Super Evil Megacorp - Offers AAA Gaming Experience Across Platforms

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Cross-platform games, often known as cross-play games, are games that may be played online versus other people irrespective of the platform they use. Over the last several years, cross-platform games have grown increasingly popular, with several game creators opting to offer this function and allowing us to play alongside our friends irrespective of platform.

Super Evil Megacorp is a game development business that develops games that work on a variety of platforms. The platform offers AAA gaming experience to its users. Let's explore more about this popular Game Developer.

Super Evil Megacorp - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Super Evil Megacorp
  • Lwgal Name-Super Evil Mega Corp, Inc.,
  • Headquarters-San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, West Coast
  • Industry -Gaming, Mobile Games, PC Games
  • Founders-Bo Daly, Qingshuo Wang, Stephan Sherman, and Tommy Krul
  • Founded-2012
  • Current CEO-Kristian Segerstrale

Super Evil Megacorp - About

Super Evil Megacorp is a company that creates gaming platforms with high graphics quality, precise controls, and internet multiplayer interactions. The company's gaming platform provides category-defining multiplayer experiences for the smartphone population and is dedicated to creating shared gameplay moments via deep engineering and functional excellence, allowing players to play solo or multiplayer games with spectacular effects.

Vainglory is the company's main product, a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game in which two competing teams of three players compete to destroy the opponent base by controlling the road between them, which is surrounded with turrets and guarded by Artificial Intelligence -controlled enemy monsters. Super Evil Megacorp is all set to launch yet another engrossing game, Project Spellfire (a.k.a Catalyst Black) which is a next-generation mobile battleground shooter game.

Super Evil Megacorp - Latest News

As of July 2020, Super Evil Megacorp started an Early Access program for its game Catalyst Black, which is the company's second game; the first was Vainglory. In 2019, Super Evil Megacorp started working on the development of its new game Project Spellfire (Catalyst Back) and handed over Vainglory to a US-based startup Rogue. However, when Rogue decided to shut down Vainglory, the original developer Super Evil Megacorp took charge of the situation and ensured that Vainglory game servers remain live. But, in-game IAP(In-app purchases) has been disabled for the game.

The forthcoming shooter game Catalyst Black, which was first unveiled in May 2020, will involve teams of ten or more players in many game types that blend battle and strategy. Players have weapons and unique skills, as is customary. Users can, however, employ a mask to transform into a primordial god.

Super Evil Megacorp - Industry

The gaming industry is enormous. It's bigger than the film and music industries altogether, and it's just becoming bigger. Though it does not receive the same level of attention as the music and film industries, there are over two billion players worldwide. This equates to 26% of the worldwide people.

Understandably, businesses want a piece of the action. The gaming business's estimated revenue was $155 billion in 2020. Analysts estimate that the sector will produce more than $260 billion in sales by 2025. This has enticed even many IT firms to enter the gaming sector. Google, Facebook, and Apple have all expressed interest in entering the video game sector.

Super Evil Megacorp - Founders and Team

Super Evil Megacorp was founded by Bo Daly, Qingshuo Wang, Stephan Sherman, and Tommy Krul in 2012.

Bo Daly

Bo Daly is Super Evil Megacorp's co-founder and ex-CEO. He began his career as an engineer at Rockstar Games, where he was instrumental in the development of the $400 million Red Dead Revolver series. He departed Rockstar to lead platform and game engineering teams at Gazillion Entertainment, where he created free-to-play MMOs. Afterward, he moved to the Business & Corporate Development department, where he worked on licensing negotiations and oversaw foreign partner operation, directing the daily activities of groups in 4 nations. In 2019, Bo Daly exited Super Evil Megacorp and founded another gaming company, Bazooka Tango.

Qingshuo Wang

Quingshuo, who was formerly at Playfish and is an excellent RTS player, is in charge of all areas of product management as well as front-end UI-coding.

Stephan Sherman

Stephan Sherman worked for Super Evil Megacorp as a Co-Founder, CCO, and Director. Earlier Stephan Sherman worked with prominent gaming companies like Riot and Gazillion. Sherman also exited Super Evil Megacorp in 2019 and joined Bazooka Tango as a co-founder.

Tommy Krul

Super Evil Megacorp CTO Tommy is the creator of the Super Evil engine and technological approach, having previously worked at Riot Games, Gazillion, Factor 5, and Guerilla Games.

Super Evil Megacorp - Startup Story

Bo Daly is a professional engineer who has worked in databases and technology consulting in the past, as well as an internship at Microsoft's Redmond campus. But he'd always wanted to be a game developer. He "desperately needed to develop games," as he puts it.

The name of the gaming company, as Bo said in an interview, was initially just a joke cracked by one of his friends.

"It was those lightning in the bottle things, you couldn’t really create it. Someone threw that out as part of a joke. We’re like, “Oh, that’s amazing. If we ever start a company, that’s the name, right?” The thing that we really loved about it was, not only is it funny, and channels these feelings of Dr. Evil and various other things," he said.

