SupplyNote - Helping Food & Beverages Businesses Automate Their Supply Chain Entirely

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The global market for foods and beverages is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3%. It is expected to reach $274.5 billion by 2025. In businesses specific to the F&B industry, customer service is of utmost importance. And to offer highly valued services, the F&B industry needs to strengthen its supply chain networks. Thus, there is an upsurge in demand for supply chain management in the F&B industry. Alongside, advances in technology is helping the supply chain industry evolve.

SupplyNote provides a full-stack platform for the entire supply chain management. It helps Food and Beverages businesses from inventory management, vendor management to logistics supply chain needs.

SupplyNote - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-SupplyNote
  • Headquarters-Noida
  • Industry-SaaS, E-Commerce Platform for Food Businesses
  • Founder-Kushang, Nitin Prakash, Harshit Mittal, and Abhishek Verma
  • Founded-2019
  • Total Funding Raised-$2.6 Million

SupplyNote - About

SupplyNote is a B2B SAAS platform for F&B businesses that provides a platform for end-to-end management of supply chain with an integrated marketplace.

Talking about the long term vision of the company, their aim is to become the backbone of F&B supply chain by evolving into the one-stop solution for all supply chain needs – software, service, marketplace.

While in the short term the idea is to provide a marketplace where merchants can discover suppliers for their raw material and transact with them; orders from which will be fulfilled by SupplyNote.

SupplyNote - Industry

As of 2020, the F&B industry is worth $60 Billion USD out of which their target market (Organized players) is worth $21 Billion USD as per the data sourced from the NRAI 2018 report.

The industry has been operating it’s supply chain using traditional methods (pen and paper) and needs a digital transformation, that SupplyNote intends to bring in. Every F&B outlet suffers noticeable loss due to inventory mismanagement, procurement flaws etc. For a business that runs on major fixed costs, it becomes more than important to maintain the margins. Following the major blow from the pandemic they observed an accelerated tech disruption in the industry. Therefore, they believe, 5 years down the line, the industry will be completely digitised in terms of operations.

SupplyNote - Founders and Team


The founding team has Kushang (CEO), Nitin Prakash, Harshit Mittal, and Abhishek Verma. They are a bold, intrepid, highly passionate group of tech-loving geeks, foodies, change-makers, doers, and entrepreneurs who are committed to empowering the F&B businesses with technology & innovation.

Four friends from IIT Kanpur came together to build SupplyNote, with Kushang leading the idea, Harshit Mittal leading the technological development, Abhishek Verma leading the Business Operations, and Nitin Prakash leading the Product. During the final year, Adcount Technologies Pvt Ltd was incepted (parent company of SupplyNote).

The company currently has a strength of 75, and they believe in flexible work culture. More than the hours spent in the office, they care about making progress towards the goal. They work as hard as they play. They like people who like to take on challenges and ownership, who are competitive and yet they care about nature. Most of the team comprises foodies. And they love sports.

SupplyNote - Idea and Startup Story

SupplyNote was formerly known as Adurcup. AdCount Technologies was originally founded in 2015 by IIT-Kanpur alumni Kushang, Abhishek Verma, Harshit Mittal and Nitin Prakash with the idea of monetizing paper cups. Over the period, the company built its network of merchants and started dealing in a variety of supplies. The company was using its own software, that was developed in-house, for managing its supply chain, when a client discussed the requirement of such a solution for their inventory management purpose. The team customized the software as per the client’s requirement, and that gave birth to SupplyNote in 2019, a platform that is actively being used across not less than 2000 outlets today.

SupplyNote - Name, Tagline, and Logo

The name itself is made up of two words, Supply-Note, which essentially means noting down the supply. They discovered that inventory management isn’t digitized yet in a major part of the F & B industry in India. As they started the mission of digitizing the supply chain, they came up with the name that means recording the inventory data, SupplyNote in the short of it.

The logo of SupplyNote might look like an arrow pointing towards the top (that signifies growth) but it’s more than that. That arrow is made up of two letters – S and N, which are initials of Supply-Note.

