Smartr Logistics: Express Delivery Solution for All Logistical Requirements

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The size of the Indian logistics market is estimated to grow by 380-400Bn+ by 2025. With the upsurge of technological advancements, logistics startups are also growing their business manifold. As the market is growing, from logistics to e-commerce, the competition has become tough to deliver the customers expectations. Statistics from various sources show that over 60% of customers expect low cost yet fastest delivery.

Fastest delivery has become the logistics trends these days. Smartr Logistics is a mumbai based startup that provides express inter-state delivery.

Read to know about Smartr Logistics, founder, startup story, services offered, and more.

Smartr Logistics - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Smartr Logistics
  • Headquarters-Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Industry-Transport & Logistics
  • Founder-Yogesh Dhingra
  • Founded-2021
  • Total Funding Raised-INR 100 crores

Smartr Logistics - About

Smartr Logistics (a trademark of Smart Express Pvt. Ltd.) is an express logistics startup that provides a one-stop solution for all logistical requirements. The company aims to provide best-in-class logistical services customized to the needs of the customers. The company wants to break the prevalent myth in the logistics industry that “Quality service comes at a high price”.

Promoted by Mr. Yogesh Dhingra, ex-CFO, COO & CSO of Blue Dart, Smartr Logistics was established by passionate business veterans with a combined experience of over 200 years in the logistics industry. Considering their expertise in the industry, the Smartr Logistics team believes that the start-up has the capacity to reimagine the Indian logistics industry thriving on contemporary technology providing unique solutions in the post-pandemic era.

Smartr Logistics is one of the few players that secured a seed fund of INR 100 crores from the get-go and is determined to establish itself as an industry leader in the coming years.

Smartr Logistics - Industry

Currently, the Indian logistics sector is valued at USD 250-300 billion. The industry is estimated to grow anywhere between 12-15% CAGR to reach USD 380-400Bn+ by 2025.

Smartr logistics aims to be a leading state-of-the-art Indian logistics enterprise venturing into the Air and Surface logistics as well as 3PL, warehousing and fulfilment centres. They are confident that their services will win the trust of customers and partners alike reaching new milestones along the way.

Smartr Logistics - Founders and Team

Yogesh Dhingra is the founder of Smartr Logistics and Arun Nangpal, M.D. Bassapa, Nikhil Kumar Saxena, Utkarsh Sharma are the co-founders.

Yogesh Dhingra acquainted a few talented and curious individuals in his career. They have worked together to grow their previous organizations together. They have started Smartr Logistics with a common goal in mind – quality services at the right price.

With the support of the co-founders Smartr Logistics was smoothly set up.

Smartr Logistics Team

Arun Nangpal, the Chief Human Resource Officer and Chief Customer Experience Officer brings her experience of over 30 years of expertise to the Smartr Logistics team. She is a recipient of several awards like Best Customer Feedback Strategy of the Year’ (2013), by Franchise India, Best Customer Service Professional of the Year’ by National Quality Excellence Awards 2012 among a few. Such rich and well-rounded professional experiences make Arun a formidable force to reckon with.

M.D. Bassapa, the Chief Financial Officer, Head of Procurement & Real Estate is certainly the dynamic force that gives the team a driving spirit. He is a valuable industry veteran with over three decades of experience. At Smartr Logistics he will lead the development and implementation of various financial and business systems and processes.

Nikhil Saxena, the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Security, is an esteemed industry veteran with 35 years of experience. He has been a mentor, a leader, and a visionary. At Smartr Logistics, his incredible business insight and expertise in the first mile, mid mile, and last mile of the operations gives their products and services a competitive edge.

Utkarsh Sharma, Dy. Chief Revenue Officer (North) is an industry elite with 29 years of experience Over the years, he has built his teams with discernment and precision. An integral part of the Smartr Logistics team, his preoccupation with sales management & customer-centricity has resulted in significant revenue growth and sales.

In just four months of commencing operations, the company has onboarded 600+ employees and plans to expand more.

They are committed to keeping their employees happy and wanting to contribute to their journey. At Smartr Logistics, they offered ESOPs not just to the top management, but to the first cohort of employees (over 100 employees) who were hired. They want to give talented individuals a chance to create their wealth and grow along with the company. They won’t leave anyone behind.

Smartr Logistics - The Idea and Startup Story

Yogesh Dhingra entered the logistics industry by joining Blue Dart at a young age. He gained immense experience and knowledge while supporting the founders by helping them grow the company to a market-leading position that it is today. It was a gratifying experience to bring together two household names - DHL and Blue Dart, together and strengthen the position of Blue Dart Aviation in the logistics industry.

He was involved in a much broader spectrum of the logistics & warehousing business; whether it be operations, service quality, security, IT, finance, strategy, or investor relations, He contributed to every segment that needed attention and expertise.

A hands-on experience while managing the ups & downs as a CFO at some of the world’s iconic logistics brands, cemented my vision of doing things more effectively. That’s when he knew he could do more, offer quality services and provide meaningful employment and wealth creation opportunities to the community in my own way.

Years of working in the logistics industry allowed me to have a broader view of what a new age customer would want. He wanted to bridge the gap between customer needs and quality services. With like-minded colleagues and business leaders, he started Smartr Logistics to address those needs and provide unique solutions to real problems.

The team behind Smart Express consists of a set of passionate industry veterans with expertise and valuable insight that drives their business smoothly. Their foundation is based on strong business capability and foresight.

