Spintly- Smart Access Control System Allowing Secure Entry

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A modern and efficient smartphone-based access control solution to manage your accesses. Spintly Smart Access Solutions enables indoor as well as outdoor management of your access points like doors and gates. Its contactless attendance management system helps you monitor the attendance of your employees in real-time or download comprehensive reports from anywhere in the world through Spintly’s cloud-based access control system.

Spintly offers its contactless technology solutions for workplaces, residential and hotels. Meet Goa-based Spintly, an IoT startup that develops wireless cloud-based access control systems for homes and businesses.

Spintly- Company Highlights

  • Company Name-Spintly
  • Headquarter-Fatorda, Goa
  • Founders-Rohin Parkar, Malcolm Dsouza
  • Sector-Access Control
  • Founded-2017
  • Registered Entity Name-Mrinq Technologies LLP

Spintly- About and How It Works

Spintly is the world’s first truly wireless, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) smart access control system. The company provide contactless, touchless, and smartphone-based access control and attendance management solutions for enterprise, hospitality and residential applications.

Spintly is built upon firm values that foster innovation and continuous improvement. The founders took a special interest in developing local talent from surrounding universities into world-class engineers. Their team consists of young passionate minds that do not consider what they do as just a job. It is a community where the thirst for knowledge and logical thinking is highly valued.

As both the founders have experience working in world class companies like Nokia, Broadcom and TCS, they have adopted the best practices from these companies. A lot of focus is given to self-improvement and knowledge acquisition. The employees are given freedom to choose their own style of working and no formal titles are used. They believe in compensating their employees fairly and motivating them by sharing with them the company’s successes. They have always encouraged the spirit of questioning set rules and continuous learning and improvement.

Spintly- Founders

Spintly is founded by Rohin Parkar and Malcolm Dsouza — engineers with nearly two decades of experience in Bluetooth and wireless technology.

Malcolm Dsouza and Rohin Parkar

Being childhood friends, the two founders; Rohin and Malcolm, often talked about their experiences and future plans. They were based in America and always talked of starting something of their own, back in their hometown in Goa, India. They found that their combined expertise and experience favourably complemented each other and they decided to join hands to make this dream come true.

Rohin Parkar has completed his BE (ETC) in 2001 from Goa college of Engineering, Goa; and management studies from MBA School – UTD Dallas TX. He has 17 Years of experience in wireless product development, manufacturing and leadership, Rich Silicon Valley startup experience. Rohin handles the business, Sales, funding and marketing aspects of the company.

Malcolm Dsouza has also completed his BE (ETC) in 2001 from Goa college of Engineering. With 17+ years of experience Firmware development, signal processing and wireless Technology, he handles the technology and operational aspects. Mr. Dsouza has even worked at Nokia in Chicago, IL.

Their hiring funda keeps them alleviating at each step of their business. One of their USP is passionate and talented team of engineers. They have invested considerable time and efforts in searching for the right candidates. Their main focus has been the involvement with local colleges and establishing ties with the professors. By attracting the most talented young minds with the right attitude to do industry relevant project/internship with Spintly, and they were able to evaluate and select a right team.

How Spintly Started?

The 2 co-founders agreed that they needed to build a product company that would solve real-life problems. So, it all started with a quest to find the right problem; one that was concrete enough to warrant a solution and one that they could leverage their skills and knowledge to solve. They also felt that they should do something to build a technology and a knowledge-based ecosystem in India, which can make use of the immense talent of young engineers in India.

They started with a simple 3-D printed version of the product and deployed it in known organizations. Continuous feedback collected from these initial customers helped Spintly to steer-up their product in the right direction and to get a validation to their idea.

Early in the journey they were working on generic BLE-mesh based IoT platform for Smart buildings. They started interacting with customers with their platform and came across a pain point the buildings were facing in the access control space, which was the access control systems they had were very bulky. These bulky access control systems needed a lot of labour and wiring for deployment and in addition these systems were dumb. They quickly ideated a fully wireless, cloud-based access control solution which eliminated more than 90% of the cabling. They built their own initial boards in house and 3D-printed the products.

Spintly Product Image

Their first 50 units delivered to the customers were 3D-printed. Once they got a stable product and good customer feedback. They already knew that they were on to something which can turn out golden and it started to scale-up.

CIBA, FIIRE, P&G, MyGate - were some of Spintly’s early customers. They spoke to and received a very positive feedback on their products and technology. They also spoke to their network in Silicon-valley and got their product-platform vetted and validated as a globally disruptive solution for access control.

Spintly- Name, Tagline and Logo

The founders were searching for something catchy and fresh. Rohin one day suddenly inspired by Swiggy came up with it. It doesn’t mean anything, but we find it apt as we are here to spin and revolutionize the access control industry. “Simplify” was the key word and “Spintly” sounded pretty close.

Their tagline goes with “Amplify The Simplicity”-- They asked suggestions from our team, and this one got the most votes and was closest to what Spintly is up for– Simplifying access control.

Rohin came up with the initial hand drawn logo with a wireless symbol on the letter “I” in Spintly. Then they got it designed by a professional designer. The logo has been trademarked by Spintly.

