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SpiceTree Design Agency Highlights

  • Startup Name-SpiceTree Design Agency
  • Headquarter-Mumbai
  • Founder-Shiraz Khan
  • Sector-Web Designing and Marketing
  • Founded-2004

An attractive website, a well planned digital marketing strategy or an appealing print ad campaign, all these are quite essential for every company big or small. SpiceTree Design Agency in Mumbai provides a one-stop solution for all these needs.

Shiraz Khan, a man with a passion for creating unique and innovative advertisements and marketing messages, founded this venture. SpiceTree Design Agency was set up in 2004. This creative branding agency is now operating in a wide field from website designing to CMS, from digital marketing to print media marketing  services like designing print ad campaigns and marketing collateral.

SpiceTree Design Agency - Mission and Vision

SpiceTree Design Agency’s vision is to create marketing opportunities that will inevitably drive worldwide growth of their clients. The company’s mission, on the other hand, is to push brands into unchartered but engaging territories; continuously inspiring effective communications using new-age technology that create and stimulate their clients’ growth opportunities.

SpiceTree Design Agency - Industry Details

As per reports by Magna Global, a division of media agency group IPG Mediabrands, print media ad revenues are expected to reach Rs 22,424.3 crore in 2019.

The digital marketing industry is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, with no intentions of slowing down. The Indian digital marketing industry is expected to grow at 32% CAGR to Rs 18,986 crore by 2020.

The advancements of technologies like AI and machine learning, analytical tools and blockchain technology aren’t merely trends in the industry. These developments are instead raising the threshold for industry performance. In addition, voice searches and other personalized approaches are expected to become a mainstay in digital marketing strategies. All these prospects cumulatively make it a fascinating time to contribute to the industry as the horizons of consumer personalization and engagement are broadening.  

SpiceTree Design Agency - Founder

Mr. Shiraz Khan,  is the founder director of SpiceTree Design Agency.

The other core member is Mr. Mehmood Khan who is the Director and also chief of business development.

The business development team consists of, Rekha Khanna, who is a computer science graduate with over 25 years of industry experience and Sanju Sharma Khan, who is an engineering graduate and have over 12 years experience in IT sector.

The web development team consists of Parveen Shaikh who has eight years of experience in web designing and development and Gaurav Nimkar who is an experienced SEO specialist and web developer.  

The Digital Marketing team consists of Amita Bhoir, a Social Media and Digital Marketing expert and Manasvita Subramanian who has over 4 years experience in digital marketing.

The Creative team consists of Shruti Rajpara. Shruti is a 3D Animation Specialist, Jagrut Save is trained in Visual and Amp and expert in art and design and Monali Shinde, who is in charge of the graphics team.  

SpiceTree Design Agency - The Idea and starting up

Inspiration struck gradually over a period of time rather than a cliché ‘Eureka’ moment.

Shiraz had a very comfortable and secure job as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at a company before envisaging SpiceTree Design Agency. Though he had financial and work stability, he felt that the more creative part of his mind was being suppressed by the mundane coordination of sales. The monotony was uninspiring. That was the moment when the fire began stirring in his belly, fed with his growing thirst for creativity.  

Shiraz had always been a creative person. He liked unveiling the concealed and subliminal meanings behind several brand ads and campaigns. Finally, he came to the realization that his passion for creativity and innovation would perfectly compliment his knowledge of science, detail, and analytics.

He began his entrepreneurial venture on the 6th of June 2004.

Once I began, I was spurred to keep marching forward with no inclinations to look back. The philosophy thankfully continues till this very date.

SpiceTree Design Agency - Name and Logo

A tree symbolizes abundance and offering while spices represent color, vibrancy and flavor. The company is named ‘SpiceTree Design Agency’ because it strives to emulate these traits of trees and spices.

It just bodes well for us that its abbreviation 'SDA' has a nice ring to it.

The concept of the company’s logo came from a very simplistic approach: to create an identity that is simple and easy to register in the minds of people. The color red is associated with energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion.

SpiceTree Design Agency - Services

SpiceTree Design Agency curates web, print, and social media design; offer digital marketing solutions including Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, mailers and re-targeting. It also develops clientele’s brand identity while offering consultation on products and services.  

The agency has diverged its offerings based on advancements in technology, new dynamics of consumer behavior, and the perpetually adaptive nature of the industry.  

As said by Shiraz, the agency’s difference lies in its core philosophy of obtaining ‘factual creativity’ viz. the perfect blend of creative thought and scientific analytics. The agency lays immense importance on offering practicality through its creative solutions in a unique manner. It aims to enable its clientele to stand out from the crowd.  

SpiceTree Design Agency - Revenue Model

The Company works on retainer and project basis, and charges for the services provided to the clients.

SpiceTree Design Agency - Customer Acquisition

Philosophically I acquired our first client due to my conviction.

Shiraz is very confident and passionate about his creative marketing ideas. It is this confidence and passion that helped him acquire his first client. Impressed by his creative ideas, one of his acquaintances referred ‘Timeout Mumbai’ to get in touch with him for creatives of their Mumbai edition. Slowly as people got to see his unique creatives, the agency started attracting more clients.

SpiceTree Design Agency - Funding

The agency is bootstrapped. It started off with a sum of Rs.1,00,000 from Shiraz's personal savings.

SpiceTree Design Agency - Challenges

As per Shiraz, the countrywide economic decline posed a challenge as sales declined and clients delayed payments. However, the agency has now formulated effective plans to remain unhampered by economic decline.

Again a self-imposed challenge that he has taken up is that of maintaining the team spirit and keeping the team motivated to do their best.

SpiceTree Design Agency - Awards & Achievements

The Agency has an income of Over 2 Crores. More than One lakh and eighty thousand visitors have visited its website till date. Also SpiceTree Design Agency has served over 1200 clients from various verticals such as event management, travel, retail, corporate, manufacturing, finance, architecture, engineering, food and beverage, education and real estate.

The agency has been recognized as the best digital agency in the E-mailer category for 2 consecutive years by AFAQ’s.

SpiceTree Design Agency - Competitors

Very honestly, I haven’t understood what this word “competition” actually means till today. In my childhood, I was given very simple teaching. I was told that you do your best each year and everything will just follow.

Shiraz strives to keep adding an imaginary feather in his cap each year by doing better than every passing year for the brand. He believes in self-improvement rather than imitating or competing with others.        

SpiceTree Design Agency - Technology Used

The agency uses LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Classic PHP)

Besides it also uses HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JQuery, Angular

Tools used are, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Magento

Software used are, Dream Weaver, Sublime, Photoshop, Notepad++, Illustrator, Coreldraw, After Effects  

SpiceTree Design Agency - Future Plans

The objective for each business is conspicuous - growth. We believe that the plan for growth lies in growth itself: growth for all above all. This means the inclusive growth of clients, team, and all associates.

In terms of tangible growth, the agency intends to dwell into digital AD film production. It is planning to feed the YouTube, Vimeo, and other related platforms with meaningful content in the form of video ads, short films etc. The agency also intends to build a state-of-the-art in-house studio with all resources to make video ads and short films of the highest quality.  


What is SpiceTree Design Agency?

Spicetree Design Agency is a fully fledged marketing agency specialized in Website Design & Development, Print Design and Digital Marketing since its inception in 2004.

Who is the founder of SpiceTree Design Agency?

Shiraz Khan

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