Smartr Logistics - Name, Tagline, and Logo

Echoing the brand name - “Smartr Logistics”,  the logo reflects a modern design inspired by the company’s mission to emerge as a tech-enabled multi-modal logistics network.

The logo is made of elements depicting technology & hardware to emphasize the importance of contemporary and new-age tech across all aspects of their company. The visual identity also symbolizes the connection outlining the chain of trust and reliability in the process.

Their taglines showcase the unique features of the product range.

“Never Lose track”, emphasize real-time end-to-end tracking of shipment for customers and “Choose Smartr, Move Smarter”, to simply appeal to their potential customers and stakeholders. They are paving the path for next-gen high-quality logistical services.

Smartr Logistics - Services

Smartr Logistics launched its first set of offerings – the Air Express service called Aerex.

Aerex Prime, Aerex Kargo and Aerex eComm and Intracity are the services a customer can choose from depending on their requirements. These services are designed to cater to multiple requirements ranging from delivering simple items such as gifts or documents to heavy and valuable cargo. They have also started a premium same-day interstate delivery service for select customers.

The unique features and USPs of these services differentiate Smartr Logistics from competitors. Apart from customization, speed, and technology; they consider customer care, transparent and real-time tracking, multiple delivery destinations, digital payment methods as their number one priority. To be on top of the game, they have a 24x7 customer support team available on call.

They believe in transparency and want customers and stakeholders to have full faith in them. Their pricing structure is simple and transparent, and customers pay only for the services used.

In just a few months, Smartr Logistics has expanded its operations to over 45 cities, reaching customers across India. Their goal is to create a strong network to help their customers and enable ease of doing business for India’s big and small businesses.

Additionally, the start-up has a strategic roadmap to launch an array of services including International Express/Freight, Surface Express, LTL/FTL and supply chain solutions (3PL) to support warehousing for B2B and fulfilment centres for B2C e-commerce.

Smartr Logistics - Startup Launch

They launched Smartr Logistics with over 65 service centres in 34 cities across India. Needless to say, the first three months were dedicated to intense research & development. We went all out hiring the right talent, setting up offices, selecting their locations, mapping their network throughout the country – all in the middle of a global pandemic.

They also had numerous brainstorming sessions to create and come up with “Smartr Logistics” creating a brand strategy that aligned with their common vision. Although we did not start in a garage or a backyard, the collective expertise of all the team members and founders involved, led to a stable and impactful unveiling of Smartr Logistics. They are everywhere since the inception of the company.

While they are not even a year old - Smartr Logistics has been addressing the gap between customer expectations and the services provided. They are already formulating new products, parallelly understanding the dynamics and requirements of the new - post-pandemic world.

Their services promise to close the gap as much as possible. Speedy delivery is their priority. They have already achieved same-day delivery for a route that would take a day at least for an average logistics provider.

Thy thrive on delivering excellent services in a transparent manner.

Smartr Logistics - Challenges Faced

Smartr Logistics was established to solve contemporary logistics challenges. The pandemic and the restrictions that came along with it threw in many curve balls and challenges, specifically for the logistics industry. As a new-age company, they have leveraged the opportunity to be tech-enabled and digitally advanced. Dynamics have changed and a new era has emerged, hence, we are on top of their game to deliver high-quality services, every time.

They launched their operations amid global lockdowns and heavy restrictions. The biggest challenge was hiring new talent across cities. With the connections and referrals of the co-founders, they hired 500 trusted employees in a span of four months.

That’s how they commenced operations and opened offices in 34 cities.

Smartr Logistics - Growth

Currently, their network covers 2000 pin codes in 45 cities with over 75 service centres. Their customer database grew invariably during the second lockdown, and they serviced businesses in various segments from B2B to B2C/ E-comm, BFSI and more.

With improving situations and lesser restrictions, Smartr Logistics continues to grow rapidly at 75 to 100 per cent month-on-month will expand. In the coming months, they will be covering over 6000 pin codes in 150 cities.

Smartr Logistics - Achievements

Their biggest achievement has to be the same-day interstate express delivery. It is a milestone for Smartr Logistics. The accomplishment is a first in India’s express logistics industry, and we are determined to surpass customer expectations in the future as well.

Smartr Logistics - Future Plans

As a new age logistical company, they strive to improve every day in order to fulfil customer, stakeholders, and employee expectations.

For that purpose, they started with pan-India operations and plan to further expand their network and outreach. They are also working towards an international collaboration to commence reliable overseas express delivery.

Additionally, in the next six months, Smartr Logistics will venture into hyperlocal surface logistics that will increase their flexibility and subsequently start with 3PL, warehousing and fulfilment centres.

In a year, Smartr Logistics will be one of India’s leading logistical providers.


Who is the founder of Smartr Logistics?

Yogesh Dhingra is the founder of Smartr Logistics and Arun Nangpal, M.D. Bassapa, Nikhil Kumar Saxena, Utkarsh Sharma are the co-founders.

When was Smartr Logistics founded?

Smartr Logistics was founded in 2021.

How many Smartr Logistics service centres are there in India?

There are 65 Smartr Logistics service centres in 34 cities across India.

Who are the competitors of Smartr Logistics?

Some biggest competitors of Smartr Logistics are:

  • Blue Dart
  • Delhivery
  • DTDC
  • EcommExpress
  • Xpressbees
  • Shree Maruti Courier
  • TrackOn
  • Professional Couriers