RAS Luxury Oils - India’s First "Farm to Face" Venture

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Who does not want a blemish-free and healthy skin? The market is flooded with skin care products that is promising us everything form fairness to young and wrinkle free skin. But, as a matter of concern many of these skin care products contain harmful substances like parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and fillers. While big brand names and celebrity endorsements easily fool many of us to trust and use these harmful skin care products, Shubhika Jain, was lucky enough to grow up using home made skin care products, with ingredients handpicked by her mother.

In the year 2017, Shubhika launched her brand 'RAS Luxury Oils' to bring the goodness of organic and chemical free skin care products to the Indian users. The company works with the mission to provide a fine blend of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy to its patrons and foster holistic healing of body, mind, and soul.

RAS Luxury Oils - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-RAS Luxury Oils
  • Headquarter-Chhattisgarh
  • Founders/Owner-Shubhika Jain & Sangeeta Jain
  • Sector-Beauty Industry
  • Founded-July, 2017
  • Parent Organization-RAS Luxuries Pvt. Ltd.

About RAS Luxury Oils and How it Works

RAS Luxury Oils is a treasure-trove of pure and natural essences and blends that elevate your radiant inner beauty to awaken your mind, body and soul. The company offers a wide range of essential oils and elixirs. It fuses ancient Ayurveda with modern science to give you effective & therapeutic skincare and wellness products. RAS Luxury Oils' USP is that all its products are made of natural, plant-based, cruelty-free, synthetic chemical free and preservatives free ingredients.

Some features that makes RAS Luxury Oils stand out in the market are -

Small batch size – resulting in fresh products with more potency.

Wild Crafted Raw materials are grown in the founders' own family estate or Ethically Sourced (Fair Trade) from Farmers across the globe.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Preservative-Free, Free of Synthetic Fragrances and Additives, Free of Alcohol, Wax Free, Silicon, and Paraben-free.

Besides, as a social start-up, the company also gives 10% of its profits to Animal Welfare and Girl Child empowerment NGOs.

Founders/Owners of RAS Luxury Oils and team

Shubhika Jain along with her mother Sangeeta Jain co-founded RAS Luxury Oils.

Owners and Founders of RAS Luxury Oils

Shubhika Jain and Sangeeta Jain

Shubhika Jain is the CEO of RAS Luxury Oils, India’s first "Farm to Face" venture. At RAS, she takes on a variety of roles pertaining to leadership, product development & delivery, sales & marketing, HR, technology and general expansion.

24 years old  Shubhika, believes in balancing of the mind, body, and spirit for the everlasting beauty to reflect on the skin. She strives to introduce a 100% pure, organic and luxurious beauty and skincare products that would aspire people around the globe to say “NO” to synthetic, artificial and at times to those ‘unpronounceable’ cosmetic ingredients.

Shubhika, through RAS, endorses the benefits of essential oils as well as face and body elixirs in beauty, self-healing, and vitality. She urges everyone to nurture and nourish their inner magnificence and radiate beautifully!

When not working, Shubhika spends her time with many nonprofit organizations. She is actively involved in helping injured animals through an NGO in Raipur and takes care of stray animals that she finds injured on the streets. She also volunteers for women empowerment through improved sanitation in C.G. In 2012, she campaigned for vegetarianism and helped out injured cows and dogs on street together with Badhte Kadam NGO. She has also been a part of NGO Koshish from 2013 – 2014, where she gave free tuitions to less privileged School children and organized fun events for them. Shubhika believes in all-around individual development be it in academics or sports and was actively into sports like Taekwondo, Karate, Horse riding – winning national medals - during her growing years.

Shubhika graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, where she equipped herself with tools to turn her passion into a business. Before starting the entrepreneurial journey she had taken up roles in research, web-training etc. for the KN Group, DMS Infosystems and RITEE Group of Institutes.

RAS Luxury Oils co-founder Sangeeta Jain, being a nature enthusiast is the inspiration for the company. Sangeeta's  passion for plants and love for gardening led her to set up her own garden centre and nursery – ‘The Mango Tree’. She had set up a computer centre and an Abacus learning centre for children in the early 2000s.

The mother-daughter duo started product development in their R&D Lab with the existing team of scientists to create natural and organic skincare/wellness products. They also attended various conferences on aromatherapy, skincare and pursued other similar courses to learn more.

Sangeeta holds a Diploma in Business Management and has been an active member of management in Kanger Valley Academy, a day boarding school in Raipur. She endorses and believes in healthy living through yoga and spiritual meditation. When not working Sangeeta loves designing spaces, gardens, clothes and lots more!

Suramya Jain is the Business Development Executive of RAS Luxury Oils. She takes on a variety of roles pertaining to new Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Social media and content creation.

The ompany currently has a team size of 22 members.

We are looking for highly motivated people with a positive attitude. People who are flexible and willing to learn and bring some kind of expertise with them as well. We are very flexible and understand our employees. We always extend our help in situations if needed by supporting them. Also, we build the team to work in balance with each other and they’re constantly growing and learning as it is a start-up. Most importantly we inculcate the brand ethos and values in them so we are all at the same frequency. Along with fair hiring processes, we continuously review performances and hence identify areas in which employees might need help. We want people who consider us as their family as we do - Shubhika says explaining the company's work culture.