He added that when the firm was formed, they realized right away that they intended to create a team that was more akin to a commando group than a large military force. He wants to assemble a small group of artisans who are passionate about what they do, who work well together, and who develop games in a true craftsman-like manner, which is difficult to do in today's games business.

Super Evil Megacorp - Mission and Vision

Super Evil Megacorp's mission statement says, “To build the best home for passionate game industry craftsmen and craftswomen who want to push the boundaries of gaming for the long term.”

Super Evil Megacorp - Name, Logo, and Tagline

According to Bo, the name of the company started as a joke. They found it not only funny but the name also channeles the feelings of Dr. Evil.

Company Logo of Super Evil Megacorp

"What we really loved about the name, early on especially, is it’s a beacon to those types of folks — you don’t have to be caught deep inside the cogs of some huge Mega Corp where you don’t have creative control and a voice in what you’re creating. That helped us build a great base of talent that is the cornerstone, the foundation of Super Evil," Super Evil Megacorp's co-founder Bo quoted.

Super Evil Megacorp - Growth

As of 2019, on smartphones, tablets, and the PC, Super Evil Megacorp's Vainglory multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game has over 45 million users. In 2019, Vainglory was handed over to Rogue Games.  Vainglory was almost 5 years old at the time, and it was a game that set new standards in terms of performance, graphical fidelity, and competitive play. The free-to-play game kept users occupied for more than 80 minutes per day.

However, the scale required to sustain it as a mobile E-sport just did not exist. Super Evil attempted to broaden Vainglory's appeal by allowing crossplay on PC and Mac. That was a remarkable technological achievement, and Segerstrale, COO of the firm, said he was further motivated by games like Call of Duty: Mobile, which are cross-platform and high-quality. As per some reports, Vainglory's mobile version earned gross revenue worth $50 Million between 2014(when it was launched) to 2018.  

Super Evil Megacorp - Competitors

Top competitors of Super Evil Megacorp are:-

  • SimBin
  • Teyon
  • HitPoint
  • Backflip Studios
  • Koukoi Games
  • 5th Planet Games
  • Playfusion
  • Saffire

Super Evil Megacorp - Awards, and Achievements

Vainglory, Super Evil Megacorp's flagship offering, is the biggest and most popular mobile E-sport, with over 3,000 teams and 1 billion matches played across leagues across North America, Japan, China, Europe, Korea, and Southeast Asia. TSM, Cloud9, Fnatic, SK Gaming, NRG, Misfits, Immortals, Rogue, G2 Esports, Echo Fox, Rox Armada, Team Secret, mousesports, and DetonatioN Gaming were among the major esports brands to join the Vainglory roster in 2016.

Vainglory has won many game development awards, including Apple's "Best Apps" in 2014 and 2015, the IMGA's Best Technical Achievement, the Apple Design Award at WWDC, and People's Choice Awards, and the Tabby Award for Best iPad game in the RPG, Simulation, and Strategy category.

Super Evil Megacorp - Future Plans

Super Evil Megacorp has reorganized its development approach to be more friendly to remote staff, as well as made some management changes recently. Stephan Sherman and Bo Daly, co-founders of SEMC, have left to create a new gaming company called 'Bazooka Tango', while Chief Revenue Officer Volkan Ediz (ex-Machine Zone) and Art Director Eduardo Gonzalez have joined the company (formerly of Riot Games).

The company is working towards developing new cross-platform games.

Super Evil Megacorp's General Manager, Global Publishing, Taewon Yun, emphasized the importance of developing mobile-first games.

“It makes a lot more sense to do mobile as an esports platform,” he says. “No one believed it three years ago, but our fans actually loved playing competitively. Now, we have six regional leagues in six continents, and have an annual world championship,” Yun said in an interview.

Players sit in front of computer displays or TVs, allowing viewers to see little of them both online and in-person, thus removing part of the possible emotional relationship that viewers may have toward the players.

That's one of the reasons why Super Evil Megacorp believes the potential in competitive gaming, or eSports, is considerably more than what's now apparent. The video games by Super Evil Megacorp operate entirely on smartphones and tablets, so players are not obscured by a large computer.

In addition, there are many more cellphones than high-end gaming machines. According to Super Evil's chief operating officer, Kristian Segerstrale, the larger smartphone market should result in a mobile game that produces several times more use and income than any PC game. Super Evil believes that smartphone tournaments would attract more spectators since they can better see the participants' responses and relate to the gaming gadget.

Super Evil Megacorp - FAQs

What does Super Evil Megacorp do?

Super Evil Megacorp is a game development business that develops games that can be played on a variety of platforms.

When was Super Evil Megacorp founded?

Super Evil Megacorp was founded by Bo Daly, Qingshuo Wang, Stephan Sherman, and Tommy Krul in 2012.

Who founded Super Evil Megacorp?

Super Evil Megacorp was founded by Bo Daly, Qingshuo Wang, Stephan Sherman, and Tommy Krul in 2012.

Which companies do Super Evil Megacorp compete with?

The top competitors of Super Evil Megacorp are SimBin, Teyon, HitPoint, Backflip Studios, Koukoi Games, 5th Planet Games, Playfusion, and Saffire.

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