testRigor - Empowering Manual Testers to Build Automation in the Era of AI

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The industry of software testing is emerging dramatically with the evolution of automation in testing. It is estimated through market insights that the global Automation testing market size will reach $49.9 billion by 2026. The industry size was $20.7 billion in 2021 and is expected to generate huge revenue in 2022. testRigor is a startup in the software testing industry to help build automation without knowing to code.

testRigor provides a Chrome plugin that helps in test creation and reduces test maintenance. With testRigor, a non-technical manual tester can build test automation and maintain it without fail. Read about the startup journey of testRigor, its founders, business model, customer acquisition, and more.

testRigor - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-testRigor
  • Headquarters-San Francisco, California
  • Industry-Software Testing
  • Founder-Artem Golubev and Enzo Carlos Biancato
  • Founded-2015

testRigor - About

testRigor empowers manual testers to build test automation 15X more efficiently compared to QA Engineers and solves the test maintenance problem.

They believe in the future where AI will improve the productivity of people many times over.

Selenium relies on details of implementation to build the test, here is how the performance of Engineer looks like in terms of a number of tests built over time with Selenium and testRigor:

testRigor - Industry

They are in Software Testing/Software Development industry. They strongly believe that most of the end-to-end testing will be done using no-code tools within 5 years. If you save yourself 80% of the time building tests, why wouldn’t you do it?

testRigor - Founders and Team

Artem Golubev and Enzo Carlos Biancato are the founders of testRigor. Enzo is the CTO and Artem is the CEO of testRigor. They worked together at AppDirect at the time. Both were lead software engineers. testRigor has a team of 50+ people and growing really quickly.

testRigor work culture motivates the team to do everything with as much quality as possible and make sure each and every customer is happy all the time.

testRigor - The Idea and Startup Story

They were shocked at how ineffective test automation was at the time! You have to hire engineers and the automation is so brittle that any minute changes in rendering will throw the test off the rails. Once they had an idea back in 2015, they ran it through some directors of QA and VPs of Engineering and everyone liked it.

testRigor - Name, Tagline, and Logo

They strongly believe in helping their customers to cover all their most important functionality rigorously. Therefore testRigor. What exactly they do comes 100% from their customers. Originally, they started with just autonomous testing, but their customers told them that this is not the most important value. They listened to their customers and just used their own words to describe what they do.

testRigor - Product

You can come in and immediately write tests in plain English. The way you describe things will just work out of the box. And, of course, you can define your own terminology by specifying how should it work.

  • Test in Selenium
  • Test code in Selenium
  • This allows their customers to achieve 2 things:
  • Manual testers can create automation of any level of complexity
  • There is no maintenance related to HTML changes because tests are formulated purely from the end-user’s perspective with no reliance on details of implementation.

testRigor - Business Model and Revenue Model

They charge for infrastructure to run tests. This was done intentionally to mimic the experience with open source products. Since they operate the huge infrastructure at the scale they can pass the saving they get from running things at scale onto their customers.

For on-premise deployments, they only charge a monthly fee for servers that actually run the tests.

testRigor - Customer Acquisition

testRigor got its initial customers through word-of-mouth promotion. They talked to 10 friends, signed them up as customers, they liked it. They spread their feedback with their friends and network, and so on.

testRigor - Challenges Faced

There were a lot of learnings on how people express their steps in their tests in English and multiple iterations on building AI that would be both fast enough and reliable enough to execute the tests.

testRigor - Funding

testRigor raised a funding of $5 Million at different stages of funding.


When was testRigor founded?

testRigor was funded in 2015.

Who is the founder of testRigor?

testRigor was founded by Artem Golubev and Enzo Carlos Biancato.

Has testRigor received funding?

Yes, testRigor has received a total funding of $5 Million.

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