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Many reports and studies have labeled the millennials as the 'most health conscious generation ever'. From eating healthy to doing exercises, millennials are investing both more time and money to stay fit, as compared to the earlier generation. Yet, owing to their busy lifestyles, many youth fail to maintain a proper and balanced diet. While nutritional supplements can make up for such dietary deficiencies, it is important that we buy only genuine and good quality supplements. The matter of concern here is that the nutritional supplement market in India is full of fake products which can do more harm than help. To fulfill the demand for quality nutritional supplements, Mumbai based startup Scitron was formed. Scitron offers 100% genuine supplements, and buyers can easily check the authenticity of the same via the TrueMPN app. We interviewed Scitron co-founder Ravi Mohanlal Rohra, to know about startup, and their products, which are now becoming quite popular among health enthusiasts.

Scitron Highlights

  • Startup Name-Scitron
  • Headquarter-Mumbai
  • Founders-Dilip Mohanlal Rohra & Ravi Mohanlal Rohra
  • Sector-Health & Nutrition
  • Founded-2018
  • Parent Organization-Scitron Nutrition (India) Pvt. Ltd.

About Scitron

Scitron is a brand that aims to deliver high quality nutritional supplements that are accessible to everyone and that yield best results when consumed. Scitron's products include whey protein, whey protein isolate, gainers and other workout essentials like amino acid supplements. The startup also offers gym accessories like gym bags and shaker bottles.

"With a strong focus and passion for innovation, we are on a constant quest to bring together the best of science and technology to provide better nutrition and help those who want to reach their pinnacle of physical strength and health." Scitron co-founder Ravi Mohanlal Rohra says quoting the startup's mission

Scitron has partnered with the leading players in the ingredients industry, and ensures that only best quality ingredients are imported, so that the best quality nutritional products can be offered  to the customers. Scitron sources its raw materials directly from the world-renowned Glanbia Nutritionals.

Each of Scitron's nutritional supplement is driven by research from pharmaceutical expertise which ensures 100% genuine supply of protein. Scitron makes sure that their supplements are made with an easily soluble formula, and contains carefully sourced and premium ingredients to give it a rich, delicious taste. You can buy Scitron Products from the company's website, from leading e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Healthcart etc or from health supplement stores near you.

Scitron - Founders & Team

Ravi Mohanlal Rohra-  Co-Founder of Scitron

Ravi Mohanlal Rohra- Co-Founder of Scitron

Ravi Mohanlal Rohra and Dilip Mohanlal Rohra are the founders of Scitron.

Scitron co-founder and COO Ravi Mohanlal Rohra, is an alumnus of New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he studied 'Master of Science'. He also holds a commerce degree from Jai Hind College Mumbai. Ravi has a vivid experience of working in various technical positions with companies like Champion Mortgage, BEA Systems, Delta Dental and Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC. He was also a broker at real estate company Century 21 from 2004-2007. Besides Scitron, Ravi has also been serving as the Director of health supplement importer MusclePro Nutrition Pvt. Ltd., from 2012 till date. Ravi handles the production as well as marketing aspects of Scitron.

Scitron co-founder and Managing Director Dilip Mohanlal Rohra, has over 25 years of experience across various industries like personal care, textile and nutritional supplements. Dilip looks after sales as well as other operational aspects of the business.

Scitron is backed by a loyal team, that is highly experienced in the sports nutrition sector.

The Idea Behind Starting Scitron

Good quality nutrition has always been a subject of interest personally and professionally for the founders of Scitron. Both Dilip and Ravi Rohra has been associated with the nutrition industry well before Scitron was started, and were aware of the dearth of genuine nutritional supplements in the Indian market. This is where they found the motivation to start a nutritional supplement brand of their own to meet the demand for quality nutritional supplements. Explaining the motive behind starting Scitron, Ravi says -

"Our experience showed that there were not many companies who were interested in using science in delivering efficacious doses of nutrition. This is fundamental in delivering a product that provides quality nutrition. We believe that there is no replacement of whole food options but at the same time we accept that a little help from supplements in our busy lives allows us to achieve our nutrition goals. With our experience from Sports Nutrition, we started working on Scitron to deliver good nutrition based on fundamental principles of using Science & Technology in Nutrition. Our research started with using our knowledge and asking every day active people if they would be interested in something like that. With an astounding response from the community, we started the journey to develop our products"

Scitron - Name & Logo

The Scitron team believes in the use of Science and Technology for developing nutritional products, and thus the name Scitron is a combination of the words 'Science', 'Technology'  and 'Nutrition'.

Scitron - Revenue Model

Being a product company, Scitron is working on the traditional inventory model. All the products are offered to the company's distributors and retailers at competitive margins that prevail in the industry.

Scitron - Customer Acquisition Strategies

Scitron's association with Musclepro Nutrition (MPN), who are the distributors of some of the top global supplement brands, has helped Scitron acquire its initial set of customers. The startup has been slowly penetrating into the MPN network for adoption of its products.

Challenges Faced by the Scitron Team

Previously when Dilip and Ravi were distributors of Nutritional supplements, the challenge they faced was that of lack of full control over the business, as their business decisions were influenced by the business decisions of the primary company, which's products they are distributing. It is to solve this challenge that the Scitron co-founders, who are also brothers started their own supplement company where they are independent to take their own decisions and actions as required for the growth of the business. As Ravi describes,

"As a distributor, you do not have control over the decisions that are taken by your principal company but you may end up paying the price for it. . Our biggest learning was that in order to control your destiny, you have to take charge of the brand from the initiation and lead the success story by integrating all aspects of ethe business."

Scitron - Growth & Future Plans

It has been almost 18 months since Scitron's launch and the company is on a fast pace of growth. The team expects to grow over 100-200% in the current year and expect the next year will look the same. Despite the Covid setback, Scitron is all set to achieve the growth targets, with its expanding range of innovative products.

"Health is one of the fastest-growing industries. Even during Covid, you do see people flocking to some home based fitness regiment. The stronger we are, the easier it is for us to battle this pandemic. As per our estimates the industry is over 3000 crores overall and it is growing at a pace of 20- 30% every year for the next five years. The biggest contributors to this will be brands like Scitron who are leading the innovation game and will continue to dominate the space."  Scitron founder Ravi Rohra says speaking about the future of the nutritional supplement industry in India.


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Ravi Mohanlal Rohra and Dilip Mohanlal Rohra

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