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Today, we can access anything and everything with just a touch of our fingers. Be it global news updates or locating the local sweet shop. In this digital age, it was still a problem that Tally ERP9 software was an offline application and there was no access to it outside the desktop. To successfully conquer this problem, Mr. Ashish Agarwal came up with the TallyDekho mobile application in 2019. This application helps the user check the Tally ERP9 mobile app data anytime, anywhere.

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TallyDekho Highlights

  • Startup Name-TallyDekho
  • Headquarter-Jaipur
  • Founder-Ashish Agarwal
  • Sector-Software service provider
  • Founded-2019
  • Parent Organization-Alcodes Mobility Pvt. Ltd.

About TallyDekho and How it Works

TallyDekho is a tally mobile app that helps the user access all the TallyDesktop App data on mobile. TallyDekho's USP is that it uses Google Drive to store the data rather than a third party servers. The data is synced in real-time. Ownership and control of the data lie with the user only.

The app is very user-friendly and can be used by just following these simple steps-

  • Install the TallyDekho desktop application
  • Sign in with your Google account and then Authorize so that data can be saved on the drive.
  • Install the mobile application and create your account.
  • Go to Settings>Account Pairing click on Scan the QR code and scan the QR code printed on the TallyDekho Desktop app.
  • Desktop App will control which data to show on the mobile app.
  • After these steps, the respective data can be accessed on mobile.
  • The core belief behind this startup is that time is the most expensive resource. And so the idea is to build products that let businesses save time and create value for the business.

TallyDekho - Target Market

As said by Ashish, there are approximately 10 Million Tally ERP 9 users, and TallyDekho targets to win them all.

The TallyDekho team did their research with Tally Distributors and Chartered Accountants. There is X number of practicing CAs in India and each CA has Y number of average clients (Businesses). For bookkeeping 95%+ business use Tally ERP.

The team currently doesn't have the exact numbers. But since government policies are forcing businesses to come into the mainstream, the requirement for the organized structure is increasing. And when it comes to accountancy in India, you can't ignore Tally ERP.

TallyDekho - Founders and Team

Ashish Agarwal is the founder of TallyDekho. Formal education has not much to do with success, which is proven yet again by Ashish Agarwal. He is a school drop out but has come up with such an innovative concept of TallyDekho. Presently Ashish is the CEO of TallyDekho.

Vishal Gupta is the CTO of TallyDekho. He holds an MCA degree, and has 15+years of experience of working with industry biggies like IBM and MTS.

Manu Saxena is the Project Head at TallyDekho. A B.Tech by qualification, Manu has 8+ years of experience with companies like CarDekho and Accenture.

Nisha Chaudhary is Project Analyst at TallyDekho and a B.Tech by qualification.

The founding team has worked together in different projects for five years before starting TallyDekho.

Regarding the division of responsibilities, Ashish takes care of overall execution. Vishal looks after the entire tech and data part. Manu looks after the whole application and tech team and Nisha is taking care of operations and business development.

How was TallyDekho Started

The idea and inspiration came from small businesses, where they don't have a full-time accountant. The founders took insight from the fact that accounting is the heart of any business and they needed to create something to bring it in the control of business owners.

As we know, Tally ERP is offline, and already has a big market as of today. So they discussed this problem with a few business owners and chartered accountants and then developed a prototype and did a small market test.

The initial idea was to create an application for tally reports and GST return/airway bills etc. But when they stepped into the market, they realized that this product can solve a serious problem and can benefit businesses in various aspects but it was important to keep the application lean and clean. Since every piece of information is not required, it took them time to understand the volume of need. Because overburdened information kills the real idea.

The founding team discussed the idea with their business friends, chartered accountants, and few accounts professionals. However, it was not accepted by all at once and it took effort to make people understand.

Initially they could not understand the importance. But when we explained how you can make decisions on expenses, how you can save late fees to departments. And it has lot of value. Then they had ore ideas on importance of this solution - Ashish says

TallyDekho - Name, Tagline and Logo

The idea behind the name “TallyDekho” is the fact that people see their reports on mobile. The team always wanted Hindi touch to the name as the product was mainly designed for small and medium businesses. Hence they decided the name to be 'TallyDekho'.

When they thought about the tagline and discussed it with the team, everyone suggested that it is related to the account so they can use 'Hisaab-Kitaab'. Another one said the data can be seen on fingertips so 'Ungliyon' word can be used and finally they came up with "Hisaab Ungliyon Pe".

Also, they came up with one more tagline while discussing the introductory video, as they are accessing the accounting data with security so the tagline becomes 'Ab karein Hisaab, Data ki Suraksha ke sath'.

TallyDekho - User Acquisition

With their experience with other ventures, they knew that a good product only needs word of mouth marketing. And they did the exactly that. In just 2 hours of campaign 500+ chartered accounts and 200 businesses signed up with them.

TallyDekho - Business Model and Revenue Model

The  is subscription based. They are looking at somewhere between INR 999 to 1499 per user for an annual subscription. They also have re-seller margins since they are the front face of the product so they are considered equal partners.

TallyDekho - Startup Challenges

Requirement gathering was a problem since every business is unique in its nature of work. It was a difficult task for them to understand common problems from all businesses and deliver them a standard product.

TallyDekho - Funding and Investors

In 2019, TallyDekho raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Mr. Nirmal Bardiya, an investor from Jaipur.

TallyDekho - Advisors and Mentors

There are two chartered accountants in the TallyDekho advisory board, who guides them on various aspects.

TallyDekho - Future Plans

TallyDekho is targeting the 10 Million Tally Users in the country and abroad. They want to have maximum market share and increase product utility by further business offerings.

TallyDekho - FAQs

What year did Tally Software start?

In 1986, founded by Tally Solutions.

What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real time and mediated by software and technology.

Who is the founder of TallyDekho?

Ashish Agarwal is the founder of TallyDekho.

How can I get Tally in Mobile?

Just follow 3 steps:

Download the desktop app on the PC where your tally is installed.

Create your account and select companies you want to see on your mobile.

Download the mobile app and sign-in using the same credentials

Which is the latest version of Tally?

The latest version under Tally ERP 9 Release 6 series is Release 6.2, which was launched on 29th October, 2017.

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