Therapy1on1- Curing Mental Health Problems one by one

Earlier in the last decade, we came across the concept of mental health and emotional intelligence and over the decade its importance was established correctly. All the attention emotional and mental well being is getting today is legit, given the mindset of this generation. Therefore to create an ecosystem of technological tools that help the individuals understand mental Health and eliminate the taboo associated with it, Simar Preet Kaur launched Therapy1on1 in 2018.

Therapy1on1 Highlights

  • Startup Name-Therapy1on1
  • Headquarter-New Delhi
  • Sector-Health, Psycology
  • Founder-Simar Preet Kaur
  • Founded-2018
  • Parent Organization-Therapy1on1

Therapy1on1 - About and how it works

Therapy1on1 is the first 24*7 Online emotional wellness platform that provides instant help. If the person has something stuck on his/ her mind they don’t need to wait for tomorrow and can directly approach Therapy1on1 online for professional help and this is what makes it different. provides instant, anonymous and confidential support through its online emotional wellness platform which is available 24*7.

Therapy1on1 is an online emotional wellness platform where anyone can come up anytime and discuss their issues with professional psychologists via calls, video calls, and chats. This is convenient, secure and much more effective than traditional therapy as anyone can get instant support. If anyone feels overwhelmed with personal and professional issues or has been suffering emotionally can definitely reach out to the Therapy1on1 team without any second thought. The user can also choose to stay anonymous and all details are kept confidential.

Therapy1on1 - Target Market Size

Sources say that one in four suffers from mental health issues in India. With the increase in the issues and stress levels amongst people, there is a shortage of mental health professionals too. By providing the services online, Therapy1on1 is all set to ease the pain people are going through.

Therapy1on1 - Founders and Team

“I met my co-founder (Karamjeet Singh) in college itself and since then we have been planning to start something. We had way too many plans in our head and this one specifically gave us a kick to work on.” Says Simar Preet Kaur. Both of the co-founders Simar and Karamjeet don't come from a psychology background so it has been a little difficult to understand the key challenges being faced by the venture. There is a huge diversity of needs and subjectivity of issues and this is not something that comes down to a list and this platform needs to justify the same. Surveying various psychologists and communicating with various people in the health sector has helped the founders a lot and this has evolved over time.

Karamjeet Singh- Singh has a B.Tech (IT) from Indraprastha University, Delhi and an M.B.A in Marketing from Balaji Institute of Modern Management.

“We are well versed with technology and have a strong desire to help people cope up with the struggles and create a positive aura all around.” Added Simar Preet Kaur. She has been managing everything from scratch and then eventually decided to align dedicated people for specific tasks. Now, Therapy1on1 has a dedicated team of developers, designers, testers and account management people. “I keep an eye on everything and make sure everything works well and clients can have a quality talk with the psychologist and have a smooth experience and also understand that anyone can come up anytime to discuss anything whatever's bothering them because Big or Small, your problem matters.” Added Simar. Karamjeet Singh looks into Marketing and branding. They have also approached a lot of firms that are now associated with the firm and conduct offline introductory sessions for creating awareness too.

Therapy1on1 - How did it start?

Simar started Therapy1on1 in September 2018 with a vision to eliminate the mental stigma and help anyone who feels overwhelmed with personal and professional issues and help individuals. The thinking had initially begun when her life goals became anxiety spells until one of her colleagues advised her to visit a therapist and Simar was quite hesitant about it. “This helped me change my outlook towards a lot of things and I soon realized that this applies to a larger population.” Says Simar.

Therapy1on1 - Name, Tagline, and Logo

For the name “Therapy1on1” the founders had something else in mind but again domain availability matters so they just went with Therapy 1on1. It means personal attention ( 1 on 1) and Therapy is for everyone.

For the tagline, the founders had this very particular thing in mind that common people suffering from any issues, life changes or anything can come up and seek guidance at the platform.

Therapy1on1 - Startup Launch

The founders had a lot going on in their minds about this idea. So they went ahead and checked about the legal aspects online and if any other firms were working on this or not. Simar couldn’t really get this out of her head which kept her insanely working on this. Initially, she discussed this with her family and one of her friends ( who is now the co-founder too) and then they together started working on it. In another couple of months, Simar was ready with the masterplan.“We went ahead and approached colleges, attended seminars and promotional events and got a lot of clients. This helped us in giving an initial push.” Said Simar Preet Kaur.

Therapy1on1 - Startup Challenges

As mentioned above, the founders don't come from a psychology background so it has been a little difficult for them to understand the key challenges being faced by the people in general. There is a huge diversity of needs and subjectivity of issues and this is not something that comes down to a list and the platform needs to justify the same. Surveying various psychologists and communicating with various people in the health sector has helped them a lot in establishing a strong footing in the industry.

Therapy1on1 - Advisors and Mentors

The advisors and mentors of Therapy1on1 are:

  • Dr. Kamaljit Ananad
  • Ph.D. IIM Ahmedabad, Founder KiE Square Inc. ( Data Science)
  • Angel Inv, Transport ( Merchandise Tagging)
  • Advisor, Rupee Circle ( P2P Lending Platform)
  • Harpreet Sareen
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Research Scientist ( Display Technologies, Interaction Techniques )

Therapy1on1 - Growth

The company is still in the growing phase but the future looks bright. The dramatic increase in mental health issues and the inability to open up because of the stigma associated with it. Sources say that nearly 20% of the population is going to suffer from mental health issues and lack of expertise available might deteriorate the issue as well. Just like people take care of their physical health as mainstream, Therapy1on1 just wants to bring mental health at par with it.

Therapy1on1 - Awards and Recognition

“Making a change every day is I would say our biggest achievement. Whenever people come up giving feedback like we saved their lives and they feel like they have a safe space to vent out. This keeps us going.” Concluded Simar.