Rovity - Revolutionizing The Hosting Service

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It took the telephone 75 years to reach its first 50 million users, the radio 38 years, while television needed 13 years; the Internet only needed four years to do so. The power of the Internet shaped the entire human civilization & brought a never-seen-before revolution to our lives. The Covid-19 pushed the digital evolution to a whole new level as pandemic badly affected.

This led to an exceptionally drastic increase in the needs for having a website or an online store. And any website need a good hosting server. Hosting is the heartbeat of any online business.

Mee Rovity, a revolutionary firm that outperforms conventional shared hosting and is committed to helping you to launch a fast, eye-catching website quickly. We asked how Rovity is better than other services to the team behind it. The team said the secret lies in how Rovity resolves the major challenges of the web hosting industry.

Rovity - Vision & Mission

Rovity contributes to a healthy internet by offering a super-fast, performance-optimized, highly secured infrastructure at a very affordable price. Their vision is to bring more people online as content producers. India is a country that experiences massive growth in internet connectivity. We will have better connectivity in every village soon.

Many people wish to start selling their products and services online, start blogging, and earn money. But a large portion still has no idea how to get started; they don't have a way to design a modern responsive website without investing a significant amount of money. Rovity is successfully reducing this gap by offering free domains and intuitive web sites builder with every subscription plan. Rovity wants to help these newbies make their websites as easy as possible without pulling their hair.

"We are achieving all of this without compromising our service quality as we are a premium shared web hosting provider in the nation. Websites are the extensions of the dreams of millions of people & we want to give them wings so that their dreams can fly.”

- Jafar Muhammed, the founder of Rovity

Stephen Hawking said a beautiful thing about the Internet: "We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain." Rovity claims to bring a new revolution in this giant brain of human civilization & it seems promising enough to achieve that.

Rovity - Features

Scalability: Most shared hosting service providers are still relying on old hardware, such as dedicated servers. While dedicated servers are suitable if it is maintained well, it is not at all scalable.

Rovity is on the cutting-edge cloud infrastructure; this allows it to scale up quickly and efficiently whenever needed without pulling down the server or migrating the data between different machines.

Outdated Software: Software or languages in technology are rapidly changing. Having always up to date is a real challenge, especially for those who work with old technologies. Traditional hosting companies require to run on old Operating Software and PHP versions.

But since Rovity is a modern-era service provider that uses an agile methodology, it is offering the latest Operating Software like CloudLinux 8, updated PHP versions like 7.4 by default. It’s a fact that using updated stacks will always give them better performance and security. So, Rovity is continuously updating its infrastructure.

Spport: Not everyone has technological expertise. If someone hosts a website, they will surely need help managing it, primarily if they have never hosted a website before. As per our experience, unfortunately, traditional hosting companies' technical support is not efficient and humanly.

Most of the time, a support ticket will take at least 8 hours to get a response from the support team; and you know what? That reply will be useless as it will be a canned response that gives you zero value to solve your problems. That's where Rovity's technical support team differs. Team Rovity is proactive when replying to their customer's support tickets & it provides personalized solutions that work.

Server Location: The web server must be located closest to the target audience for better SEO and high-quality overall performance. Traditional brands mostly have their servers located in the USA. If your audiences reside in India, there are at least 200 to 300 milliseconds in data transfer latency. This delay affects every file on your website.

Rovity's servers are located in Mumbai and have a global CDN with PoPs in Mumbai and Bangalore. These nearest datacenters help visitors to access websites faster. The faster a website performs, the better the User Experience, Search Engine Optimization, and conversions.

Infrastructure - Rovity engineered its cloud infrastructure with Performance, Speed, Scalability, and Security in mind. That's why the team built Rovity with AWS, CloudLinux OS, DirectAdmin, and LiteSpeed Web Server.

Free Domain Names for life - Rovity provides free domains for life with all subscription plans. As long as you continue to renew your hosting plan, you will never have to pay for domains ever.

Ultimate Support For Optimising Core Web Vitals - Rovity will optimize the Core Web Vitals of each website hosted with Rovity without charging anything extra; this will directly improve the SEO of the website. Rovity is probably the world’s first & only brand offering to optimize Core Web Vitals of sites hosted with them.

FREE SSL Certificates - It is essential to have an SSL Certificate for your domain. Their SSL certificates are A+ graded, and they offer them for free for all of your domains and subdomains.

Free Website Builder - Your website shouldn't be just a place where you put some information together. Modern websites are mobile-friendly, very well designed, and optimized for performance.

Rovity offers a Free Divi theme builder to help you quickly launch your website. You can build any site with Divi, including an online shop, with ease.

No Need To pay More For Renewal - Almost all major service providers charge more when renewing a subscription plan; Rovity doesn’t do that. If you subscribe to any subscription plan of Rovity, you will be paying the same amount at the renewal that you paid for starting your subscription.

Robust Email Delivery System: Their conversation optimized email systems are robust and have partnerships with reputed Email Service Providers like Gmail to better the inbox delivery rate. Even if your domain is newly registered, your emails will be delivered to your recipient's inbox.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee: However, if something is not working as per your requirements, they have a 30 days money-back guarantee. Rovity will give you a risk-free opportunity to try it out.

Rovity - Unique Selling Proposition

The USP of Rovity is Zenith - India's first fully-customizable shared hosting plan.

Rovity has three Deluxe Plans named Silver, Gold & Diamond with disk space of 1 GB, 2 GB & 3 GB, respectively. Only one website can be hosted with each of the deluxe plans.

Once an individual has a subscription to the diamond plan, he/she can upgrade to the Zenith plan for free. Once upgraded to Zenith, if a subscriber wishes to have an additional 10 GB for having more space for the website or storing emails, he/she can purchase this extra resource.

Similarly, if you wish to host multiple websites, you can host them within your existing account. You don't need to subscribe to another plan. This method is way cheaper than placing a new subscription order for another website. This will give the subscribers more than a 67% reduction in cost.

Rovity - Founder

Jafar Muhammed, Founder of Rovity

Rovity was founded by Jafar Muhammed. Jafar had worked with 3 different organisations and gained 6 years of experience as a UI Developer before he founded Rovity in 2017.

“I started my career as a web designer ten years ago. As a freelance web designer, I served thousands of clients & I got the opportunity to work with various non-profit organizations, including Mozilla. This experience shaped my passion for bringing more people online & I wanted to create something marvelous using the Internet to empower people everywhere. So, I launched Host My Website Online & then rebranded it to Rovity."

- Jafar Muhammed, the founder of Rovity

Rovity - Name, Logo, & Tagline

RObert Kahn, VInton Cerf, and Tim-Berners Lee are known as the Founding Fathers of the Internet. Rovity is named after these three great visionaries.

Yes, ROVITY IS A REVOLUTION created with the names of founders of the Internet itself.