Success Story Of SHEROES- A Women Only Community built by Sairee Chahal

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When India was busy talking about feminism and how it will change humanity for good, some entrepreneurs were actually taking steps towards making life better for the female section of the society. One such entrepreneur is Sairee Chahal, who founded SHEROES in the year 2013.

SHEROES is a platform to build a community for women by offering support, resources, opportunities, and interactions via the portal named and the application- SHEROES.

Lets go through the Success Story of SHEROES along with getting a glance on SHEROES Founder, Business Model, How it Started, Funding, Revenue Model & more...

SHEROES - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-SHEROES
  • Headquarter-Delhi
  • Sector-Online Community
  • Founder-Sairee Chahal
  • Founded-2014
  • Funding-$2.58 Million

About SHEROES and How it Works

SHEROES, the women-only community is a safe and trusted space founded by Sairee Chahal. Here, women can discuss various aspects of their life like health, careers, relationships and also share their life stories, achievements and moments. The SHEROES application also offers a dedicated helpline where the community members can talk to counselors on aspects of their growth journeys.

SHEROES follows a platform-centric model that aims at connecting companies to women professionals. These include mechanisms like the digital product, channel programs, hiring initiatives, employee branding, custom and of course special projects. Also, this is an engagement platform for brand marketers who are looking to engage with urban educated women. today's powers some of the largest diversity initiatives, channel programs and returning professionals programs.

SHEROES being an intermediary platform offers its enterprise customers a wide array of products which includes Brand Solutions, SHE – which is originated for the prevention of sexual harassment at work platform and also there is a Managed Remote Solutions program. Additionally, this platform also hosts the #SHEROES Summit which is a multi-city annual flagship event and #theshift Series which is envisioned for changing the gender narrative, alongside the community meets across geographies.

Founders of SHEROES and team

Sairee Chahal is the Founder and CEO of Sheroes.

Sairee Chahal, Cofounder of SHEROES

Sairee Chahal is the Founder and CEO of SHEROES. Sairee is a technology entrepreneur and has straddled the best of both worlds in her multiple ventures like Newslink, Fleximoms and now SHEROES.

She started to help women in India to discover new opportunities. Sairee is widely credited for building up women at work and future-of-work conversations in India. Also, she is renowned for building a strong technology play to solve the problems of gender disparity in India. This brilliant entrepreneur is also the convener of The SHEROES Summit which is India’s largest women’s forum.

Sairee has an M.Phil from JNU and a PGDM from IMT Ghaziabad. She kicks started her professional career while she was still in college before cofounding her first startup. Back then she was working at corporates like Heidrick and Struggles and CII. Sairee seems to be the icon of the modern woman. She has spoken on the TEDx stage and has been featured in India Today.

SHEROES has 3 more team members as its cofounder:

  • Sowrabh N R S, Head of Product
  • Satyadeep Karnati, Chief Technology Officer,
  • Siddhartha Ahluwalia, (Left SHEROES in 2019)

How was SHEROES Started?

The idea behind SHEROES is very simple. It is to partner with every woman in India so that she can stay on a career path of her choice and meticulously excel at it. Now, this includes all types of working women, be it that of a first-time intern, work at home mom or a top corporate strategist or an entrepreneur.

According to Sairee Chahal, “I have been an entrepreneur more than once and have also been on the corporate side story, with its own trappings of success and career ladder. However, one does realize the need to address what looks like a reducing peer group as you grow into your career. was set up with the view of converting the talk about diversity into the action. We all know the figures, the data, the gender and women at work debate but how do we bring out solutions. is a step in that direction. The response has been great and we are very early into this. This can only go one way - towards more and more solution-oriented change concerning the women at work”.

SHEROES - Revenue Model

SHEROES revenue is mainly driven by companies, who pay for 3 things:

  • For set up of women centric programs and initiatives
  • For premium products provided in platform like Ad Space, Micro sites, postings etc.,
  • For helping the companies to establish diversity program for companies, do benchmark studies etc.,

SHEROES - Startup Challenges

When it comes to startups that create business alignment with what will be financial value plus social impact is definitely a challenge. When you are at an early stage in the process, you are likely to be written off easily. Also, being a bootstrapped startup with a big audacious goal is not easily acceptable in the community. SHEROES as an enterprise defies many startup formulas, making way for new and contemporary concepts, but germinating these ideas is tough

SHEROES - Competitors

When it comes to women's employment and platforms that create and mediate those, the market seems to be fairly crowded and competitive. SHEROES competes with big and small industry affiliates like LinkedIn, TheMuse, Jobs for Her, Women for Hire to name a few.

SHEROES - Funding and Investors

SHEROES has raised over $2.58M in 3 rounds of funding. Its most recent funding was led by Leo Capital and Facebook executive Anand Chandrasekaran for an undisclosed amount.

SHEROES - Partners

Otipy, the social commerce venture of farm-to-retail agritech startup Crofarm partnered with SHEROES to empower women.

This partnership will be based on a revenue-sharing model, with strong synergies between both the app-based platforms. With an aim to empower women pan-India by providing them with an earning opportunity as Otipy partner resellers, this partnership was fueled. The initiative is looking to partner with 1000+ women in becoming Otipy resellers

SHEROES - Growth

  • Has members from over 20,000 locations
  • Over 12,000 companies actively use the platform
  • Currently active in all the major metro cities of India

SHEROES - Acquisitions

SHEROES till date (2020) has acquired 6 startups, thereby strengthening its offering to the community.

September 2017 Babygogo A healthcare startup that offers a parenting platform helping new moms keep their children healthy

January 2019 Maya It enables women to keep track of their health via a mobile application

June 2020 Women-focused publishing platform

SHEROES - Awards

SHEROES was awarded by the IAMAI Digital Awards in the "Social & Economic Empowerment" category in the year 2018.

Onalytica's "Future of work Top 100 influencers and brands" featured the founder of SHEROES, Sairee Chahal at number 53 in the influencer list and SHEROES at number 30 in the brand's category.

SHEROES - Future Plans

In the coming five years, SHEROES aims to put more than 100 million women on the growth road map in the country. SHEROES plans on expanding its footprint and go deeper into TIER 1 and 2 cities in India, where the need for opportunities is vast and there are lesser resources or help available to women.

SHEROES - Frequently Asked Questions

What will I find on

The part of being on SHEROES is that you will be a part of urban, educated, and empowered women. You can find job opportunities, career guidance from the panel of mentors and access to career resources. If you are woman looking for career opportunities and other women like you, is the best platform for you.

Who is Sairee Chahal?

Sairee Chahal is the Founder and CEO of Sheroes, A woman only community.

Can I find jobs on SHEROES?

Yes, you can. You need to complete your profile, search and apply for jobs of your interest. You can find jobs on Nont only jobs but you can also get career guidance and resources.

How to join bloggers network on SHEROES?

You just have to sign up on the website. Being a blogger on SHEROES you can get blogging opportunities, work as affiliate partners, be an official and verified blogger.

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