SportCo Success Story - A Sports Fans Community that Rewards for the Passion for Sport!

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Sports can be considered nothing less than therapy. While playing a sport keeps you physically healthy and mentally alert, even watching the sports you love can help you beat stress and depression, thereby giving you the thrill you need in life. As per studies, being a sports fan can be great for your emotional, psychological, and social health. But this is not all, now being a sports fan can help you make money as well, and SportCo is the startup that helps you do so.

SportCo is a unique online platform with over 500K sports fans where you can create sports-related content, make predictions related to matches, participate in contests, and in turn get money, merchandise, and more. We interviewed SportCo founder Anuj Sharma to understand more about this interesting startup for sports lovers.

SportCo - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-SportCo
  • Headquarters-Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Founder-Anuj Sharma
  • Sector-Sports Tech
  • Founded -2018
  • Parent Organization-FutureTech Sports Corp Ltd.

About SportCo

SportCo is a platform that lets sports fans get more engaged in the sports of their interest rather than just being passive viewers. SportsCo allows sports lovers to contribute sports-related content in the form of articles, images, or videos on the platform, and earn SportCo coins against it. SportCo gives its users the opportunity of writing articles, playing games, earning SportCo tokens, which they can further withdraw to their wallets, and eventually redeem the tokens for merchandise.

SportCo coin is a Blockchain-based currency, that users can use for buying merchandise, memorabilia, game tickets, purchasing apps, and more. These coins can also be redeemed for participating in virtual contests like sports-related quizzes, face merge games, and predictions on matches. On winning these contests, users are entitled to win more SportCo coins. Thus, SportCo believes in rewarding the users for their love and passion for sports!

Some of the main activities that SportCo allows the users to do are:

  • SportCo Sports Fantasy - It also allows the users to play fantasy sports games that are captain and player-centric.
  • SportCo Quiz and Trivia - It helps the users play sports quiz and games, exhibit their knowledge and win titles, thereby becoming a winner.
  • SportCo Predictor - SportCo lets users predict sports events both on and off the court and helps them win prizes.
  • SportCo Swarm Community - The company also helps the users predict about the sports matches, teams, players, and their lifestyles.  
  • SportCo Stat Analytics - SportCo allows users to follow and share analytics and their impacts.  
  • Among the technologies that SportCo uses are the Blockchain network, AI in sports data, and well and app layers to operate the business successfully.

SportCo - Industry Details

One of six people on this planet has a common passion for sports. As such SportCo's target market includes more than a billion sports fans. Among this sports population, several people have an affinity for multiple sports and events. Also, Sports fans create several markets. These markets consist of competitive Sports tournaments across the world, games, merchandising, media and of course lifestyle sports.

The total value of sports and related commercial activities including online games is currently over $200 billion. And growing, it is growing at a pace faster than the fastest GDP growth of any country!

SportCo - Founders and Team

SportCo Founders - Anuj Sharma, Phiroze Mogrelia and Michael Serres (From L to R)

Anuj Sharma

Anuj Sharma is the Founder & CEO of SportCo. Anuj Sharma is a business graduate from IIM Ahmedabad with over 25 years of experience across sports media, financial services, and technology industries. As an entrepreneur, he has brought the 3 components together to envision the SportCo ecosystem using token economy based on blockchain technology. Anuj was previously Principal Consultant & Head of Retail and CPG Domain at Infosys.

Phiroze Mogrelia

Phiroze Mogrelia is known as COO and Senior Advisor at SportCo. He now advises Sportco on how to strategically grow its international footprint. Mogrelia received his Master of Science degree from the University of Nicosia in Digital Currency, which helped him expand his knowledge of the technical underpinnings of digital currency. Phiroze served as the Global Head of Lending and Liquidity Solutions, Products and Solutions, and Private Banking International at ABN AMRO Bank before he joined to build SportCo.

Michael Serres

Michael Serres is known as the CTO and the Head of Market Analytics at SportCo. Michael has a joint BSc degree in Maths and Computer Science, which he completed from the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. Serres is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. He is the Co-founder at Blockleo Bitfolios, which is a news, insights, and exchange platform for cryptocurrencies, and before that, Serres was the Head of Digital for Asia Pacific at Manulife and at BlackRock, often refered to as the world’s largest asset manager.  

Having a collective business experience of over 200+ years, the SportCo team has the drive, experience, and what it takes to bring an idea to life and make a business successful. Core members of the team are -

The Idea Behind Starting SportCo

For many, watching their favorite teams play is not just mere entertainment. Sports fans are very passionately and emotionally engaged while watching a match. Anuj felt that while people are so deeply connected to the sports they love, their engagement with the sport is limited to being just passive viewers.

Through SportCo, Anuj wants to make the sports fans feel more engaged with the sports they love by creating and sharing content related to it, playing quizzes and contests on their favorite posts and getting rewarded in the process.

