Rebel Foods - World's Largest Cloud Kitchen Startup with Popular Restaurant Chains

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The concept of Cloud Kitchen, in recent years, is becoming highly popular among the people involved in food and restaurant businesses. This is due to its cost-effective management and minimal operating cost. Since the cloud kitchen format doesn't require a dine-in facility, a simple kitchen would be sufficient to run the business. This minimizes the need for a place, employees and furnishings.

Since the arrival of online food delivery systems, people have gotten used to ordering food and eating at home. This made things easy for Cloud Kitchens to just start the business, take orders and deliver the food. They were relieved from the challenge of getting people to adapt to this new system. The COVID pandemic also laid a perfect platform for the growth of Cloud Kitchens. As a result, the number of Cloud Kitchens has shot up dramatically and reports say that its market would reach $2 billion by 2024.

Rebel Foods (formerly Faasos) is one such Cloud Kitchen platform that is considered to be the largest Cloud Kitchen restaurant chain in the world. It delivers delicious foods to people through the multiple brands held and operated by it. Rebel Foods serves to be the Pioneer in the Cloud Kitchen business. It has created many benchmarks and remains a forerunner for the new and upcoming players. This article covers the story of Rebel Foods, its founders, funding and various other aspects of its business.

Rebel Foods - Company Highlights

  • Company Name-Rebel Foods
  • Headquarters-Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Founders-Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee
  • Founded-2011
  • Industry-Food and Beverage Services
  • Former Name-Faasos

Rebel Foods - About

Rebel Foods is an online restaurant chain that was founded in 2011 in Mumbai. This company owns and operates several Indian and international brands to deliciously serve the needs of diverse customers. It innovates and involves modern technologies in its food preparation to deliver the best to its customers. Rebel Foods is the largest Cloud Kitchen brand in the world today. It has business operations in over 10 countries with more than 450 kitchens and 4000 internet restaurants.

Rebel Foods - Founders and Team

The following members are the key people of Rebel Foods:

Jaydeep Barman

Jaydeep Barman is the co-founder and the CEO of Rebel Foods. He played a major role in the growth of the company. Jaydeep Barman was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He completed his MBA from INSEAD and worked as Associate Partner in McKinsey & Company in London between 2006 and 2010. Jaydeep is also an angel investor and has invested in several startups like Treebo Hotels, Quinto, The Whole Truth, etc.

Kallol Banerjee

Kallol Banerjee is a co-founder at Rebel Foods. He had his higher education in Mechanical Engineering from Jadavpur University and did his MBA from IIM, Lucknow. Before joining hands with Jaydeep Barman, Kollol Banerjee worked in Bosch, Singapore.

Ravi Golani

Ravi Golani has been a part of Rebel Foods since 2015. He earlier served as the Finance Controller and Chief Financial Officer of the company. Ravi Golani is currently the Chief Strategy Officer of Rebel Foods. He has completed his CA and CMA from the corresponding institutes and did his bachelor's from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics.

Rebel Foods - Startup Story

Rebel Foods was established in 2011 as a physical restaurant with in-dine facilities. The company was earlier called Faasos and the business was doing good. The founders had no idea of turning Rebel foods into cloud kitchens at that time. They wanted to be a dominant retail chain competing with McDonald's and Domino's. The next 4 years went profitably, however, a huge capital was needed to keep the outlets up to the mark and for further expansion.

In 2014, the founders attended an investor-entrepreneur meet, where they were advised to make a revised study on the business operations. As a result, Rebel Foods conducted a customer survey and realized that only 30% of them are utilizing the restaurant's outlet. With 70% of the customers already online, Rebel Foods decided to improve and enhance its online business and started a cloud kitchen alongside its physical outlets in 2015. By 2016, the company closed all its in-dine restaurants and started serving customers only through the Rebel Foods cloud kitchen platform.

