Rayna Tours—From A Humble Startup To A Global Travel Company

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Travel gives us more happiness than buying any material goods. Studies have shown that while the excitement of buying something new fades away soon, travel makes us happier for longer. The travel and tourism Industry is one of the most significant and fast-growing industry globally. As per Statista data, the overall global economic contribution of the travel and tourism industry was more than 7.6 trillion US dollar in 2016. Till date, this contribution has increased further. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) also confirms the fact that the number of international travelers is increasing over the last few years. All thanks to the tour and travel companies that have made it safer and easier to explore foreign lands.

Rayna Tours, a UAE based tours and travel Company was started up in 2006, to offer smooth and wonderful travel experiences to the travelers and explorers from around the globe.

Rayna Tours - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Rayna Tours
  • Headquarter-Abu Hail, Dubai Emirate
  • Founders-Manoj Tulsani & Kamlesh Ramchandani
  • Sector-Travel Agency, Tour Operators
  • Founded-2006
  • Parent Organization-Rayna Tours

Rayna Tours - About

Rayna Tours is a UAE based destination management company which is licensed by the Government of Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). Rayna Tours offers the best of travel management services catering to B2B and B2C clients. Over the years, the company has established itself as one of the best destination management companies in the UAE through its excellent travel expertise and professionalism.

Rayna Tours has experience in handling worldwide holiday packages, hotel reservations, easy visa processing, and tours and excursions through a group of well-trained, efficient staff and makes the travel experience hassle-free for its clients. Rayna Tours offers unique holiday packages suited to different categories of travelers.

Rayna Tours - Founders

Rayna Tours was co-founded by Manoj Tulsani and Kamlesh Ramchandani.

Prior to starting Rayna Tours, Manoj and Kamlesh worked with Dubai’s Safeer Group of Companies. Manoj also worked as Marketing Head at Time Machine Group of companies.

Currently, Manoj Tulsani is the CEO of Rayna Tours. Kamlesh Ramchandani is the MD of Rayna Tours.

Rayna Tours - How It All Started?

Manoj and Kamlesh (both from the Indian state of Rajasthan) met while working with Dubai’s Safeer Group of Companies where they strengthened their friendship over the common interest for travel and entrepreneurship. It was back in 1999 during their early 20s. Although Manoj went on to work at Time Machine Group of Companies where he was promoted to the position of Marketing Head, he later joined Kamlesh to realize their greatest dream.

In 2006, Manoj and Kamlesh came together to put in all their savings to operate Rayna Tours from a small counter at Flora Grand Hotel. As they dug deeper into the region’s travel trade scenario, the founders realized that there is a huge gap in the market. They discovered a niche in organizing gimmick-free, reliable tours and activities for hotel guests which was then an overlooked aspect. And this was actually the seed for the launch of Rayna Tours and Travels.  

Rayna Tours - User Acquisition

Keeping up with the stride of the dynamic customer demands and market trends, Ryan Tours managed to build the most effective channels to boost sales in different phases of growing their business.

As the competition got intensified and became tougher, they first implemented the direct to customer strategy by investing in their own desert camps, cruise lines and vehicle fleets; this not only excluded the presence of middlemen but also promised best price guarantee for majority of their tours and services.  

Following this, the company gained a competitive edge with the use of latest technology; this has now expanded their reach while raising their position as one of the top on-demand travel portals on the web. They even have a dedicated technical department to ensure seamless user experience across all platforms, from its B2C and B2B service portals to online destination guides and handy travel apps.  

Furthermore, the company’s strong media presence (on Facebook, Twitter, etc.) serves a direct source of information for its guests/users to stay abreast of Rayna Tours’ latest launches, innovative services, and all other updates on promotions, deals, and exciting contests.  

The founders realized how important it’s to sustain success and future-proof their business.  

“The initial success and challenges have taught us that the path to achievements full of dips and hurdles. And to keep yourself out of it, you not only have to think different but also need to take your business ideas to a whole new level” says Manoj. This strategy apparently has helped the Rayna Tours to create their own genre of the travel trade, one that focuses on comprehensive solutions at competitive rates (in both B2C and B2B markets) without compromising quality.

Rayna Tours - Funding & Investors

Rayna Tours is a bootstrapped company.

Rayna Tours - Startup Challenges

To begin with, leaving behind their successful careers to start something new was not an easy task for Manoj and Kamlesh. They had to walk away from the trading industry and fit into an entirely new space in the service industry. But it is their enthusiasm and passion about the business that made it possible for the founders to achieve big in a space where they have no prior experience.