The SportCo team identified the following problems-

  • The vast majority of sports fans are not rewarded for their online contributions.
  • No single platform to fulfill the online sporting needs of Sports fans.
  • Lack of a global peer-to-peer currency in Sports.
  • Sports fans, today, do not have technology-enabled tools to enhance their engagement. They are fully dependent on external media in this regard.

SportCo intends to solve the above-said problems with the following solutions-

  • Providing multiple ways for all Sports fans who contribute in content creation, knowledge sharing and building of communities to be rewarded on our platform.
  • A multi-layered platform that will holistically capture the journey and fulfill the needs of the sports fan.
  • SportCo coin aims to be the preferred currency of choice across the global sports world.
  • SportCo uses blockchain to decentralize and provide specific tools for analytic overlays, gaming, and online media experience.

SportCo - Mission and Vision

The mission of SportCo is to "help initial coin offerings and token sales brands achieve their desired capital funding and expand their coin and token value."

SportCo - Name & Logo

In the name, SportCo "Co" stands for coin, community, communication, and contest. The logo signifies a combination of a baseball and a gold coin, where gold represents value and the ball represents sports.

SportCo - Revenue Model

SportCo's sources of revenue include -

  • Revenue is generated when users buy SportCo Coins
  • Membership fee of SportCo Club
  • Merchandise for the fans with leading brands; with handling fees for SportCo
  • Customized content for sports institutions
  • Ad network for brands that wish to engage with the SportCo community
  • Tie-up with leading sports leagues for their merchandising, ticketing for premium events
  • The fee paid by the users for participating in SportCo’s own Tournaments and contests
  • Revenue earned from registration and trade of memorabilia

SportCo - Funding and Investors

SportCo has raised an angel round of funding worth $400K.

SportCo - Marketing Strategy

Being in the sports sector, utilizing online communities has been one of the go-to marketing strategies for SportCo team. The team worked hard to promote the SportCo brand in Facebook groups around different teams, sports, leagues etc. Furthermore, they also worked with the contributors, who provide content on the platform and their network to expand their personal reach and bring users on to our platform.

SportCo - Challenges

Acquisition of initial writers was the most challenging part, which the SportCo team overcame with the help of brilliant marketers who designed great strategies that attracted users.

SportCo - Advisors & Mentors

SportCo's advisors include -

Football player and coach Bryan Roy - Bryan picked up 32 international caps for the Netherlands national football team and played in numerous championship games, also believes in the vision of SportCo and will help SportCo spread its vision.

Tim De Leede of KNCB Cricket Halden - Tim de Leede is a former Dutch cricketer, who had a long One Day International career of 11 years for the Dutch national team. A right-handed all-rounder, he played for the Netherlands at 1996, 2003, and 2007 World Cups. After his retirement in 2007 he started a coaching career and in 2015 was appointed as the head coach of the France national cricket team. Tim de Leede is recorded in KNCB (Netherlands Cricket Association) Hall of Fame.

Tennis Player and Coach Juan Carlos Báguena is a tennis coach and former professional tennis player from Spain. He has played to a high professional level, acquiring ATP rankings of 190 in singles and 100 in doubles. He has won several ATP tour events in doubles and a singles ATP tour event in Madrid.

SportCo - Awards & Recognitions

SportCo was listed among the Top 10 sports startup that uses blockchain technology, by Disruptor Daily.

SportCo - Growth

SportCo is built around a unique concept and has received positive responses from users. Initially, SportCo was launched in Europe over all the digital platforms- and then gradually shifted to Asia and Africa. There are already more than 500,000 sports fans on the platform.

SportCo - Future Plans

Sports market will continue to grow in double digits for the next few decades thereby adding millions of sports fans. With platforms like SportCo future sport fans will have more ways to engage with their favorite sport. SportCo is moving towards being a platform that will connect Sports institutions, Sport clubs, Sports professionals, and Sports fans and thus create a huge community of sports lovers

"The last 4 years were crucial  to understand fan centricity behaviors, needs, revenue inflection points and building a network with Sporting institutions. We will continue on our path to improve fan engagement with technology. The race is on and we are in this race to win!" Anuj Shrama quotes speaking about the startups journey and future plans.


What is SportCo?

SportCo is a unique online platform with over 500K sports fans where you can create sports-related content, make predictions related to matches, participate in contests, and in turn get money, merchandise, and more.

Who is the Founder of SportCo?

Anuj Sharma is the Founder & CEO of SportCo.

How much Funding has SportCo raised?

SportCo has raised an angel round of funding worth 400,000 USD in 2018.

When was SportCo founded?

SportCo was founded in 2018.

What is SportCo Coin?

SportCo coin is a Blockchain-based currency, that users can use for buying merchandise, memorabilia, games tickets, purchasing apps, and more. These coins can also be redeemed for participating in virtual contests like sports-related quizzes, face merge games, and predictions on matches.