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The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world,” says Steve Jobs, the CEO and co-founder of Apple. There is no denying the fact that the success of any company directly depends on the manpower it employs. Recruiting, as such is very crucial and also a tough job. To make the process of recruiting easy, many recruiting software are coming up in the market. However, not all of these software are easy to use and comprehensive. With the aim to fill this gap in the recruitment software market, Recooty, a Jabalpur based startup has come up with a software to simplify and automate the hiring process for startups and SMEs interviewed Recooty's co-founder Hardik Vishwakarma to understand more about this startup.

Recooty - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Recooty
  • Headquarter-Jabalpur
  • Founders-Hardik Vishwakarma, Avdhesh Solanki & Darshna Bais
  • Sector-IT & HR
  • Founded-2018

Recooty - About and How it Works

Recooty is a recruitment software company that simplifies the process of hiring. Founded in 2018, Recooty is helping small & medium businesses in building their great teams. It envisions to make recruitment the easiest task for SMEs and is guided by the belief that every organization deserves a better team to achieve its goals.

Recooty is modern recruitment software for ambitious businesses to attract and engage great talents easily. It makes your company’s hiring process more efficient and simpler. This is how Recooty works-

Step-1: It lets you describe your awesome open position, & broadcasts that amazing role to the world’s topmost job advertisers, social channels & your careers page within a single submission.

Step-2: Great candidates can see & apply from wherever they are, just sit back and enjoy new applicants.

Step-3: Reviewing & shortlisting the best applicants is super easy from the dashboard.

Step-4: Email and calendar integration takes the pain out of interview coordination.

Step-5: Welcome your new awesome candidate to your amazing company.

Also, it lets you create your own branded careers page with no coding required, that’s hosted free on Recooty. Having a career page helps a company attract more interested applicants for its openings.

Global Recruitment Software Market

According to, the global employment website, $1,872 is spent on average by small businesses to hire someone new. According to SHRM, it takes 42 days on an average to fill a vacant position. Again 75% of hiring and talent managers use recruiting software and/or applicant tracking software when hiring as reported by Capterra.

The global recruitment software market was valued at US$ 1753.2 Million in 2017 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 7.4% and reach US$ 3095.8 Million by the end of 2025.

Recooty Founders and Team

Hardik Vishwakarma, Avdhesh Solanki & Darshna Bais founded Recooty in 2018.

Recooty Founders

Hardik Vishwakarma is a graduate in computer science. He is associated with another startup VidTold, which creates powerful marketing videos for companies. Hardik was also a part of the founding team of Food o Clock, which he exited in 2016. Hardik loves numbers and focuses more on traction and business.

Avdhesh Solanki, founded MotorBabu, a startup providing car and bike repair services and was also part of the founding team of Provanic, a startup related to information technology and services. Avdhesh exited Provanic in 2015. He also worked with EngineerBabu as CTO. Avdhesh is the master-chef of Recooty, a geek by nature and looks after the technical aspects.

Darshna Bais is a by qualification. Emerging women entrepreneur Darshna ensures that's the quality of the product is top-class. Prior to founding Recooty, she worked as a software tester in EngineerBabu.

The other members of the team are-    

Pavitra handles the coding part at Recooty. He is a graduate in computer science. The team calls him Newton, a Young-Turk with tremendous technical skills.

Nayonika is the creative content writer. She is a in electrical engineering. She is known at Recooty as the Ink Magician. She writes what people love to read.

Tanya Rajak handles the graphic designing section at Recooty. She curates designs that builds credibility and brand recognition. Tanya is a computer science graduate.

Anupam Majumdar helps the company in creating powerful brand value and driving sales.

How was Recooty started

The idea was born out of the personal inconveniences faced while hiring for an organization.

“We were struggling to hire the perfect candidates for our previous organization, our mail-boxes were choked by tons of irrelevant applications from unqualified candidates. There was no simple solution which could manage applications and make our hiring process simpler. Our company needed simple yet effective recruitment solutions to accomplish our recruitment goals”  Hardik recollects.

