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The number of startups in the Indian health-tech space has further increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several innovative solutions were provided by the healthcare startups in containing the spread of the virus. One such leading healthcare company in India is The company provides services in the areas such as Pharmacy, Wellness, and Diagnostics. SastaSundar was founded in the year 2013 by B L Mittal and Ravi Kant Sharma. Here is the company’s profile describing its journey through these years.

SastaSundar – Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-SastaSundar
  • Headquarters-Kolkata
  • Sector-HealthCare
  • Founders-B L Mittal, Ravi Kant Sharma
  • Founded-2013
  • Parent Organization-SastaSundar MarketPlace Limited

SastaSundar – About

SastaSundar is a web portal that focuses on the wellness of the people by providing information and knowledge about the medicines and healthcare products that are being purchased. connects Independent Licensed Chemists to its customers to clarify their queries on the products. The orders are fulfilled only on confirmation of the associated Independent Licensed Chemists. The health-related services of the company include Medicine Substitutes, Health tools, Symptoms Checker, Infographics, and Health Profiles. The products offered are also of different categories such as Nutritional Supplements, Home Care, Ayurvedic, and Herbal products.

SastaSundar – Founders and Team

The founders of the company are B L Mittal and Ravi Kant Sharma. They have worked together for 16 years. Ravi Kant Sharma is the CEO and B L Mittal is the Executive Chairman of the company. Banwari Lal Mittal worked with Birla Corporation Limited for eight years and he is also a member of Chartered Accountants, Corporate Secretaries, and Costs and Works Accountants of India. Ravi Kant Sharma is also a member of Chartered Accountants and along with Mittal, he founded financial business services in the year 2000. The company now works with around 950 employees.

SastaSundar – Vision and Mission

The mission of the company is to provide genuine, high-quality products and offer greater services at lower prices. SastaSundar encompasses knowledge and digital connectivity in the convenient marketing of their products.

SastaSundar – Name, Tagline, and Logo

The phrase ‘SastaSundar’ denotes customers’ desire of purchasing high-quality products at a low cost. ‘Health and Happiness’ is the tagline of the company.

SastaSundar – Growth and Revenue

The company raised a revenue of Rs.218.53 Crore in the financial year 2019. The estimated annual revenue of the company is around $80M.

SastaSundar – Funding and Investors

SastaSundar has generated a total amount of $5M from Rohta Pharmaceutical in May 2017 through funding.

SastaSundar – Business and Revenue Model

The company uses a hybrid business model that combines the product offerings with digital updates. It uses both online and offline retail models with different payment options for the customers.

SastaSundar – Competitors

The leading competitors of the SastaSundar are 1mg, Netmeds, PharmEasy, Marketplace Ltd, CareOnGo, Medlife, and Apollo Pharmacy. SastaSundar stands ahead from its competitors with its sustained growth and updates according to the people's needs.

SastaSundar – Future Plans

The company aims to expand its Pharma and Wellness services on a global scale by 2024 and also to create an impact on millions of lives with health and happiness.

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