Besides running a startup has never been an easy job. “Running the startup wasn’t as easy as its launch. It was agonizingly gruesome especially during the initial days” Kamlesh says.  

Without a mentor or an efficient team, the founders had to do most of the tasks themselves. As there was a stigma of sorts, the most difficult part was to persuade customers to rethink about their travel perceptions because until then travel planning was all about booking the hotels and airlines in advance. It was frustrating altogether, but they still worked with all gusto to convince guests about their innovative selling proposition and execute them with utmost legitimacy.  

Despite the lack of solid industry experience or a strong support system, among other enormous challenges, they didn’t have any regret and did their best to bring in a consistently positive outcome. A journey thus started out as a small travel outlet began to show results as they opened seven more such outlets in the next two years, before moving to a roomier office and raising its status one of Dubai’s leading Destination Management Company by 2009.  

Rayna Tours - Awards

13 years on, the company has garnered maximum attention from all corners of the industry, so much so that it has won several prestigious awards and accolades. This validates the quality of the company’s services and packages while emphasizing their role as a pacesetter for advanced growth in the industry.

Rayna Tours Team

Rayna Tours received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor in 2016 and later the Top Wholesaler Award (2016) and Best Performer Award (2017) from Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World, among many others. To top it off, Rayna Tours’ was recently recognized with two coveted awards (in the categories of Best Destination Management Company and Best B2B Travel Portal) at Arabian Travel Awards.  

Rayna Tours - Competitors

The Ultimate Travel, World's Ultimate Travels, Dadabhai Travel, IndeBo, Safari Ventures are some of the competitors of Rayna Tours.

Rayna Tours - Growth

Started out from a single location, the company has now built a strong global presence with its head office in Dubai and branches in different parts of the world. It has over 500 employees working in its 10 diverse locations across India, Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand), Europe (Turkey) and Africa (Cape Town).  

Kicked off with a personal savings of just AED 500,000, Rayna Tours is now a multi-million dirham company whose specific goal is to make travel a breeze for all types of visitors. In fact, it’s one of the highly valued travel brands favored by travel agents and end customers alike.  

“As our offerings evolve as per customers’ demand, our service product portfolio has also grown from organizing UAE tours to include more destinations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Georgia, South Africa, etc. Moreover, our high-end yet easy to use portal allows you to choose, compare and book almost everything from hotels, visas (to 40 plus countries) and all-inclusive holidays to local tours, activities and transfers all under a single roof,” says Kamlesh on their service packages.  

As the company looks forward to proliferating all over the world in the next five years, it has also taken steps to expand their business in new routes by already foraying into transport, construction and real estate industry. Thanks to its highly intensified expansion strategy.  

Rayna Tours - Founders Advice

In spite of lack of funds/resources and all ups and down along the way, the brilliant duo claims that their entrepreneurial sail has been remarkably amazing. They believe that one has to start off immediately if they have a great idea or concept to share with the world.  

“You only win or take lessons and of course not fail with every adversity or obstacle. In fact, things will just fall in place as you clear impediments and learn from each setback. And the most important thing is to keep a track of changing industry trends and conscientiously listen to your customers’ demands,” Manoj and Kamlesh's advice to the entrepreneurs.  

And we can’t agree with them more! No two successful entrepreneurship stories may be the same but all of them involve a lot of challenges, efforts and resources to bring it to the stature that they enjoy now.

Rayna Tours - FAQ's

Why to choose Rayna Tours?

Rayna Tours' mission is to make travel smoother and accessible to all. Rayna Tours is a comprehensive one-stop solution to all your travel-related services.

When was Rayna Tours founded?

Rayna Tours was founded in the year 2006.

What sector does Rayna Tours operate in?

Rayna Tours operates in the Travel Agency and Tour Operators sector of the tourism industry.

How much funding does Rayna Tours have?

Rayna Tours is a bootstrapped company.

How much revenue does Rayna Tours generate?

Rayna Tours has generated $68M in revenue from its operations till now.

Who are the competitors of Rayna Tours?

The Ultimate Travel, World's Ultimate Travels, Dadabhai Travel, IndeBo, Safari Ventures are some of the competitors of Rayna Tours.

Rayna Tours - Conclusion

Rayna Tours is a destination management company based in UAE licensed by the Government of Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). It offers the best of travel management services catering to B2B and B2C clients. Over the years it has swiftly gained the reputation as one of the best destination management companies in UAE through its excellent travel expertise and professionalism. Rayna Tours have travel experience in handling worldwide holiday packages, hotel reservations, easy visa processing, and tours and excursions through a group of well-trained, efficient staff. It is a one-stop travel solution for creating unique holiday plans and activities in a hassle-free manner

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