Supertails: Helping You to Be a Happy Pet Parent

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Urbanization, rise in nuclear families, income growth, and vast change in lifestyle of Indians has increased the love of Indians towards pets. It has resulted in the growing demands of pets in the country. Pet ownerships in India has grown numerously in last decade and so, there is rise in the pet care market. India has become the fastest growing market in the pet-care. The market segmentation includes pet food, pet healthcare, pet grooming products, and pet accessories.

Supertails has come to provide a one stop solutions for pet food, pet accessories, pet health care, pet grooming, and more. It helps you become a happy pet parent by providing cost-effective training programs to pet owners.

Read to know about Supertails, founders, product & services, the startup story, funding, and more.

Supertails - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Supertails
  • Headquarters-Bangalore
  • Industry-Pet Care Industry
  • Founders-Mr. Aman Tekriwal, Mr. Varun Sadana and Mr. Vineet Khanna
  • Founded-2021
  • Total Funding Raised-$3.6 Million

Supertails - About

Supertails is the first of its kind digital platform that supports the ever-increasing pet parent community with a one-stop solution for pet food and supplies. It currently has 120+ brands in the petcare space, making it the widest assortment of petcare brands on a single platform in the country.

Supertails is differentiated by its unique proposition of fully digital tele-health consultation and online dog behaviour training services, made available through a team of highly experienced in-house veterinarians and pet behaviour experts. With pet supplies, vet care, and training under a single roof, Supertails looks to bring together a currently fragmented pet parenting community in India and provide holistic support to make pet parenting enriching.

Supertails - Industry

The market size of the business they are building is $1-1.5Bn in India, as of 2022. It is expected to grow to 5Bn by 2027. There are currently 25Mn domesticated pets in India, of which 11Mn are in urban cities.

Petcare is a nascent and grossly underserved market in the country and their vision is to tap into its full potential, and expand it as more pet parents become aware and warmed up to the category. For perspective, the biggest category in the industry, packaged pet food, is at a penetration of only 5-7% as compared to upwards of 70% penetration in developed countries. Currently, petcare is a $100Bn market in the US, so the potential (and the challenge) is very exciting for us.

More than anything, this market is defined by mindsets, where there is a potential of a paradigm shift just by altering the narrative and starting the right conversations among the consumer, which in the case of Supertails is a tech-savvy Gen Z pet parent redefining “family” as being centred on their pet.

Supertails - Founders and Team

Supertails has 3 co-founders, all came from the senior leadership of the freshly cut meat brand, Licious.

Supertails Co founders

Varun Sadana: Alum of NIT Kurukshetra and IIM Lucknow, and a 2X entrepreneur. Previously, the Co-founder and COO at Licious responsible for getting freshly cut meats delivered to Indian homes. Before Licious, he was a VP at Snapdeal, responsible for setting up the marketplace and account management verticals for the e-com startup.

Vineet Khanna: Alum of NIT Nagpur and IIM Lucknow. Vineet was previously an SVP at Licious, responsible for setting up the supply chain vertical for the startup.

They have known each other for more than 13 years since their MBA days at IIM Lucknow.

Aman ekriwal is a CA and has worked with Billions Smiles hospitality. He was previously the CFO at Licious and now leads Finance and Service at Supertails. Aman met Varun and Vineet during their days at Licious. Aman Tekriwal was the CFO at Licious.

Supertails has a team of 50+ full time people who anchor the business growth and customer engagement. Their team is largely made of entrepreneurs and experts in their own fields.

Additionally, since their business verticals comprise of services like online vet consultation, online dog training, and a robust customer delight center, a team of 20 people constantly speak to their community members - giving them healthcare advice, helping them understand their pet better, solving their problems, or even helping them get the right product for their pets.