Rebel Foods - Mission and Vision

Rebel Foods operates with a vision to "create unique memorable and delightful experiences for customers on all occasions". The company wants to achieve a position as the most loved and most ordered food brand amongst the people. Jaydeep Barman, the founder and CEO of Rebel Foods, said in an interview that the company is also aiming to a point where they wanted "to have consumers open the Rebel app, the same way they open their fridge and ask 'I wonder what Faasos has for dinner tonight". Rebel Foods is entirely focused on the needs and satisfaction of its customers.

Rebel Foods - Name and Logo

Rebel Foods seems to be the apt name for this company considering its pathway towards success. There is no official reasoning for the name of this Cloud Kitchen startup but the term 'Rebel' in Oxford means 'to fight against something/somebody'. And yes, Rebel foods fought many hardships and created its own pathway to where it is positioned today.

Rebel Foods - Business and Revenue Model

Rebel Foods has set up its business using its own as well as its partner brands. The company’s Rebel Launcher program creates a platform for various other established brands to leverage its expertise and market. The partners get a chance to expand their business in new cities and countries through Rebel and vice versa. Rebel’s business model explains that the company grows along with its partners and the associate brands. They together sell their brand's products online across 10 countries. Rebel Foods made a revenue of Rs 400 crores in FY 2021.

Rebel Foods - Funding and Investors

Rebel Foods has received total funding of $527.3 million and became a Unicorn after its Series F funding round in November 2021. This cloud kitchen startup went through 19 funding rounds and some of its recent funding activities are listed below:

Rebel Foods - Growth

After identifying that 3/4th of its customers are online and hence transforming itself into a cloud kitchen model of business, Rebel Foods has achieved tremendous heights. It started grooming itself technically and financially for the new market. The company involved many engineers and technical experts in developing equipment that can perform repetitive kitchen tasks automatically without the need for supervision.

Rebel Foods started bringing together different brands that are popular in their areas of service. This has resulted in the company operating over 45 food brands in and outside India. Rebel Foods also operates its own food delivery app EatSure. It turned into a Unicorn in November 2021 and is valued at $1.4 billion as of January 2022.

Rebel Foods - Competitors

The following are some of the top competitors of Rebel Foods:


FreshMenu is a popular cloud kitchen startup that was established in 2014. The company faced severe hardships during its early stages but has managed to strengthen its position firmly in the market. It provides different varieties of dishes and world cuisines prepared by experienced chefs with farm-fresh products. FreshMenu promises to deliver the orders within 45 minutes.


Curefoods is the world's second-largest cloud kitchen brand that is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It operates over 20 brands across the country and is still focusing on expanding its business rapidly. Some of its popular brands include Eatfit, Aligarh House, Cake Zone, Sbarro, etc.

Ola Foods

Ola Foods is a part of Ola which has now entered into the food business in India. It entered the cloud kitchen market in 2019 and currently operates in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. Ola Foods runs over 40 kitchens spread across those six cities with some popular brands like Khichdi Experiment, That Pizza Palace, Nashta Express, etc.

Rebel Foods - Future Plans

Rebel Foods's major focus is to expand its business as far as possible. The company announced that it is planning to widen its reach to over 100 cities in India by 2023. It is also targeting the international markets through various alliances and partnerships. Rebel Foods is running towards doubling its revenue to Rs 800 crores in the FY 2022-23 and has a plan to launch its IPO in a couple of years.


Who is the founder of Rebel Foods?

Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee are the co-founders of Rebel Foods.

When was Rebel Foods founded?

Rebel Foods was founded in 2011.

Who is the CEO of Rebel Foods?

Jaydeep Barman is the co-founder and the CEO of Rebel Foods.

What is the valuation of Rebel Foods?

Rebel Foods is a Unicorn Startup with a valuation of $1.4 Billion.

Who are the top competitors of Rebel Foods?

Top competitors of Rebel Foods are:

  • FreshMenu
  • Curefoods
  • Ola Foods

Which brands are owned by Rebel Foods?

Some popular Brands owned by Rebel Foods are:

  • Faasos
  • Behrouz Biryani
  • Ovenstory Pizza
  • Mandarin Oak
  • Slay Coffee
  • Sweet Truth

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