to Europe and Eastern countries.

TrainerCentral - Future Plans

TrainerCentral's product map for the next 1-2 years is to develop the existing features more comprehensively and populate the integration library.

TrainerCentral - Competitors

Few of their competitors are:

  • Teachable
  • Kajabi
  • Thinkific


What is TrainerCentral?

TrainerCentral is a cloud-based training platform for trainers and learners.

When was TrainerCentral founded?

TrainerCentral was founded in 2021 in Chennai.

Is TrainerCentral a part of Zoho?

TrainerCentral is a division of Zoho to empower trainers.

What is TrainerCentral pricing?

  • TrainerCentral Pricing:
  • Free Plan: $0 USD
  • Starter Plan: $16.67 USD/month when billed annually or $20 USD/month
  • Professional Plan: $41.67 USD/month when billed annually or $50 USD/month

Who are the competitors of TrainerCentral?

Top competitors of TrainerCentral are:

  • Teachable
  • Kajabi
  • Thinkific

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