The Man Company - How It is Fast Becoming a Popular Men's Grooming Brand

Though grooming and self-care are often perceived as something that only women indulge in, the truth is totally different. The history of Men's Grooming dates back to as early as 10,000 BC.  From bathing milk to oils and fragrances, ancient Egyptian and Roman men loved pampering themselves. Even in India, there is evidence of men using various skincare and cosmetics products like face masks, oils, and even lip balms during ancient times.

Fast forward to modern times, while there was a period where shaving cream and perfumes were the only products mostly used by men, today the scenario has changed. All thanks to the influence of the entertainment industry, men are now more concerned about looking good. To meet this growing demand for quality men's grooming products, 'The Man Company' was incepted in 2015. The Man Company deals especially with men's grooming necessities and offers natural and chemical-free grooming products, that make every man look stylish. In this article let's explore more about this interesting men-centric startup. Here is the story of the Man Company.

The Man Company - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-The Man Company
  • Headquarters-Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  • Sector-Consumer Goods, E-Commerce and Beauty
  • Founders-Bhisham Bhateja, Hitesh Dhingra, Parvesh Bareja
  • Founded-September 1, 2015

About The Man Company

The Man Company offers the best and premium quality grooming requirements for men. The company has got almost all sorts of products for men starting with hair to the body essentials. All the products are enriched with natural oils, which is preferred by a number of men in today's date. The Man Company also offers great gifting options for men. One can choose his favorite products, get them packed in a gift pack with a customized message and photo, and gift it to a loved one.

The founders also noticed a specific behavior in most men. They noticed that while modern men want to look and feel good, not all men are passionate enough to go shopping for grooming products. Thus to make things simpler for me, the Man Company introduced a subscription model. Under the subscription model, users can subscribe to their favorite products and get their products delivered to them at their preferred frequency.  

For the men who want tips and tricks related to Grooming, the Man Company also has a blog called 'The Man Mag'. Besides Grooming tips, the blog contains content related to travel, relationships, and more.

The Man Company - Startup Story

The Man Company is a one-stop shopping space for all men to purchase their grooming necessities like face wash, body wash, shampoo, shaving gel, hair gel, perfumes, etc. The founders spotted that there were few brands that are solely focused on Men's Grooming. Also when it comes to grooming and self-care, men had a fewer choices than women. This gap in the market inspired Bhisham Bhateja, Hitesh Dhingra, Rohit Chawla, and Parvesh Bareja to start 'The Man Company' in 2015.

The Man Company - Name & Logo

The company is dedicated to creating awesome grooming products for men, hence the name 'The Man Company' truly suits the purpose.

The Man Company - Founders

Hitesh Dhingra, Bhisham Bhateja, Parvesh Bareja, and Rohit Chawla founded the Man Company in 2015.

Hitesh Dhingra

Hitesh is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded many successful startups. In 2005 Hitesh co-founded a contextual advertising network, 'Tyroo', which grew to become one of the largest of its type in India. In 2009, Hitesh founded, an online retailer of consumer electronics. In 2012 got acquired by Flipkart. Hitesh is also one of the co-founders of India's leading dating and match-making site TrulyMadly.

Bhisham Bhateja

The Man Company co-founder Bhisham Bhateja has years of experience in project planning, execution, and client management verticals. The Man Company is Bhisham's first entrepreneurial venture. Prior to co-founding The Man Company, Bhisham worked with companies like Tecnova India Pvt. Ltd,, and

Parvesh Bareja

Parvesh has extensive experience in the field of design, manufacturing, and packaging of various cosmetics products. Parvesh is also an Angel investor.

Rohit Chawla

Having worked with companies like TCS, Accenture, and Deloitte, in various responsible positions, Rohit started his entrepreneurial journey with iLabs Ventures, an execution-focused incubator that helped startups make it big. From 2015 to 2018, Rohit worked as the CEO of The Man Company. In 2018 Rohit exited The Man Company to start personalized hair and skincare brand 'Bare Anatomy'. In 2021, Rohit founded India's first Ceramides-based skincare brand, ' Chemist at Play'.

The Man Company - Business & Revenue Model

The Man Company deals in men's grooming and personal care products.  The company has over 11 third-party manufacturing partners across the country, where its products are made.

The company has an omnichannel presence across over 22 Indian cities. All the products of the company are available on their own website as well other leading e-commerce sites like Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, and Myntra.

As for offline presence, The Man Company has over 30 Exclusive Brand Outlets all over India. To expand its offline presence, it has tied up with brands like Shopper's Stop, Spar, Relaince Smart, More, and Central. The company has also partnered with Lifestyles pharmacies like Apollo, Med Plus, and Guardian, and with 500+ Salons across India. Some of its partner Salons are Toni & Guy, Headmasters, LOOKS, and Enrich. Presently a huge chunk of revenue for the company comes from offline channels.

The Man Company also has an affiliate network to promote its products. Website owners, blog owners, and people having e-mail databases can promote the products of the company to their followers and subscribers, and earn a commission.

The Man Company - Funding and Investors

The Man Company has raised a total amount of around  $ 17 Million in funding as per reports. Major Investor in The Man Company is Emami, who holds a 45.96% stake in the company. Other investors are Redcliffe Capital and Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana. Below are the funding details of The Man Company-

The Man Company - Competitors

The top competitors of the company are Beardo, Ustraa, and Bombay Shaving Company.


Marico-backed Beardo is one of the top competitors of The Man Company. The company is headquartered in Ahmedabad and was founded in 2015. Beardo offers a wide range of products for taking care of beard and moustache, as well various skin and hair care products for men.


A wing of the company Happily Unmarried, Ustraa is a brand dealing in men's grooming products since 2015.  Its products include skin, hair, and beard care products, as well as personal care tools and accessories like shavers, trimmers, brushes, and combs. Ustraa is backed by big investors like Wipro and Info Edge.

Bombay Shaving Company

Headquartered in Delhi, Bombay Shaving Company is one of the top competitors of The Man Company. The company's products are free from harmful chemicals. The company has a lot to offer including shaving tools, skin, hair, and beard care products. The Shaving company also offers shaving essentials and skin and hair care products for women. The company has raised over $45 Million in Funding from investors like Gulg Islamic Investments LLC, Reckitt Benckiser Group, and Fireside Ventures.

The Man Company - Growth and Future Plans

The Man Company is experiencing steady growth since its inception. As said by founder Hitesh Dhingra, The Man Company sold 70,000 units, in its first year of origin itself, and the numbers are ever-increasing. In an interview given to PTI, Dhingra told that the company was aiming to increase sales to 50 Lakhs units by March 2022.

As per Dhingra with 20-25 percent month-on-month growth, the Man Company is aiming to Break even by September 2022. By 2023, The Man Company is expecting to touch Rs 225 Crore revenue. In FY 2021, the Man Company reported net revenue worth Rs 45 Crore. The company has tied up with credit provider platforms like Cred to increase sales. The company is investing a generous chunk (around 35% of revenue as per February 2022 reports) of revenue for marketing and advertising.

The Man Company till date has around 100 SKUs and is working towards introducing new products. It has ventured into personal care appliances like shavers and trimmers also, taking a step further to establish itself as a one-stop platform for all personal care needs of men.

The Man Company -FAQs

The Man Company is from which country?

The Man Company is an Indian Company, headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana.

Who is the owner of The Man Company?

Hitesh Dhingra, Bhisham Bhateja, and Parvesh Bareja are the founders of the Man Company. Besides other investors, Emami holds a 45.96% stake in The Man Company.

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