The tagline of SupplyNote is “Think Scale'' as it enables companies to expand into new geographies faster, by eliminating the hassle of building supply chains or discovering suppliers. They already solved those challenges for them, making it much easier for them to scale and explore markets. Hence the logo represents growth - in numbers, in business, in every aspect.

SupplyNote - Products and Services

SupplyNote is an ecosystem of software and services for management of Supply Chain for F&B businesses. It has 4 products under its umbrella:

The Point of Sale Solution: Having exclusive strategic partnership with Posify, SupplyNote offers its customers a platform for management of sales, such as billing, kitchen management, table management, rider tracking, web ordering and more.

The Inventory Management / Supply Chain Management software: Integrated with Point of Sale, SupplyNote IMS takes in the data of sales, and its advanced algorithms breaks down the sold items into the raw material that has been consumed and updates the inventory in real time. It also helps with management of suppliers, generation of purchase orders, sales orders and more.

The Fulfilment Services: SupplyNote helps merchants and vendors transact with each other without worrying about operational challenges, as SupplyNote offers warehousing and logistic services (dry and cold) to fulfil the supply chain needs.

The Marketplace: A product of SupplyNote that helps merchants discover suppliers and transact with them, getting more options and flexibility on price, payment terms, quality options and more.

SupplyNote - USP

SupplyNote is the only full-stack platform for supply chain management, as all the other companies are only solving a part of the supply chain and not the entire supply chain.

SupplyNote - Business Model and Revenue Model

The clients pay a subscription fee for using the SAAS, while they pay as per usage for their fulfillment services. In the marketplace model, they only charge for the fulfillment of delivery (storage and transport) currently and do not charge any commissions from either party.

SupplyNote - Acquiring Clients

Back in 2015 when the company was incepted, the strategy for acquisition of clients was Feet-on-Street. The team went from door to door, proposing the offerings of the company at that time and built its network of clients. Later, they got great clients who gave us referrals for other clients and word on the streets picked up gradually. Further, in 2019 when SupplyNote was launched, they already were doing business with over 300 clients that showed interest in the software and some of them even turned out to be the first users.

SupplyNote is solving various challenges related to the supply chain and they reach out to every F&B business to discuss the problems they are facing, further contemplating how SupplyNote can solve it for them.

For 100 to 1000, their approach was more linear, with their teammates reaching out to all businesses in the nearby area and pitching them with their propositions. However, as it reached the mark of 1000, they started marketing and taking up branding initiatives, spreading awareness around the significance of digitizing the supply chain, the cost that a good Inventory management software can save, and much more. They are also tying up with companies to provide multiple value propositions to their clients to retain them longer.

SupplyNote - Challenges Faced

One of the earlier product of AdCount Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was adurcup, an e-commerce platform that was supplying various raw materials to F&B businesses. The challenge was the disorganization of the entire F&B industry at the time, and digitization was yet a foreign concept within the Industry. That is why they decided on solving that challenge, and discovering a bigger opportunity.

SupplyNote - Growth

Since April 2020, the company has growth 12X in GMV and has become the second largest F&B Supply Chain Company in India (By GMV).

SupplyNote - Funding

SupplyNote has raised a total of $ 2.6 Million funds

SupplyNote Advisors and Mentors

Yogesh Bellani, William Bao Bean, Vikram Upadhaya, and Apporv Ranjan Sharma are the mentors and advisors of SupplyNote.

SupplyNote - Tools Used in The Company

They use many tools within the company like- Zira, Asana and Slack to manage work, Google Suite for mails, meetings, calendars, docs, slides and sheets. They use Figma for designing, Hubspot as their CRM, MixPanel and Google Analytics for data analytics and insights and more.

SupplyNote - Future plans

They are planning to launch a new kind of marketplace in Delhi NCR which they will be expanding across the country shortly.


What is SupplyNote?

SupplyNote is a B2B SAAS platform for Food & Beverage businesses that provides a platform for end-to-end management of the supply chain.

Who is the founder of SupplyNote?

Kushang, Nitin Prakash, Harshit Mittal, and Abhishek Verma are the founders of SupplyNote.

When was SupplyNote founded?

SupplyNote was founded in 2019.

What is AdUrCup?

SupplyNote was formerly known as Adurcup - one of the earlier products of AdCount Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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