Tisharth: High-End Fashion Is Now Affordable!

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Whoever quoted first impression is often the last impression couldn't have stated the truth better; people tend to generalize one's personality and upkeep from appearances. Therefore, having a good wardrobe is more than a necessity these days. But when one looks for quality clothing from big brands, shelling out money becomes an obstacle. And if you consider international trends, the price blows through the roof! To make fashion that's popular across the globe affordable and accessible, a venture based in India is working relentlessly and that's Tisharth.

  • Startup Name-Tisharth
  • Headquarter-Gurugram  
  • Founder-Shivani Jain
  • Sector-Fashion
  • Founded-2015

Tisharth - Introduction

"Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well”, said Vivienne Westwood. And it makes sense. Fashion makes one look appealing from the outside and confident in his/her skin. Fashion designers are constantly coming up with different designs and innovations to meet the needs of different occasions, seasons, locations, tastes, body types, etc. The creative minds are always on the prowl for inspirational patterns and designs. Shivani Jain of India is one such passionate designer who conceived her prêt clothing label, Tisharth, to meet international cuts and fits.

Tisharth deals with women clothing that is classy and trendy. Tisharth exists to provide high-end fashion which is comfortable and high on style at affordable prices. The venture caters to the apparel needs of women of all ages and build.

Tisharth - Industry Details

The fashion industry in India is growing rapidly. The segment is expected to grow at 15% CAGR till 2022. A recent report forecasts the apparel market in India to be valued at $102 billion by 2022.

Reports by Facebook, KPMG, and Nielsen narrow down to the same finding—with internet availability no longer being a hindrance, consumers in tier two and three cities are becoming familiar with brands and products through e-commerce and social media.

Mobile platforms are expected to influence nearly two-thirds of the purchase on apparel and fashion accessories by 2022.

Fashion industry is growing rapidly in the modern generation. People are now more careful for what they are wearing. So, Tisharth team see themselves making a fashionable future for others.

Tisharth - Founder

Shivani Fashion Designer, Founder, Tisharth

Shivani Jain, Founder, Tisharth

Shivani Jain is the founder of Tisharth. An alumna of NIFT, Shivani started working from the early age of 19. She ran her own label in the beginning, then worked for 10 years as a designer and a fashion merchandiser before taking a sabbatical to be with her growing children. Her love and passion for fashion designing could not keep her away from work for much long, and she launched her own prêt label, Tisharth by Shivani, in 2015.

Tisharth currently has a skeleton crew of 15 people comprising designers, tailors, embroiders, and assistants.

Tisharth - How It Started

There was an instance when Shivani needed a stylish dress reflecting international cut and fit but could not find it locally or online. The failure compelled her to take the mantle on herself and make such apparels available to all. She decided to launch a label that would cater to global trends, aesthetics, and quality.

Tisharth - Name And Logo

The word Tisharth has been derived from Shivani's kids' names.

I took the first 4 letters of my son's and daughter's first names.  It was always my dream to start my very own label but I took a sabbatical to raise my children. So I  named my label after them.

The logo is a cloth hanger with the word Tisharth hanging from it. It aptly captures the essence of fashion!

Tisharth - Product

Tisharth brings you fluid feminine drapes in flattering international silhouettes.

We are a prêt fashion label for women. We specialize in western and fusion wear. Each garment is created with a story and a different silhouette.

The Tisharth team experiments with embroideries and fabrics to deliver high-quality apparels exuding quality and class. Moreover, Tisharth's embroidery techniques are unique to the brand and can only be matched by haute couture labels.

Tisharth - Business and Revenue Model

TISHARTH is based on a simple retail model. It launches two well planned collections every year. Each collection is inspired by a unique story. The collections often grace ramps and popular fashion events.

The company sells its products through various sales channels such as fashion exhibitions, collaborative stores, online platforms, social media handles, or from its flagship store in Gurgaon.

Tisharth - Customer Acquisition

A Model Wearing Tisharth Creations

Tisharth markets itself by participating in events, exhibitions, and fashion shows. It's highly active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Tisharth - Funding

TISHARTH is a 100% sole proprietorship company. Currently, Tisharth has not resorted to any sort of funding and has sufficient capital to take care of its operational expenses.

Tisharth - Challenges

The early days of the startup were arduous since creating quality apparels at affordable prices was no easy feat. To break even, let alone creating profits, in such business models requires serious ingenuity. With solid determination and resolve, Tisharth started in-house production in order to achieve the standards it was looking for. When Shivani began her venture, there were only two markets for western wear in India—the retail stores of  renowned designers, and the flea markets. Her challenge was to establish a brand that was high on fashion yet affordable and easily available, in the midst of intensive competition.

Tisharth - Competitors

There is no direct competition for the label. However, Shivani tells Tisharth is on par with Michael Kors, Armani, and Calvin Klein in terms of the price bracket. She draws inspiration from established brands to create new designs.

Tisharth - Achievements

Tisharth has presence in both India and abroad. The label is sold across various stores in Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur. The company has been able to allure customers from different countries courtesy of its rich catalog.

Tisharth's creations have been  showcased  at various Fashion Weeks. The company's kitty consists of the India Runway Week 2017, the India Fashion Week London 2017, the New York Fashion Week 2018, the Times Fashion Week 2018, and the Paris Fashion Week 2019.  Its collections have been appreciated by all and publicized by the industry big shots as; there has been press coverage from domestic and international media as well. The venture aims to have international celebrities endorse it in the coming time.

Tisharth - Technology Used

Tisharth makes use of excellent craftsmanship. It has state of the art imported sewing machinery for achieving flawless stitching and detailing. The in-house craftsmen create and execute impeccable apparels through deft handwork.

Tisharth - Future Plans

Shivani with her team is ready to disrupt the fashion industry.

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