Qraa Men: Men's Grooming Products Available Online At Affordable Rates

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As this modern world is moving forward, the gender demarcations that were once very clear, are slowly blurring. People have become more accepting towards many things that were considered a taboo earlier. One of them is – “men grooming themselves up”. The taboo around men using cosmetics still exists and here is one such Men’s grooming brand: Qraa Men, breaking that one!

Qraa Men- Company Highlights

  • Company Name-Qraa Men
  • Headquarter-New Delhi
  • Founder-Karan Gupta
  • Founded-2017
  • Sector-Personal Care
  • Registered Entity Name-RG BIOCOSMETICS PVT.LTD

Qraa Men- About

Qraa Men is a leading Indian brand in men’s grooming and personal care industry. They combine the knowledge provided by ancient Vedas with the cutting-edge technology of the 21st century to offer a range of products dedicated to men’s grooming and personal care.

The company holds the treasures of ancient Indian curative culture in high regards, and all its products are made with pure botanical ingredients. They contain no chemicals, sulphate or paraben and are not tested on animals.

Qraa Men- Founder

Qraa Men is founded by Karan Gupta.

Qraa Men Founder 

Karan’s father Mr Raj Gupta has over 25 years of experience in the beauty and skincare industry. He founded RG BIOCOSMETICS PVT.LTD in 2013. Karan came up with the idea of Qraa Men in 2017 and launched it under his ambit. With his father’s visionary sense and his new approach to digital expansion, our company flourished. Karan’s dad has always been an adroit businessman with a lot of street smartness.

While Karan look after the digital aspects of the business, such as online sales and research, his dad takes care of retail networks and offline sales. They have got other employees taking care of their online presence, as they are a digital-first company and an innovations team to come up with product ideas. Qraa Men has an open and inviting work culture.

How was Qraa Men Founded

Funny story, but the inspiration for the company comes from my personal life. As a man, Karan was never very keen about taking care of his skin, hair or beard. But that changed a few years ago. When he started to look for effective, natural and affordable products for men in the Indian market, Karan was appalled when he returned empty-handed. Brands that offered versatility were not affordable and vice versa.

Karan with his father Raj Gupta

Coming from an entrepreneur family, it did not take him long to understand the market gap in men’s grooming and personal care. The journey of ideation, designing and prototyping were not too difficult, as Karan’s father is a businessman as well. With his help and support, he was able to create a viable business concept that has today succeeded to bridge the market gap that pushed Karan to start this business!

Qraa Men- Name, Logo and Tagline

When they started out with the company and were brainstorming on names, there were various names that they had in mind. They decided to select a name that is short, sweet and self-explanatory. That is when they finalised on Qraa Men, which is a mysterious name that can generate curiosity in the minds of the people.

An aura of suspense is actually an essential part of their brand image to keep it playful. That is why its logo also has the devil’s horns.

Qraa Men- Vision and Mission

In the long term, Qraa Men aims to be the biggest name in the men’s skincare and grooming industry of India. In the short term, they want to bring out a selection of innovative and natural products like Qraa men face wash that can bridge the gap in the product supply for the unique needs of men’s skin & hair.

Its core belief behind running the company is, that it is high time Indian men understand their skin & hair and get access to natural, organic and affordable grooming and personal care.

Qraa Men- Target Market Size

As per a report by Research & Markets, the Indian men's grooming market is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 10% in the forecasted period of FY 2017-18 to FY 2021-22. The market share of some segments did come down a little due to corona, but a few other segments associated with personal care are doing comparatively well. Overall, men's grooming is segmented into men's shaving products market, beard care market, men's skincare market, men's haircare market, men's fragrance market.

Qraa Men- Products/ Services

There is a lot of stigma around grooming and personal care for men in India. For centuries, caring about skin and hair has been designated as activities only suitable for women. That started to change in the past few years, but there is still a long way to go to totally absolve stereotypes associated with men’s grooming, skin and personal care. Even the products that are available for men in the Indian market are loaded with chemicals and preservatives, as only ‘extra strong’ ingredients are wrongly believed to work for men’s skin and hair.

Qraa Men D-Tan Cleanser

Qraa Men, with its range of natural, organic and effective products, solves that problem. The brand offers gentle but highly efficient products for men’s hair, skin, body and beard. While many companies in the men’s grooming sector offer products that are not affordable for a big majority, Qraa Men offers an economical collection.

Qraa Men- Business and Revenue Model

Qraa Men is an entirely homegrown startup that has received no external funding. Karan established the company with his personal savings under the ambit of R. G. Biocosmetics. After starting the business, they started seeing a growth rate of about 20-25% annually. Although this year they are looking to just maintain their profits due to coronavirus.

