SleepyCat wants to Bring out the Garfield in You

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The history of sleeping solutions is as long as human history itself. Early-man used to sleep on the ground and gradually, in an attempt to make the sleeping experience more pleasurable, man started using feathers, straw, grass etc. With the development of human intelligence came the concepts of bed and mattress. In India, cotton mattress and later coir mattresses remained popular for a long time. Now with the advent of new technology, new mattresses with better features have become available in the market. We have a wide range of mattresses from spring mattress to foam mattress, memory foam mattress and even orthopedic mattress.

SleepyCat, a startup in Kolkata came up with India’s first out of the box mattress. The startup was founded by Kabir Siddiq in 2017.

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The uniqueness about SleepyCat mattress is that these mattresses are compressed using automated compression technology. After compression, the mattress easily fits into a small box and thus becomes easily transportable. Sleepycat delivers mattresses right to your doorstep.  SleepyCat’s mission is to make mattress shopping ridiculously easy. While the long term vision of the company is to become India’s number 1 sleep solutions brand.

SleepyCat Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-SleepyCat
  • Headquarter-Kolkata
  • Founder-Mr. Kabir Siddiq
  • Sector-E-commerce
  • Founded-2017
  • Revenue/Turnover-Rs 80 crore (FY19)
  • Funding-$1.6 Million
  • Parent organisation-SleepyCat

SleepyCat - Industry Details

The Indian mattress Market Outlook, 2021, reports that overall mattress market is growing with a CAGR of 8.20% from the last five years. The major factors responsible for this growth are increased income and increase in the number of household units and hotels.

According to India Mattress Market Overview, 2016-2022, the Market Size of Mattress Industry is estimated to be around USD 2 billion where 65% of the industry is unorganized and 35% is the organized sector. The market share of the unorganized sector in the Indian mattress industry is falling rapidly. Besides, the India online mattress market is expanding gradually and is expected to reach INR 290 crore market in FY’2020.

The online market is currently only around 4-5% of the entire sector but growing rapidly at a CAGR of around 20-30%. With increased income and a wide range of choices available, the demand for branded mattresses has increased, and many players have entered the organized mattress market.

SleepyCat - Founder

Kabir Siddiq is the founder and CEO of SleepyCat.

Kabir Siddiq, SleepyCat Founder & CEO, 

After graduating from Indiana University Bloomington, in 2010 he worked with leading organizations such as Deutsche Bank and Space International Pte Ltd. In 2017 he started SleepyCat.

SleepyCat, like any other startup, cultivates growth in each of its members. More than being employees, it implores each member to treat the company as its own. Hence, imparts an added sense of responsibility and dedication towards their roles.

SleepyCat - The Idea and Starting Up

"The Journey of SleepyCat began when I entered the old and unchanged mattress Industry. I realized a big gap existed in the market between manufacturing a mattress and eventually delivering it to a consumer" Says Kabir Siddiq, Founder & CEO of SleepyCat

Kabir observed that the long chain consisting of distribution, logistics, warehousing and retail, severely inflated the price of a mattress without reason. In addition, the quality and structure of a mattress being sold at a price like that was nowhere close to being comparable or justified. To top it all, mattress shopping was troublesome with so many unnecessary choices.

"I wanted to simplify this and make the process of mattress-shopping fun and easy while delivering a world-class product through just four simple clicks! " Added Kabir Siddiq, SleepyCat founder

SleepyCat - Name and Logo

SleepyCat’s logo features a sleepy cat. With an amazing hidden notion.

"Cats like to sleep for 20 hours a day and the name ‘SleepyCat’ pays tribute to the Garfield in all of us that’s just wants to eat and sleep the whole day"

SleepyCat - Product

SleepyCat is India's First Mattress-In-A-Box brand. The box mattress is manufactured using a special technology which makes it compact enough to be packed in a small box.  

The main aim of the company is to simplify mattress shopping. It delivers a specialized gel memory foam based mattress that comes conveniently packed in a box straight from their factory to the customer’s doorstep free of any shipping costs. This way SleepyCat help the customers save 75% costs that would otherwise be spent on unnecessary faux material and middlemen cuts.  