Supertails - Idea & Startup Story

The petcare industry is an underserved market where there are major gaps. One of the most striking for us was the gap in access to basic healthcare. Pet healthcare in the US offers a comparatively balanced proportion of 1 veterinarian per 1500 pet households, which in India has a distribution of 1 veterinary for every 5000-6000 pet households. Same with pet training, which is mandatory in countries like Singapore and in India it’s only seen as a ‘good to have’. Their idea was to bridge this gap not just by bringing meaningful services to young pet parents, but by creating an ecosystem where all help, support, and conversations came together.

The market stats and India’s growing pet parent community was a strong enough nudge for us to build Supertails and founders validated it by speaking to experts within the petcare space itself. However nascent, petcare in its own small way has been existing in the country for many years within a small but strong community. Their interest and passion for what team are doing is a huge motivator. In fact, two of the best known experts from this community, Dr. Shantanu Kalambi (Senior Vet in wildlife and marine healthcare) and Unnati Hunjan (Pet Behaviour Expert and Animal Assisted Therapist) have joined us to lead the services arm of Supertails.

Supertails - Vision

Supertails short term goal is centered around building reach and ensuring great customer experience, more specifically, helping a person to be a better pet parent. Supertails do this by:

Giving access to primary products & services: Their wide assortment of products which are delivered across pan India cater to the essential needs of pet parents. Their services is focussed on providing expert care on pet’s health and well being to all pet parents.

Supporting the customer wherever required: Supertails customers are young and often a first time pet parent who can get overwhelmed with questions on raising a healthy pet. Supertails help them through their team of vets and pet behaviour experts during online consultations, and through learning content on their social media pages.

Proactively working with the customer for all their parenting needs: Supertails customer care team has been known to help pet parents navigate the journey of finding the right products and services for pets. Supertails has in-house Pet Relationship Managers who speak to the community almost daily and help them find the right service at the right time.

Their long term goals are defined in 3 ways:

The Company's long term goal is to tap into the full potential of the pet-care market opportunity.

To drive key conversations that make India a pet friendly country

Ensure customer centricity at all times

Supertails - Products & Services

Supertails is an ecosystem of support for pet parents. It aims to provide everything that a young pet parent may need to raise a healthy and happy pet - whether it’s a platform where they can discover the widest range of pet supplies, get on demand online vet consultations, or speak to pet behaviour experts to bond with their pets and train them better.

Their USP is that it bring it all together in one place, where beyond 1:1 consultations, pet parents can learn about caregiving better through content on social media.

The believe that the increase of pet population in India is going to be geared by the Gen Z and millennial segment. Owning to this, Supertails was created as a platform which could ensure accessibility with a complete online presence.

Supertails - Marketing

Being a completely digital platform, the team has focussed the marketing campaigns entirely on digital channels. The journey of 0 to 100 is always exciting, what worked for the team was being very targeted at the audience. Be it through media planning, channel selection or driving the right value proposition for the buyers.

Moreover, what worked for us has been using social media as an engine of disseminating the correct and appropriate information to pet parents. This increases trust on the brand also increases recall in the mind of the consumer when making a purchase.

Supertails has served over 16k pet parents since June 2021. The response to their services has also been very encouraging, over 95% of their customers have rated us 4 out of 5.

Supertails - Challenges Faced

The biggest challenge in the pet care industry is to change the mindset of the customer. They have made the first step in moving from being referred to as pet owners to now more and more people calling themselves pet parents. The next change is to provide the right knowledge and know-how to be a responsible pet parent. As a new age company, one of the biggest changes that Supertails team can bring is to give credible information to the customer in making their pet parenthood an enjoyable experience.

Supertails - FAQs

When was Supertails founded?

Supertails was founded in 2021 at Bangalore.

Who is the founder of Supertails?

Mr. Aman Tekriwal, Mr. Varun Sadana and Mr. Vineet Khanna are the founders of Supertails.

What is the amount of total funding raised by Supertails?

Supertails has raised a total funding of $3.6 Million from DSG Capital, Saama Capital, Titan Capital and Sauce VC.

Has Deepika Padukone invested in Supertails?

Yes, Deepika Padukone along with DSG Capital, Saama Capital, Titan Capital and Sauce VC has invested in Pre-Series A funding of Supertails.

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