The Rimuut Success Story of Transforming Freelancers into Companies

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Entrepreneurship, freelancing, and the gig economy has seen a boost in recent years. More and more people are now opting to start their own business or just work as freelancers. However, while starting, many of them face many operational challenges. Challenges like work security, payment, and invoicing are nightmares for freelancers. In fact, creative freelancers can't even focus on their creativity because of these hassles.

To help all the freelancers, Rimuut provides a platform, which can handle all of these aspects of the business. This ultimately helps to make it easier to operate from anywhere easily. Read about Rimuut's success story, challenges, and more further in this article.

  • Startup Name-Rimuut
  • Founded -2017
  • Founders-Mert Bulut & Esen Bulut
  • Headquarters-Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia
  • Industry -SaaS
  • Area Served-Worldwide

About Rimuut

Rimuut is a fintech company from Estonia that offers a platform for the freelancers, who can, with the Rimuut platform, create virtual companies for invoicing and getting paid. The Rimuut platform is designed to enable the freelancers to send tax-deductible invoices to the clients from across the globe, and collect payments.

Rimuut helps it make easy for freelancers to invoice business clients in almost 150 countries like a company. Besides, the Rimuut platform also helps them get paid in less than 24 hours in any currency. Creating service contracts and other legal documents is also easier now with Rimuut.

Product & Services

Right now, Rimuut provides virtual company solution for freelancers. It transforms them into legitimate businesses within seconds by equipping them with commercial and managerial tools to handle billing, settlement, and payment. Rimuut enables freelancers to easily invoice their corporate clients and get the payment. Moreover, it protects their work by contracts without the financial and mental burden of starting and running their own companies.

Rimuut - Starting up

Rimuut’s journey has begun based on the personal experiences of the founders. One of the two founders, Mert, managed outsourced mobile projects abroad and faced constant invoicing and payment issues as he was unincorporated. Being an innate entrepreneur himself, Mert knew that freelancers worldwide are looking for a solution for their financial problems, which causes huge barriers.

By joining forces with Esen, with a finance background, they came up with a unique idea. The idea was to transform freelancers into virtual companies. This would help them function as companies without carrying the burden of actually starting and running a company.

Rimuut - Launch

The primary strategy of Rimuut is putting the needs of freelancers and the businesses hiring freelancers at the core of the service. Due to the user-focused business strategy of Rimuut, the company enables people to empower their businesses. From invoicing to customer support, Rimuut focuses on the excellence of the user journey and experience.

Rimuut - Industry Details

Freelancing is growing globally. Many individuals are leaving their jobs to work on a freelance basis. On the other hand, companies are also taking it sportingly. They are hiring more freelancers rather than hiring full-time employees for short-term work.

When the founders of Rimuut extensively researched the freelance economy, they saw many problems dealing with billing, settlement, and freelancers’ payment procedures, especially when working with local and global businesses. They focused on solving these problems.

Rimuut - Founders and Team

Rimuut has been founded by Esent and Mert Bulut.

Esen and Mert Bulut - Rimuut Founders (R to L)

Esen Bulut

Esen Bulut is the Cofounder at Rimuut. She is an alumnus of Boston College Carroll School of Management. Before founding Rimuut, Esen served as a Partner at Codfabrik. She was earlier in the Marketing department at Esenteks Teskstil, and an Assistant Financial Specialist at Dogus Holding, prior to that.

Mert Bulut

Mert Bulut is another Co-founder at Rimuut. Mert has completed an MS in Computing from Goldmiths, University of London, after finishing BS (Management Engineering) from Istanbul Technical University. Mert was the Founding Partner at Codefabrik after being a Team Member at Etohum.

The team size of Rimuut, as per its Linkedin profile is somewhere between 11-50 employees.

Rimuut - Growth

Rimuut has seen a good growth since it started back in 2017. The company takes pride in enabling over 4000 employees function remotely and helping them work hybridly with more than 40,000 solo talents, where Rimuut helps them with its wide range of features and facilities including universal invoicing, contracting and payment.

Rimuut - Recognition & Achievements

Rimuut embarked on its journey in January 2017 by admitting to ITU Cekirdek Incubation Center (2nd best in Europe and the 3rd best in the world by the international UBI Global index). Additionally, Rimuut was selected among the top 8 startups at Startup Turkey in the EMEA region.

Rimuut - Marketing

After perfecting their product, they used digital marketing tools to grow their user base. WOMM or the word of mouth marketing got a lot of eyeballs for Rimuut. Happy users brought other users and created a snowball effect. Moreover, they used referral marketing campaigns to kickstart their platform.

Rimuut - Challenges

Rimuut is a disruptive platform. Like every other disruptive business, Rimuut also have experienced problems with the regulations. Excessive and inadequate regulations were the most challenging for the company. However, it learned to adapt and perfect the tools as per the rules to empower the freelancers.

Rimuut - Competitors

Some of the Rimuut competitors are:

  • Freelancer Stack
  • Freelance Rate Explorer
  • YayPay
  • VersaPay


What is Rimuut?

Rimuut is a fintech company that provides effective solutions for the freelancers and other individuals who can, with the help of the Rimuut platform, create virtual companies for invoicing and getting paid.

Who are the founders of Rimuut?

The Rimuut founders are Esen and Mert Bulut.

Where are the headquarters of Rimuut?

The Rimuut headquarters are located in Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia.

When was Rimuut founded?

Rimuut was founded in 2017.

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