We have adopted a very disruptive model in the current industry and focus on the consumer. We make mattress shopping easy, convenient and affordable.

The company also offers benefits like 10 years of unbeatable warranty, 30 nights free trial and one day deliveries in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore.  

SleepyCat also does its part of being socially aware. Thus, with the help of the SleepyCat Community, it gives back to society by donating mattresses to those in need.

SleepyCat - Revenue Model

The SleepyCat Revenue is quite simple. As SleepyCat delivers directly from their factory to the customers, it can sell the mattresses at a cheaper price. It keeps a fair margin on every product.  In May 2018, the company reported a revenue of INR 3.5 Crore.

SleepyCat - Customer Acquisition

Starting off on Amazon LaunchPad was a very important step for SleepyCat. It gave SleepyCat the much-required opportunity to tap into an already set up marketplace.  

Hence, getting the initial set of order was the most exciting time for us. The orders came in slow but steady in the initial months  

Gradually, SleepyCat started growing its online presence by starting its own site. The company took the help of social media to attract its customers. It penetrated social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The company also put in effort to attract their target customers through content that was fun and readable. Besides video content was created with the help of influencers to aid the audience understand the brand further.  

SleepyCat - Funding

The SleepyCat funding can be seen in the fact that it raised its Series A funding on September 2019 of $1.6 Million, It was led by DSG Consumer Partners and Sharrp Ventures. The round also saw participation from Gemba Capital and other angel investors.  As part of the deal, Hariharan Premkumar (DSG Consumer Partners) and Chaitanya Deshpande (Sharrp Ventures) will join Sleepycat’s board of directors

The capital raised was invested towards building the online presence of Sleepycat through channel partnerships, new product launches and to build its management team.

SleepyCat - Challenges

Being the first of its kind in India, SleepyCat aimed at disrupting the traditional mattress industry. This was a challenge in itself as buyers were not aware of the concept of a ‘Bed-In-A-Box’ and the efficiencies around it.  

As said by Kabir, Logistics also was always a challenge. Since the company uses third-party courier service, it always was on the firing end when they did not deliver on time.  

SleepyCat is responsible for the customers' product regardless if the courier is not under our control.  

SleepyCat - Competitors

Many competitor brands are entering the market now. There are many companies like Sleepyheads, Comfort Mattress, Dorsal, Dan-Foam, A.H. Beard and Molaflex.

However, the company believes that the best way to deal with competition is to keep their customers at the forefront. Also, SleepyCat innovates on sleep products and always strive to provide something new and groundbreaking to the customers. It aims to build the trust required and create a positive presence in the market by maintaining transparency with customers at all stages.  

When we are able to build greater bonds with our customers that go beyond the product itself, we know we’ve done it right.

SleepyCat - Achievements

Within a short period of time, SleepyCat has been able to achieve a lot. Some of the major achievements are -

  • Within a span of 1.3 years the company has sold over 10,000 mattresses
  • SleepyCat is the highest rated mattress on the internet across Amazon, Google and Facebook.
  • The company has been successfully selling around 500 mattresses monthly with an average price per unit being approximately Rs. 17500/-

SleepyCat - Future Plans

 SleepyCat’s future plans include -  

  • Evolving an improvised version of the current product in terms of fabric.  
  • Launching mattress in the luxury segment
  • Growing as the total sleep solution company
  • Currently, 50% of SleepyCat’s products are manufactured in China. The company is planning to do 100% of manufacturing in India in the coming years.

SleepyCat - FAQs

What is SleepyCat?

SleepyCat has come up with India’s first out of the box mattress. These mattresses are compressed using automated compression technology

Is Memory Foam bad for your back?

Normally, Memory foam mattresses are recommended for back pain. The memory foam uses the body heat to soften and mould to the body shape, thus providing support and comfort.

How big is the Mattress Industry?

As per a research report published by the Zion Market Research, the Global Mattress industry is growing at a CAGR of 6.5% between 2018 and 2024. India’s overall mattress market has grown at a CAGR of 11% over last five years, with an estimated size of INR 10,000 crores in 2019.

Who is Kabir Siddiq?

Kabir Siddiq is the Founder and CEO of SleepyCat.