Taplink Success Story—Drive More Leads and Sales on Instagram

Taplink on Instagram is a modern application offering to put a link to a site or selling a landing page on your profile. Allowed to make one direct link instead of account addresses. The program allows you to put a redirect address in the profile header. If you have your own website, landing page, a channel with video clips, or pages on social networks, you should use the application’s functionality.

Read this article to know more about Taplink, how it works, services, features, founder, business model, revenue, wiki, and challenges.

Taplink - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Taplink
  • Headquarter-Moscow
  • Sector-Marketing
  • Founder-Konstantin Melentev
  • Founded-2017
  • Parent Organization-PE Konstantin Melentev

Taplink - About & How It Works

Taplink allows you to create an extended profile description on social media. Currently, Taplink is highly-demanded on Instagram because there you can only write 150 characters and add 1 link to your bio. It is not user-friendly for small business owners and famous people whose followers are not just their family members/friends. They need to share some information about themselves, their business, and products/services.

Like other multilink services for Instagram, Taplink is easy-to-use, but it has many more features. You can create a micro landing page for 20 minutes and increase Instagram sales (there are cases where the users were able to generate twice as many leads). You can add links to your goods/services and social networks; answer frequently asked questions; distribute content to your audience, collect leads, and email addresses.

You can also add a link to your messenger and make it easy for your clients to contact you. We believe that Taplink will be popular in a lot of countries because its market does not have any boundaries.


Konstantin Melentev is founder and CEO of Taplink. The company is not large. It has small development, promotion and customer support departments. All in all, it is no more than 10 people.

Taplink-Name, Logo & Tagline

"I started thinking, and for half an hour I didn’t come up with good ideas, so I decided to take the simple name Taplink. I thought if Apple succeeds with the simple name, I will succeed too", recalls Konstantin about choosing the company name.

Regarding the logo, he didn’t think about it for too long, although marketers and designers keep telling him that it is not the best logo that could be. It is possible that the startup will change it in the future.

Taplink - Target Market Size

Taplink solves the problems that many Instagram (and other social media) users face sooner or later. They (social media users) lack functions to describe/show their products or themselves. Potential Taplink users are any social media users, and these are millions of people across the globe.

In the next 5 years, I suppose social media engagement will increase, and with it demand for tools that help you to introduce your business in social media.

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Taplink - How was Taplink Started?

After years of running a marketing agency and a thousand hours spent on promoting different businesses on Instagram, Founder Konstantin Melentev realized that almost all entrepreneurs face the challenge of limited Instagram BIO. A few lines and one link is not enough to tell the world about your business. He got an idea to create a functional and simple tool that will help entrepreneurs to create a full-fledged landing page for their business on Instagram.

Initially, Konstantin, CEO of Taplink, created this kind of landing page for his agency and it turned out to be extremely convenient! He realized that it may be useful for other entrepreneurs around the world struggling to increase sales on Instagram and he wanted to make their lives easier. In the beginning, some multilink services provided users with only one 1 option – to put all of your links in one place, and that is it.

Obviously, it will never increase the conversion and engagement rate since it doesn’t provide full information about your business, let alone it doesn’t have any CTA elements to attract customers. That’s why the founder decided to create something that really works for business and that’s how Taplink came into the world.

Taplink - Product/Services

Taplink solves the problem of limited Instagram bio (150 characters and 1 link). It also helps you to save a lot of time and effort and create a high-converting landing page.

Taplink is essentially a website builder for mobile devices. But website building is very difficult: hosting, domain, prototyping, content, design, page making, database, content management system, etc. To create a good website, you will need to hire a team of experts, spend a lot of time and resources. But Taplink allows you to create a small website in 20 minutes. This time is enough to plan a page structure, create content, add all necessary links, and even change the design without any experts.

Taplink Cover page

"We strive to make our service more user-friendly. We want people to spend no more than 20 minutes creating a page and 1-2 minutes adding relevant information. Taplink has more than 1,000,000 users, and only several hundreds of them ask how to add or create something. It’s really easy", says Konstantin Melentev, founder of Taplink.

Taplink - Business Model & Revenue Model

Taplink is a shareware tool. The BASIC rate plan is free, and it includes the most popular features. The PRO and BUSINESS rate plans are paid. They are not so expensive - $24 and $54 per year. We call these rate plans ‘a website at the price of a coffee cup’ :).

Taplink - Startup Launch

Acquiring the first 100 users was not difficult. The team has many acquaintances who use Instagram, and many of them took advantage of using the BUSINESS rate plan for free. Besides, they offered to several famous people the same opportunity, and they have agreed to try Taplink. Then the company had more and more clients because they liked its first users’ pages, and they wanted to create something similar.  

Taplink - User Acquisition & Growth

Konstantin says that the startup's main promotion strategy is to create a high-quality and in-demand product. They are constantly working on improving it, and a lot of improvements are expected in the near future. If there is a good product, there are good reviews, recommendations, and, consequently, users.

The team wants as many people as possible from all over the world to take advantage of Taplink capabilities. I believe many social media users need this tool, and many of them would like to use it. There are so many countries and languages, and Taplink will strive to localize and promote Taplink in different parts of the world.

Taplink - Startup Challenges

"I think the major challenge is that 3 years ago we broke into only one local market. If we had come to the global market, we would have been more popular now. It will take some time for the world to know more about Taplink and start to use it", says the founder about challenges faced.

Taplink - FAQ's

What is Taplink?

Taplink is a multi-link tool that allows you to do more! It basically allows you to build a brand or business with just one link. It has way more features than LinkTree or Campsite that I tested out and the features are so cool!

How do you tap links in your Instagram bio?

To get to someone's profile, tap their username, displayed above their post. Then you'll see their “bio” where they describe themselves and their account, and the blue URL. That's the link in the bio.

Is it a paid service?

We have free and paid subscriptions. You can obtain additional information about the rates and functionality here:

Why am I supposed to pay for a minimum of three months?

We have very reasonable prices. Most services charge more per month than we do for three.

I've changed my Instagram username, so how do I also change it in the link?

If you've changed your Instagram username, then you should press the "Install" button in your account again and after that, you'll see the "Update information" button. If you press it, the system will get updated information from Instagram and ask you if you'd like to change the link.

How many profiles can I connect to a single rate plan?

One Instagram profile — one rate plan.

Tapink - Conclusion

Taplink is a convenient way to manage your links and drive your sales directly on Instagram. Instagram allows users to place only one clickable link in the profile description, but this is often not enough. Using Taplink, you can place any number of links to pages of your products and services, special offers, instant messengers for communication in one click, accounts in social networks and more.

The links created in Taplink will open the application of the required social network, where your page will be displayed. People will be able to contact you, subscribe and like without any further action

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