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Technical education is of utmost importance for developing the human resource of a country. Technical education produces manpower that has practical knowledge of modern and advanced technology which is much required for the development of any country. In modern times, the demand for technical education is increasing globally and India is also experiencing the same trend.

Besides, technology is not something which can be learned once and for all, it is must to keep oneself abreast of the new developments. While it is not possible and convenient to go for formal offline education at all stages of one’s career, online technical education can do a lot to keep one up-to-date of new technologies, without giving up the current job or alongside another course.

However, it is important to check the quality and credibility of the courses while opting for any online technical course. Techved Academy of Design (TAD), initiated by Techved, a Mumbai based design company is offering certified courses on many technological areas, that are just perfect to upskill and uplift your career.

  • Startup Name-TAD Courses
  • Headquarter-Mumbai
  • Founders-Neha Modgil & Mohar V
  • Sector-Online Education
  • Founded-2018

About TAD Courses

TAD stands for  Techved Academy of Design. TAD Courses is an initiative of Techved, a leading global user experience company based in Mumbai. To meet the shortage of skilled manpower in the field of User Experience (UI/UX), Techved started TAD Courses which initially offered just courses related to UI and UX. However today TAD courses is offering online courses in many other technological areas.

The TAD team believes that everyone should have the opportunity to create progress through technology and develop the skills of tomorrow. TAD Courses offers assessments, learning paths and courses authored by industry experts. The platform helps businesses and individuals close skills gaps in critical areas, innovate faster and deliver on key objectives.

With a mission to become the one-stop channel for Technology education, TAD has been providing quality training and education, aspiring masses in the realm of creativity. Combining the passion for technology and education, TAD set up the online learning platform with the sole vision of increasing accessibility in education, thereby elevating itself as a reliable and esteemed global education brand.

“We desire to endow individuals with an intrinsic inclination and pursuit of technology and design,” Neha says emphasizing on the company’s vision.

TAD Courses Founders

TAD Courses was co-founded by Neha Modgil & Mohar V.

Neha Modgil 

Neha Modgil, Co-Founder and COO of TAD Courses, is a thought leader with a fertile mind and woman with great passion towards the work. She has around 10+ years of experience into Designing and Innovation industry. Her passion lies in inventing new and powerful ways to make consumer’s digital experience better. She has an educational qualification in design and management.

Mohar V 

Mohar V, is an experienced Business Evangelist, Digital Strategist and a UX Design thinker. His 19+ years of experience into Technology innovation, UX/UI Design, Digital Strategy, Software Development, and Project management have helped him to sweep the tech world. His conscientious qualities and ideas have always touched the zenith of success. He has a stellar track record of business innovation, market presence, and creative mind into various business verticals. He is an MBA person with a tech background.

How was TAD Courses Started

TADcourses is a member of NASSCOM and was started under the leadership of TECHVED Consulting. Techved has over a decade of experience and an ardent passion in the field of UI/UX. The leaders of TECHVED – deemed as the top UX/UI Company by Silicon India – wanted to cultivate a talent pool of aspiring professionals in design and technology. Thus, TAD was founded as an oasis to quench the growing scarcity of UX professionals.

“In a decade, we have conducted a lot of workshops and meet-ups for industry professionals. These experiences explicated the gaps in skilled individuals in the industry. Therefore, TAD courses have been launched for bridging these gaps” says Neha.

Apart from UX/UI related courses, TAD Courses now offers several other technical courses too.

“Initially, we have discussed with COO’s and CTO’s of Technology to know what challenges they face while recruiting the right candidate and that lead to the need of industry ready professionals. Today there are so many working professionals who lack contemporary skills, which results in great disappointment. Looking into the responses, TAD courses set up the online learning platform to build and enhance the critical professional skills required in today’s in-demand fields” Neha added.

TAD Courses - Name, Tagline and Logo

The name TAD stands for Techved Academy of Design.

The Company’s Tagline is “Upskill your career”.

What is TAD Courses

TAD courses are the short online courses in cutting-edge technology for both beginners and professionals to cultivate their talent.  

The courses are divided into ‘Foundation’ and ‘Advanced’ based on the levels of knowledge and expertise. TAD courses offer specialized video tutorials for Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology, User Experience, and Big Data Analytics in multiple languages. A graduate in any stream can apply for these courses.

Major USPs of TAD Courses are:

•    Mentors with hands-on industry experience.

•    Premium content

•    Industry Recognized Certificates

•    Placement Assistance

The company is trying to reach out to the Tier II and Tier III Cities by creating an extraordinary technology learning experience for them to make their future with these buzzing and dynamic technologies. Besides TAD Courses also boasts to be the first Indian online learning platform to teach the updated technologies In multiple languages.

TAD Courses - Funding and Investors

TAD Courses has not raised any funding until now. It is powered and invested by its sister company Techved Consulting. The company uses a major fraction of its funds in creating quality content videos with the right mentors.

TAD Courses - Startup Challenges

Getting the right mentors on board was a challenge for the TAD Team.

“Our objective was to find industry experts to train our students to increase the employability in the tech industry. It was a very challenging task, to find the right product person who has the vision to run this. But we effectively pulled it off by bringing industry experts and subject matter experts to the board” says Neha.

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TAD Courses - Competitors

TAD team chooses to learn from the various players in its domain rather than seeing them as competition.

As Neha says, “We have learned and reaped inspiration from many platforms; each one of them has their own presence in the market to stand out. We have willfully started this because we are already into tech Industry witnessing 100’s of newcomers in the market who are unable to stand firm due to lack of Ideas and concept. Therefore, we have learned the pros and cons of their platform, which has motivated us to build our platform into a unique platform."

TAD Courses is focusing on making its service better for the learners and make technology easy to learn

"The moment we began to look at others as our competitors, we descended and categorized ourselves comparing another platform with some similarities. Thereafter, we decided not to consider anyone as our competitors, we take everyone as a learner because everyone is trying and practicing new things to be prominent out of which some people strike the right platform enlighten the people and some later”, added Neha.

TAD Courses - Future Plans

Having successfully created a high-quality user experience in its platform, the TAD team will keep on improvising the content and teaching methods by incorporating new ideas. As they are evolving with the current technologies, the industry will consistently evolve as well.

Along with the evolving industry, TAD courses will further improvise teaching methods by introducing new ideas into the courses. However, their objective of providing a high-quality experience will remain the same. Their goal is to increase employability in the Tech Industry. Hence, they will continue to transform our students into a job-ready professional.

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