How was RAS Luxury Oils Started

Growing up, Shubhika used to participate in elaborate skincare rituals that have been passed down for generations in her family, with her mother Sangeeta Jain. Shubhika's motive behind starting RAS Luxury Oils is to pass on this very legacy to consumers at large and start a whole new beauty and wellness revolution.

"My mother used to create her own beauty concoctions with handpicked flowers, herbs, and other natural ingredients, she grew in the garden herself. This practice is what first inspired me to inculcate a beauty regimen of using natural, organic face and body oils as opposed to lotions, creams and other products containing harmful and toxic ingredients. The thought that this legacy can be passed on to others to create a positive impact is very empowering"  quotes Shubhika

RAS Luxury Oils - Name, Tagline and Logo

The word ‘RAS’ encapsulates many meanings in Sanskrit, the most prominent of these being ‘essence’ and ‘happiness’. The brand name reflects the very essence of life, to inspire a sense of happiness and luxury, and to awaken the senses to a higher experience using ancient sciences and spiritual traditions.

The hand-painted logo portrays the pure ingredients and flora that go into making RAS Luxury Oils and also the multiple colours expressing happiness and vibrancy of nature.

RAS Luxury Oils - Business Model

RAS Luxury Oils has a complete vertically integrated process. While many companies either outsources many of its processes or get products manufactures from third parties, RAS Luxury Oils ensures that cultivation, oil extraction, formulation, bottling, packaging, shipping and marketing all are done in-house, to ensure best quality world class products. Also RAS Luxury Oils is the first 'farm to face' venture in India.

RAS Luxury Oils - Revenue Model

The company generates revenue through sales of its retail & Professional products through online and offline channels.

RAS Luxury Oils - User Acquisition

RAS Luxury Oils' target group is High Net Worth Individuals with a keen interest in sustainable luxury and organic products.The company is appealing to a small segment of niche people and satisfying their individualistic tastes. The company's products are distributed and marketed via selective 5-star hotels and salons.

Currently, RAS Luxury Oils' products are present at the luxurious spas at St. Regis Hotel in Mumbai, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai,  Park Hyatt Hyderabad, and  Mirrors & Within- UB City Mall Bengaluru, Shangri-La Bengaluru. Coming soon to JW Marriott & Ritz Carlton Bengaluru, JW Marriott Delhi, Roseate House Delhi, Grand Hyatt Kochi, Grand Hyatt Mumbai and also to Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and Four Seasons Hong Kong. The products are also present on popular online portals like Nykaa and Amazon India and the company's own e-commerce website

I did not think much about how it would go, and personally tell the customers about our process and what we do and they really liked the products and believed in it from the start.  But for some, it wasn’t very easy, but persistently explaining them helped us reach to them.

RAS Luxury Oils - Startup Challenges

Becoming head of any organization at an young age is always challenging and same was the case with Shubhika. As she elaborates 

When I initially joined the family business it was difficult for the existing staff to accept a young lady as their head. I had to prove myself to be worthy by way of executing tasks and handling situations in a mature and strategic manner which made me win the support of my team.

Initially, visiting farmer fields, growing its own crops, sourcing the best quality raw materials, having meetings with top executives was challenging. Also getting all certifications, government clearances and legal paper works done was a major challenge for the startup. But as Shubhika gained more experience, she became more confident and patient, and with the support from her enterprising parents, she can now handle everything quite comfortably. However, believing in themselves and keeping the brand sailing successfully  among a plethora of beauty brands out there always remains a challenge.

RAS Luxury Oils - Funding and Investors

RAS Luxury Oils is a self-funded brand (Family-funded).

The company has invested in the production unit, the cultivation fields, machinery, packaging, ingredients, marketing, etc.

RAS Luxury Oils - Advisors and Mentors

RAS Luxury Oils' team is functioning under the guidance of many industry experts. Two prominent advisors on board are -

Shailendra Jain (Secretary, Mahanadi Education Society)  and Satish Sharma, (President, Asia Pacific Apollo tyres)

RAS Luxury Oils - Competitors

The founding team is more for co-existence rather than competition

We believe in Co-existence and love all the brands out there, whether it’s an established brand or a small new brand there’s always something that we can learn from them.

What do you wish someone had told you when you were 15?

"To meet and talk to the CEOs and executives of various companies – it is an MBA in its own right!" - Shubhika Jain

RAS Luxury Oils - Awards & Recognition

Asia Spa Awards 2017 Best Spa Product - Natural Line

IHW Awards 2018 - Best Wellness Brand

Harpers Bazaar Best of Beauty - Handcrafted in India- Infinity Anti Ageing Face Elixir

RAS Luxury Oils - Future Plans

RAS Luxury Oils envisions to be the leading wellness and skincare brand in the world, while being 100% pure, organic and sustainable. The company has been operating online and offline through various channels in various cities. Offline, across India its products are available and is being used in well known spas and hotels in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Indore, Raipur, and Kochi. The company has witnessed an exponential increase in growth since inception in July 2017.

The company's future plans includes expanding the physical retail presence with the shop in shop concept and introducing new products in the line up in respect with its research and development.  The company also has plans to start its own stores!

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