The Sleep Company: Healthy and Happy Sleep

Sleep is quintessential for an individual to perform their best, profession be what may. Especially in the present scenario where every person seems to be racing with time, there seems to be ignorance when it comes to the most basic yet essential needs like sleep and personal health. The Sleep Company, with the help of sleep science has been engaged in producing sleep products that ensure healthy and happy sleep to its customers. With the help of smart grid technology, It provides the best sleeping Mattress Online.

The Sleep Company is a Mumbai based startup that is set to alter the unhealthy sleeping pattern of most individuals.

The Sleep Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-The Sleep Company
  • Headquarter-Mumbai
  • Sector-Sleeping Products backed by Sleep Science
  • Co-founders-Priyanka Goyal Salot & Harshil Salot
  • Founded-2019
  • Parent Organization-Fit & Comfort Technologies Private Limited Limited
  • Website-The Sleep Company

The Sleep Company - About & How it Works

The Sleep Company provides products that can help upgrade the quality of sleep for the consumers out there. Their first product that has been launched is The Sleep Company Smart Grid Mattress.

With a mission to upgrade the quality of sleep for each and every one, The Sleep Company has conducted drive awareness for Smart Grid technology for sleeping products like mattresses to be the one stop solution for Happy & Healthy Sleep. Ultimately, The Sleep Company wants to improve the lives of consumers and provide products that are truly delightful.

The Smart Grid has a column structure which intelligently takes the shape of a person's body. This happens as the walls buckle down on smaller body parts like hips and shoulders to cuddles them while staying Firm on bigger body parts like back to keep spine straight. This ensures that one could sleep all night every night with ease and utmost comfort. It therefore, solves the biggest problem of getting better and more sleep and getting relief or rid of back pain, neck pain or any other kind of body pain. The patent pending Smart Grid Technology proven to provide Ultimate Comfort & Pain relief

The Sleep Company Product

There are certain key gaps that The Sleep Company wants to bridge, these include -

Humans spend one third of their life on a mattress and sleep has become one of the most “deprived” yet most “critical” part of our life. More than half of the population struggle with some or the other sleep problems – some form of body pains, insomnia, lifestyles issues and still sadly this category has been the one where we have not seen much innovation.

Need for a more efficient and transparent buying process: Cut all middlemen to offer the best possible pricing and make the buying experience more pleasurable vs. stressful as of today

Sleeping Products Industry details

Mattress industry is estimated to be ~10000 crore and expected to reach 14000 crore by 2021 with a with a CAGR of 9%. This industry is going through a huge transformation with the changing consumer behaviors and needs. With the increasing penetration of digital technology and rising e-commerce platforms, there is immense potential for startups/ companies catering to sleep products like mattresses, pillows etc. The online mattress market is estimated to reach INR 290 crore by next year.

We would see online- digital space becoming a critical channel with focus on consumer needs and delighting the buying experience.

The Sleep Company - Founders & Team

Priyanka Goyal Salot and Harshil Salot are the Co-Founders at The Sleep Company.

THE SLEEP COMPANY Founders and Team

Priyanka being passionate about brand building focuses on marketing and consumer growth. She graduated from IIM Calcutta in 2009 and then worked for 9 years in Industry working in P&G as Country category leader for brands like Ariel, Tide, Pampers.

Harshil manages the finance and manufacturing. He graduated from IIM Calcutta in 2009 and then worked for a year in financial strategy. Post that Harshil started heading the family business where he developed a huge knack for manufacturing world class products to export to European and US markets.

The Sleep Company has a dedicated team of 15-20 people. They believe in quality, agility and consumer is the boss.

How was The Sleep Company Started

It is a popular belief that personal experiences always lead us to do something bigger in a better manner and this stands true for the founders of The Sleep Company.

When we became new parents, I really struggled with sleep and that was the first time we realized the importance of sleep. We struggled a lot to get a decent mattress and tried multiple options and were disappointed with the quality of mattress in India.

With a determination to find the solution, they have traveled across to understand and to do research on different sleep technologies and how they could really develop something which can be far superior to what is in the market today. They looped in sleep experts and scientists from DRDO to work on a new technology and after 1.5 years of research was born Smart Grid Technology – proven to provide Ultimate Comfort & Pain Relief.

So as to get validation for their product Priyanka and Harshil relied on two sources:

First being technical validation, they performed tests like pressure mapping for Smart Grid Mattress vs. other kind of products like memory foam, coir, spring or latex mattress.

In-market study with consumers to see how tangibly the products helped provide comfort and prevent body pains like back pain, neck pain.

The ideation for products at The Sleep Company started 2.5 years back. R&D was the phase where they have spent a lot of time so as to ensure that they develop a product which is far superior and delivers on its promise. After R&D they designed products with putting together lot of combinations and tested them with their consumers.

Finally, The Sleep Company has established their manufacturing unit to ensure the best quality products where each layer of The Sleep Company mattress has been designed with Sleep Science as the foundation.

The Sleep Company - Name, Tagline, Logo

As the name suggests, The Sleep Company is here to ensure that they be the one stop solution for anything that can help upgrade the quality of "Sleep" for everyone.

The Sleep Company - Business Model & Revenue Model

The Smart Grid Mattress of The Sleep Company starts from INR 14900 for a single bed and goes upto 49900 INR. Currently, they are selling 2 models: The Sleep Company 1.0 and The Sleep Company 2.0. The Sleep Company is today only focusing on selling online to ensure the best pricing methods and better service to its customers.

The Sleep Company - User Aqcuisition & Growth

Initially, The Sleep Company founders discussed their idea with family and friends. After which, they started reaching out to broader set of people. Having received positive responses the founders have worked on the idea and established The Sleep Company.

Our focus has been and will be a) Continue to provide superior and delightful products that our customers can fall in love with and b) Customer service

The Sleep Company relied on the digital media to expand its reach and business to wider audiences. Their products are made available for sale on their own website and with online e– retailing partners like Amazon, Flipkart. The Sleep Focus has focused mainly on building awareness about the benefits of their new Smart Grid technology, mainly using digital marketing techniques.

The Sleep Company - Startup Challenges

Challenges are part of the growth process. The case for The Sleep Company has been no different, they had faced their share of challenges. Major one being the process to develop first of its kind Smart Grid technology. Starting from R&D to manufacturing, it has been a great challenging and learning experience, claims the team at The Sleep Company.

Priyanka Goyal, co-founder of Sleep Company, mentions that her biggest marketing challenge in P&G was not creating brand awareness, but converting brand awareness into customer consideration –

What is it that can raise consideration for people who are already aware of the brand? What are the touch points I can leverage to drive that and what is the messaging I can drive with that?

The Sleep Company - Future Plans

The Sleep Company has been lucky to get lot of love from the customers in the first few months of launch only. Their objectives going forward is to continue providing great products and service and ramp up their manufacturing.

The Sleep Company - FAQs

Who is the Founder of The Sleep Company?

Priyanka Goyal Salot and Harshil Salot are the Co-Founders at The Sleep Company.

What does The Sleep Company do?

The Sleep Company provides products that can help upgrade the quality of sleep for the consumers out there. Their first product that has been launched is The Sleep Company Smart Grid Mattress.

What are Smart Grid Mattress?

The Mattress Intelligently adapts to every human body type.  Smart Grid helps distribute weight and hence provides comfort to different body parts.

What are the products provided by The Sleep Company?

The Sleep Company provides Mattresses, pillows, mattress protectors, cushions, and other sleep accessories.

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