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In this age of new and exciting developments in the digital world, marketing trends keep changing every now and then. With the revolution in digital space Digital marketing has become the foundation of marketing. Personal branding and grooming have also become quite popular as Influencer marketing is trending in 2022. The GirlFriend Box helps you with collaborations with Influencers, digital strategy, celebrity management, content production, and more.

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The GirlFriend Box - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-The GirlFriend Box
  • Headquarters-Mumbai
  • Industry-Talent Management
  • Founder-Shubham Singhal and Vaibhav Pathak
  • Founded-2020
  • Parent Organisation-Dot Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The GirlFriend Box - About

The GirlFriend Box is a digital first content lead influencer marketing & creative solutions company. Our long term goal is to build value for each individual of the 120 artists on our roster and our short term goal is to just give everyday our literal best, as individuals and as a team. The core belief of the team behind running the company is ownership and leadership - the team that built the agency from ground up are all stakeholders in our opinion, they hope to give each one of these people the opportunities and growth they so richly deserve.

The GirlFriend Box - Industry

Post covid, they have seen a huge shift in media trends, earlier there was 42% share taken up by TV which is still the case but its becoming increasingly clear to brands that digital is a better way forth. Digital media is definitely experiencing a round up 20% YOY growth, especially influencer marketing.

The GirlFriend Box - Founders and Team

The GirlFriend Box and Dot Media Solutions is Co-Founded by Vaibhav Pathak along with Shubham Singhal.

Shubham met Vaibhav Pathak, at a poker table - A party that neither of them were originally supposed to be at. They were rolling different tables but by the end of the night Shubham and Vaibhav pitted against each other and post that game they became fast friends.

They figured out that they had similar goals in life and were highly skilled at things the other one lacked. So, It was just a fit.

Their company is still bootstrapped and will be for as long as they can. Their company is divided into two parts, Problem creation and problem-solving. Shubham comes up with out of whack ideas to create chaos and Pathak puts everything in perspective. Vaibhav is in operations, execution, relationship management, and Shubham is into communication and finance.

The GirlFriend Box - The Idea and Startup Story

Shubham Singhal had been an entrepreneur even before TGB happened, while talent management and Influencer Marketing were not exactly part of the plan. He has been very fortunate to experience and help so many creators grow. There was definitely no way for him to research and validate an idea he didn't even plan on, it was trial and error, what could've been a total failure just as well. They are grateful that it ended up succeeding. Initially, they were operating on an enterprise model, but in lockdown, they transitioned to a talent-based company. The Co-founder, Vaibhav Pathak & Shubham, the minute they broke ground on the idea, they just went all in.

The GirlFriend Box - Name, Tagline, and Logo

The Girlfriend Box was originally meant to be a subscription based beauty box with a very unique idea attached to it but when it transcended into a talent management firm they didn't have the heart to let the box go so they started calling it TGB Troop. The tagline however still fit the brief 'Reach. Engage. Succeed.' Courtesy of our wonderful and talented team, our entire digital identity was built a little over two years ago by the same team they have today. They have been very lucky.

The GirlFriend Box - USP

The agency manages talents and positions them in the right brands, PR and casting roles in order to make good art. Their USP is their transparency, their clear margins, and the culture in which the talent is nurtured.

The GirlFriend Box - Business Model and Revenue Model

The model is very simple, they work on a 20% commission model with all their creators and actors. All their campaigns are content-based and they don't charge for these ideas. Content means everything to them. They want to focus on creating a niche in the market first and then write bills.

The GirlFriend Box - Customer Acquisition

Ronit Ashra

Their first artist was Ronit Ashra. You've heard of the mimicry star now but when they onboarded him, he wasn't a huge name. Getting to over 120+ artists has been a huge feat for us as a team but what is more rewarding is the relationship they share with each one of these people.

There is no shortcut to success. They are built on transparency and honesty as a business model and putting creative liberty at the very top of it all. Its taken us this far, I'm sure it'll take us all the way.

The GirlFriend Box - Challenges Faced

One major challenge was finding like-minded people to share this with, opening up a Kanpur office amid Lockdown and working our way through was an experiment they didn't know would work. But it did and here they are.

The GirlFriend Box - Marketing Campaign

The DNA mein dance campaign for free fire, lead by Hrithik Roshan, was a roaring success. It was a Holi Campaign based around a dance routine which also won an award at the Agency Reporter Awards 2021.

The GirlFriend Box - Growth

The company is doing fairly well in most capacities, they are vendors to practically every music label in the country and their roster is expanding by the day, what keeps them humble is how far they intend to go as a team, their 2 year plan is in the making right now, soon it'll be out in the open for the world to see.

The GirlFriend Box - Recognition and Achievements

Awards won by The GirlFriend Box are:

Agency Reporter (DNA Mein Dance / Influencer Campaign Award)

Shubham Singhal, 40 under 40, Adgully


What is The Girlfriend Box?

The Girlfriend Box is a Digital Marketing Agency of Dot Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Who is the founder of The Girlfriend Box?

Shubham Singhal and Vaibhav Pathak are the founders of The GirlFriend Box.

When was The Girlfriend Box founded?

The GirlFriend Box was founded in 2020.

Who are the popular artists of The Girlfriend Box?

Some popular artists of The Girlfriend Box are:

  • Ronit Ashra
  • Karan Kundrra
  • Shubhankar Mishra
  • Akancha Sharma 

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