ShiftKarado—Leading Packing & Moving Services Providers

ShiftKarado is one of the leading technology-driven packing and moving services providers in India. It operates in the competitive and unorganized relocation market to simplify the relocation process for the customers.

Even though it was random, the name ShiftKarado easily connects with the Indian customers and it’s quite easy to remember and recall, which also helps in creating brand salience. Accordingly, the logo of ShiftKarado is designed which symbolizes the smooth and time efficient relocation from one place to another. In this article, we have discussed the business model and services provided by ShiftKarado the Leading Packing & Moving Services Providers which is headquartered at Gurgaon, India. Read the full article top know more about ShiftKarado.


Started with a very focused aim to resolve the then-prevailing issues in the relocation industry, ShiftKarado is one of the leading technology-driven packing and moving services providers in India. It operates in the competitive and unorganized relocation market to simplify the relocation process for the customers.

Amidst the chaotic landscape of Indian relocation industry where the customers used to suffer the detrimental consequences of obscure services provided by many unorganized players, the co-founders realized that digital technology could streamline a majority of the aspects of the industry. Here, we are interviewing the founder Mr. Atul Mithal to learn about his journey of ShiftKarado.

ShiftKarado Logo

ShiftKarado is focused on the domestic market and the Indians are the main target audience. As the purpose of ShiftKarado is to give instant relocation solutions to the customers, the co-founders considered it very important to think of a brand name that reflects this purpose as well as a sense of Indianness at prima facie. Assuming the role of customers asking for packing and moving services, there came only one thing in mind—ShiftKarado. The questions such as “Hume apna ghar shift karanahai, karado!” helped them coming up to a conclusion that ShiftKarado would be a right choice to name the brand because “Hum Shift karate hai.”

How It All Started?

It was in the year 2015 when this big idea of starting a tech-oriented relocation company struck Mr. Atul Mithal, the Founder of ShiftKarado. After the idea stuck, Atul was joined by other co-founders, Sahil Mithal, Aulina Mithal Sood and Ashish Mullick who imparted their knowledge onto him and diligently collaborated to lead the formation of what ShiftKarado is today.

ShiftKarado—Company Highlights

  • StartupName-ShiftKarado
  • HeadQuarter-Gurugram
  • Founder-Atul Mithal
  • Sector-Logistics
  • Founding year-2015

Shiftkarado—Vision & Mission

The mission that ShiftKarado began with is to hand over easy access and complete control of relocation projects to the customers using efficient technologies. It wants to become all-time relocation partner which focuses on creating additional value for customers. It is destined to plug the gaps in the fragmented relocation segment in India and provide relief to the stressed and perplexed customers through reliable and affordable relocation services.


Atul Mithal

Atul is the first ever Indian President of FIDI (International Federation of International Movers), which is the umbrella organisation of international removals and relocation companies. He is also the founder and chairman of Star Worldwide Group, an internationally acclaimed company that provides fine art handling, relocation services, event & exhibition logistics and information management services.

Sahil Mithal

Sahil shoulders the responsibilities of being architect and technical Lead. He is a Computer Science graduate from College of William & Mary, Virginia, USA. He pursued FIDI EiM (Essentials in Moving) course in Brussels and became versed with the intensive knowledge of moving processes. Before ShiftKarado, he gained vital experience in the international industry of relocation and transportation by working with Star Worldwide Group, the parent company of ShiftKarado.

Aulina Mithal Sood

After doing her schooling in Delhi, she moved to the USA for pursuing a double major in Economics and Business Administration at Clark University. Later on, she completed the programmes such as Essentials in Moving, Masters in Moving, and Leaders in Moving offered by the FIDI (International Federation of International Movers) Institute for training the aspirants in moving and relocation management.

Shiftkarado—The Product/Services

The spectrum of ShiftKarado’s services comprises of packing and moving services for household, office relocation and vehicle transportation. As far as household goods are concerned, the company takes care of everything from fragile crockery, books to valuable appliances while providing transit insurance. For office relocation, from shifting servers, moving and storing office documents to relocating desks and chairs, ShiftKarado helps to plan the entire office move to make it as seamless as possible. Additionally, as home relocation is complete only when the family vehicle moves along, ShiftKarado provides secure transport for a customer’s vehicle, from bike transport to car shifting.