Spintly- Vision and Mission

Spintly aims to simplify access control by contact-less control due to COVID-19, and providing solutions at ease to its customers. The company keeps up with the vision to be the leader in the wireless access control space. The long-term goal that they are constantly working upon is to become the 1st truly wireless access control solution provider, we want to revolutionize the way the world does access control

Spintly- Target Market Size

Markets and Markets forecast the physical security market to grow from USD 84.1 billion in 2018 to USD 119.4 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.3% during the forecast period. Their target market- Global TAM = $119B, SAM = $1B (Over next 4 Years in India and USA). Currently, Spintly is in its 2nd year of Revenue and Spintly intends to grow rapidly to an Annual Revenue of $50M in 2024. They calculated it with the help of this source.

The major factors driving the physical security market are rising incidents of terror attacks, technological advancements and deployment of wireless technology in security systems, increasing use of Internet Protocol (IP)-based cameras for video surveillance, and rising adoption of Internet of Things (IoT)-based security systems with cloud computing platforms.

Spintly- Hardware Products

3 In One Access Control System

Seamless access control experience with Smartphone, key cards, and fingerprints.


Designed to work with outdoor access barriers.


Mobile based indoor access control system.

Spintly- Smart Access Features

Smartphone has replaced many devices like cameras, watches, etc. Replacing the access card as well to mark attendance and gain access. Mobile is the safest means of identification as it has its own authentication known only to you. It is also the most accessible and handy device always in your hand.

Spintly Mobile based access

Eliminates Wirings

Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh technology needs no wiring except for a power connection. No more messy and cluttered server rooms. No more ugly cables running from access points with Spintly.

Works without Internet

Their technology works on Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh, so all swipes will be recorded even with no internet. Once the internet comes back on, the swipe data will be automatically uploaded on the cloud through the Spintly gateway.

Cloud-based access

Accessing entry/exit data from anywhere in the world at any time. Their cloud-based system can be accessed by the Spintly Android/IOS app or the Spintly website on your laptop.

Third-Party Integrations

Spintly is integrated with the top Payroll and HR management software like GreytHR, Extenta, Tally, etc. More integrations are currently under process.

Multiple Access Methods

Spintly want more options to grant access to your employees, they have a wide range of access options. From conventional NFC card-based access to fingerprint/biometric access. They even provide with a manual button for those access points where identity capture is not necessary.

Spintly- Products/ Services

Spintly’s access control readers get installed on each of the doors which require access control. These readers communicate with each other over a wireless mesh network powered by Bluetooth Mesh. Users are granted access to the doors by passing a digital key from the cloud to their smartphones. Now, users can unlock doors with their smartphones and the access logs and history is captured in Real-time. Some of its exceptional features are:

The system solves the problem of excessive wiring and need for skilled and expensive labor to deploy access control systems.

It also solves the problem of managing access cards for employees.

Finally, it eliminates the need of maintaining expensive hardware equipment for access control.

Fully wireless access control system which is easy to set-up and is smartphone friendly.

Spitnly has pivoted twice, before. First, from being a Smart Home platform to a Smart-building Platform to finally a Smart access control platform. The Pivots were required to get more focused into a narrow-problem area. However, the technology developed can be used for other use cases in future.

Spintly- Business Model and Revenue Model

Spintly generates one-time sales revenue through product sale and then generated recurring revenue through software subscription. Spintly sells its products and services directly to end customers and also through channel partner network spread across the country

Spintly- Startup Launch

The company was initially launched as a technology development company and slowly evolved into a product focused company with access control as the main offering. This was achieved by establishing a feedback loop with the customers by constantly interacting with early Pilot customers. Constant customer interaction and feedback is what worked to build a product which customers wanted and that is how Spintly reached their first 100 users.

Developing a culture of extreme customer obsession is something which Spintly strives for and that is what has worked for them to retain their customers. They have built key partnerships with other software companies like GreytHR and Mygate which allows them to acquire more and more customers.

Spintly- Challenges

One of the major challenges, Spintly faced was- the recent ongoing global pandemic “The COVID-19.” It not only struck the Indian economy but their business also got adversely affected. They quickly were able to change their messaging to a contact-less system and were able to attract customer attention. But for 2-3 months, going without revenues was a very difficult phase in the business.

Spintly- Competitors

Spintly's top competitors include Openpath, GHA Technologies, Axis Security and Netsync. Openpath (also known as Openpath Security) is a company developing smart security solutions for offices.

Spintly- Future Plans

Spintly currently operates out of 4 locations, Bangalore being the main office which runs the Sales and marketing operations of the company. Goa is the R&D center, Mumbai Office is focused on the Sales for the West region and they have an Office in Los Angeles, USA which takes care of the Sales for North America.

Spintly has reached 3000 users within a Month and an on-month growth rate of 15% prior to COVID-19. Spintly, currently has an order pipeline of about 1.5Cr and a user on-boarding visibility of over 20,000 users in the next 4-5 months. Spintly has acquired notable clients like Mygate, Smartworks, FF21, L&T realty etc.

Spintly plans to grow its sales and distribution network across the country in 2020-21 and also plans to acquire a sizable customer base in the USA. Spintly is also in discussions with Global industry leaders for key technology partnerships.

Spintly- Coupon Code/ Offers

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