RentLite Success Story: Complete office furniture solutions for all your work from home needs.

The office ambiance and décor plays a very important role in the analysis and definition of the experience of employees and clients in the 21st century. As a business, the ability to display an edge and personality has become a prerequisite. To instill a communicative and collaborative aesthetic to the office space, various realms need to be delved upon. One of the major points of consideration among others is “furniture”. However, in the era of start-ups and small businesses generating pioneering ideas working on tight budgets, the scope of buying furniture which is design specific and unique proves to be a financial nightmare. In such cases, renting is a much safer option than actually purchasing units. Hence, with the varying taste, needs and requirements of consumers, renting furniture has become a millennial need and choice, and RentLite is established to take care of this need. RentLite offers trendy and functional office furniture on rent so that the start-ups and corporates can keep their workspaces stylish and updated without worrying about the budget.

  • Startup Name-RentLite
  • Headquarter-Bangalore 
  • Founders-Kush Jawahar &  Kiran Chellaram
  • Sector-Furniture Renting
  • Founded-April, 2019

About RentLite and How it Works

Established in April 2019, RentLite is a path-breaking idea, on the quest of revolutionizing the buying behavior for workspace products. RentLite helps to solve the capital and operating expenses related concerns for young entrepreneurs and corporates alike by letting them take the latest furniture affordably on rent, without the need to spend a fortune on buying furniture. Along with an assortment of design possibilities, RentLite also offers flexible finance options for the users.

The distinct furniture configurations by RentLite like chairs, workstations, and pedestals can be rented for an affordable amount serving the commercial flexibility for its consumers.

Since all furniture rented out is manufactured by India’s leading furniture manufacturer, Featherlite, the consumer has an assurance of uncompromised quality and durability. The vast experience in a commercial design that comes with the association to a brand like Featherlite has further created an effective base of expertise in quick and hassle-free office furniture renting, aiding ease of a Plug and Play setup.

The sustainability quotient has been maintained in all the products manufactured, as RentLite being a new age progressive company, believes in conserving the environment through eco-friendly practices. The furniture is produced in solar-powered factories and produces minimum carbon footprint emissions further reducing environmental pollution.

RentLite - Founders

Kush Jawahar and Kiran Chellaram are the minds behind RentLite.

Besides Rentlite, Khush Jawahar is also the director of Featherlite, which is a leading furniture manufacturer in India. Rentlite is an expansion of Featherlite in the office furniture renting segment. Mr. Jawahar is also associated with several other companies functioning in various sectors.

Kiran Chellaram is currently the Digital Brand Manager at RentLite. An expert in marketing and digital marketing domain, Kiran besides Rentlite is also looking after the marketing tasks at Featherlite

Rental Furniture Sector in India

The concept of furniture renting is gaining popularity and the trend is here to stay.  In India, the market for furniture rental is expected to increase to $800-850 million until 2024. In the last 3-4 years, the furniture rental industry has seen a 1000% growth, and interestingly, besides Tier I cities, furniture renting is becoming popular in Tier-II cities as well. Around 15% of furniture rented is for the offices, which shows that there is a huge scope for office furniture renting in India.

RentLite - Growth

Currently, the company is generating a monthly tangible business of over 10 Lakhs. The company intends to expand its affairs to a monthly revenue of 1 Cr. by the year 2020. The courageous plunge in an industry full of competition with such vigor makes it a rather radical business outlook. But Kush and Kiran have proved that to be challenged and take challenges is not a big deal.

In such a short time frame, these young entrepreneurs have already completely furnished two MNCs in Bangalore as well as nine startups in sectors like food processing, construction, recruitment technology, and the aviation industry. They also have MNCs working in financial services, digital marketing, telecommunication services sector in Delhi NCR as their clients.

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