Shiftkarado—Business & Revenue Model

Business Model

ShiftKarado operates through its website and mobile app having a simple user interface to serve the clients across the nation. The customers can fill an online form on the website or mobile app planning their relocation move all by themselves and get a customized instant quote in less than ten minutes.

The ShiftKarado mobile app works exactly like any other food ordering app—one needs to plan their move and pay for it and the team ShiftKarado will arrive on the day of moving bringing with them all the essentials required to shifting the house or office. What’s more interesting that the customers can track the status of their planned move in real-time.

Revenue Model

Though ShiftKarado mainly deals directly with the customers offering one-to-one relocation services, it is also engaged in taking third-party consignments and services on a frequent basis.  

Shiftkarado—Major Challenges

Initially, it was a challenge for ShiftKarado to encourage the customers to put the information for planning the move. To overcome this, ShiftKarado upgraded the website and app with intelligent templates that auto-populates the information and details so that the user only has to select what applies to his/her move. This template model resolved most of the issues as the items in the predefined list are configured in segregation of 1bhk, 2 bhk or 3 bhk.

Shiftkarado—Competitors & Work Culture


ShiftKarado gives a tough competition to other players in the relocation market, including Agarwal, EzMove and Pikkol.

Work Culture

The success of startups hails the commitment, dedication and the strengths of the employees. And, we strive to encourage all these qualities in our employees so that they not only perform best at work but also learn the rules and power of self-governance and self-motivation. We create a positive, healthy, and productive work environment where each employee is given opportunities to identify and polish their forte allowing them for both personal and professional growth. And, this is the key to achieve employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, in turn.

Shiftkarado—Growth & Funding


ShiftKarado leverages the technology to substantially increase the customer base assorted from the various cities of India. It has established a strong foothold in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Mohali, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Ghaziabad, and Navi Mumbai. It is registering the growth of 20% on MoM basis, which marks its increasing popularity among the masses. Available on Play store, ShiftKarado has hit over a 10,000 downloads adding to its massive user base.


Though it was entirely bootstrapped ever since it was founded in 2015, ShiftKarado recently raised funding of Rs 5 Crore from Star Worldwide Group in various rounds. The funds are being used to enhance the services and deploy more resources for expanding the business reach and improving customer satisfaction.

Shiftkarado—Future Plans

After strengthening its presence in some of the largest metro cities in India, ShiftKarado is eyeing to gain PAN-India presence, tapping on every city and town. The goal is to achieve the turnover of Rs. 50 crore by 2021 and for this, the team ShiftKarado is all buckled up.


Why should I use ShiftKarado Packers and Movers?

ShiftKarado Packers and Movers is backed by a team consisting of experts in technology and operations. The management team had earlier founded and continues to successfully run the Star Worldwide Group.

I am shifting to a new place, what do I do?

Shifting can be a daunting and tension-filled activity for most. We at ShiftKarado would love to help and reduce any stress when it comes to moving your household goods. Simply visit our site or download our App, where you can share the details of your move at your convenience, get instant pricing and pay the booking amount. We will manage everything from there on.

Does ShiftKarado manage local shifting or Inter-City moves?

ShiftKarado’s experienced team manages both local shifting and Inter-City moves.

Will I need to pack?

We feel that as the customer you have the right to choose whether to pack or not. If you would like to pack yourself – please go ahead. We will do the needful post that. Alternatively, you can also avail of the services of our experienced packers, who will pack each item with due care.

What will be the cost?

ShiftKarado has created a proprietary algorithm and calculation engine to provide you with instant pricing. Once you enter the move details and item list, our Insta-Price calculator will provide you with the charges. The days of waiting for someone to organize a survey and get you a quote are now a thing of the past!.

Does ShiftKarado provide storage services?

Yes, ShiftKarado Packers and Movers offers storage services. We have professionally managed warehouses located at Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai. Please contact us for further details.


Shift Karado Packers and Movers is backed by a team consisting of experts in technology and operations. The management team had earlier founded and continues to successfully run the Star Worldwide Group. Star Worldwide Group, founded in January 1996, headquartered in New Delhi, India, is one of the leading companies in international relocation services, fine art handling, event & exhibition logistics and information management services. The Group operates through 6 offices in major cities of India. These include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Guragon and Faridabad and serves more than 100 countries through a network of 500 Global Alliance Partners across the world. Our growing team consists of over 200 committed and highly trained professionals. We have used state of the art technology and sophisticated algorithms to bring you our easy-to-use App. Just download it or visit our website and leave the rest to us.

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