They tried many leading recruiting software which seemed useful at first glance but later they discovered that these software are not much helpful. Again, most of the recruiting software are either too complex or highly overpriced.

So, finally they decided to build a simple tool which could manage applications, help in streamlining the company’s recruitment process and thus help in building a great team. Today Recooty is known as the World’s Easiest Recruiting Software.

Recooty - Revenue Model

Recooty’s revenue model is subscription based. There are monthly and annual plans that the recruiters can subscribe to. While the basic plan is free, the ‘Pro’ and ‘ultra’ plans come with subscription fees.

Recooty - Plans and Features

Recooty - User Acquisition

The strategy to acquire the first 100 customers was pretty simple for Recooty. Being in the IT industry for more than 5 years, Recooty founders have a good network and support from their entrepreneur friends, which helped them in spreading the word on LinkedIn and other social channels. Apart from that, Recooty was launched on Product Hunt, Beta List and Beta Page which helped the startup in getting the initial traction.

Recooty team has been following the 50%rule to run the business.  

“Since launch, we have followed the 50% rule, that has helped us in acquiring 1000 customers globally within a year. We give 50% time on product development and 50% time on marketing and traction. This rule has tremendously helped us in understanding what people actually want and helped us in building a great recruiting product”  

Recooty has partnered with the world’s top-most job boards to give enormous reach to the jobs posted by its clients using Recooty.  Recooty has partnered with Google For Jobs, Adzuna, CareerJet, Jora, Job Inventory, Job is Job and many more. That enables quick job posting to all the job boards within a single submission. Recooty also focused on platforms like Quora, Medium, HR blogs & Social networks, to reach out to its customers.

Though the Recooty team focuses more on organic marketing, Quora Ads, Facebook remarketing and Google Adwords have also worked well for the company.

Gartner Digital Markets recently evaluated over 320 Applicant Tracking System(ATS), and Recooty has emerged as a game changer this year, dominating the first position with 4.95 out of 5. This ranking has tremendously helped Recooty in building trust worldwide and acquiring new customers.

Recooty - Startup Challenges

Recooty started from Jabalpur, a tier 2 city which no one knows for IT. So, gaining trust from the clients & finding the best resources was an initial challenge for Recooty. Now, Recooty has collaborated with people and organizations from around the world, which has helped it develop a world-class product loved by its clients.

Recooty - Competitors

Workable and Breezy HR are some competitors of Recooty. Workable & Breezy HR have been into business for more than 5 years now. However, what makes Recooty unique is simplicity, UI & UX. Another USP of Recooty is that it has been recognized as the world's easiest  recruiting software.Recooty has the quickest customer support, the average response time being just 10 seconds.

Recooty - Advisors and Mentors

The Advisors of Recooty are-

  • Nemesh Singh, CEO & Founder at Appointy
  • Mayank Pratap, Co-founder at EngineerBabu
  • Christian Thaler-Wolski, B2B SaaS Startup & VC Fund Advisor  
  • Recooty - Awards and Recognitions
  • Gartner has rated Recooty as the #1 applicant tracking system in 2019.

Recooty - Future Plans

Recooty currently has over 4000 global customers. Till date, 9000+ jobs have been posted through Recooty and 25k+ applications have been received. In 2019, Recooty is focused on acquiring 10k customers. It is also working to build advanced recruitment features.    

Our team is working hard to make the lives of every hiring team easier than ever.

Recooty - FAQs

What is Recooty?

Recooty is one of The Best Applicant Tracking System & Recruiting Software. It envisions to make recruitment the easiest task for SMEs and is guided by the belief that every organization deserves a better team to achieve its goals.

Who are the Founders of Recooty?

Hardik Vishwakarma, Avdhesh Solanki & Darshna Bais founded Recooty in 2018.

How does Recooty make money?

Recooty’s revenue model is subscription based. There are monthly and annual plans that the recruiters can subscribe to. While the basic plan is free, the ‘Pro’ and ‘ultra’ plans come with subscription fees.

Who are the Top Competitors of Recooty?

Workable and Breezy HR are some of the Top competitors of Recooty

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