In subsequent years, Qraa Men is expecting its profits to grow at about 30-35% per year. Their profits in 2019-20 was INR 40 crores GMV. They price their products 10 times the manufacturing cost but keep it competitive as per the market rates so that it is easily affordable.

Qraa Men- Startup Launch

When Qraa Men was first launched, they did what any business should do. They promoted its first line of products among their friends and family and told them to refer it to their connections if they like it. Some were even so kind as to post their experience on social media without the brand's hashtag.

The brand was always ‘digital first’, so they were working on creating a sturdy and responsive website to take the orders. The word of mouth and social media referral worked, and orders gradually started to pour in. They had a few introductory discounts planned, which helped them appeal to new customers for trying them out.

Qraa Men- Customers/ Clients

One strategy that Qraa Men has been following since the beginning is focusing on the ‘online’. One reason behind it is that they always keep its customer and market trends in mind. When more customers started to prefer using coupon codes and ordering their personal care products online, they ensured that the online purchasing experience at teir website is smooth and fast.

When the customers started focusing more on social media, they shifted their focus as well. They tied up with influencers and youth icons such as Sahil Khan to endorse Qraa Men’s products. As they kept adjusting their operations and improving its products to stay exciting and relevant for their target audience, their customer base started to swell.

Qraa Men- Challenges

A significant challenge that Qraa Men faced after entering the Indian market was to differentiate their products from the crowd of other products for men. Just a while after launching operations, they soon understood that they need to highlight the distinctive qualities of its products from their competitors in order to be noticed. At first, they thought that this problem could be solved with just an effective social media strategy.

Qraa Men D-Tan Facial Kit

Even though that worked to an extent, the team knew that it would not be sufficient. So, their innovations team took charge and researched several ways to get its product out there. And now, they have one of the best salon outreach programs and many noteworthy influencers vouching for its products in India when it comes to men’s grooming.

Qraa Men- Marketing Campaign

While they keep on executing planned marketing campaigns on a regular basis, there have been a few in the past that have helped us scale their sales. They believe that one of the best ways to reach potential customers is to find the opinion maker or leader of that audience. Qraa Men’s marketing campaigns with fitness and youth icon Sahil Khan, Mr Rajasthan 2020 Vipul Chowdhary and few more dedicated influencers on Instagram were really successful. They redirected relevant traffic to their social media handles and website and even helped them boost their sales.

Qraa Men continues to spend 20% of their profits on its branding.

Qraa Men- Advisors and Mentors

Not formally, but Karan is always inspired by the speeches made by notable entrepreneurs in India. He makes it a point to follow their advice as he strongly believes in learning from other people’s mistakes or experiences. Karan also considers his dad to be a celebrated entrepreneur with years of knowledge and experience.

Since he is the managing director of the company, the team takes his mentoring very seriously. Lessons from his life and business experience have been so useful for Qraa Men.

Qraa Men- Competitors

Some of Qraa Men’s top competitors are Beardo, The Man Company, MensXP and Ustraa. They want to appreciate the good work that they have been doing. Even though some of their products do get fair competition from them, its quality and affordability speak for itself. Qraa Men has received top reviews in some product segments such as hair products, body oil etc.

Qraa Men- Tools

Qraa Men has a team of experienced and adept e-commerce experts, who play a pivotal role in running the company. They use the Shopify CRM to create a robust and responsive website that provides safe, easy and excellent shopping experience to their customers. Since they are a digital-first brand, they have also been focusing on developing relatable content on its social media platforms to attract more eyeballs.

Qraa Men- Recognitions and Achievements

Under the same umbrella as Qraa Men and Namyaa Skincare, Karan also manages Arama Naturals, which has recently won a Cosmopolitan award for its Rose Gold Oil. They have just started out on their journey to revolutionise men’s personal care and grooming. They are hopeful of winning many accolades for Qraa Men as well.

Qraa Men- Future Plans

Qraa Men relies on concrete data for crafting future strategies and expansion plans. They keep conducting timely surveys of their target audience to get a sense of their changing preferences and aspirations. They have managed to maintain their profits for the year. At the same time, they have also made an extensive future plan to grow Qraa Men’s revenue, profit, user base and market share. Due to the good response they received for Qraa Men, they decided to venture into the market of female hygiene products.

In the near future, they are planning to come out with a range of unique and innovative products for men such as Gold Oils, Keratin-infused Hair Serum, Hydra Boost Moisturiser, Onion Oil etc. They have also planned to add more natural and organic product ranges for men in personal care and grooming segments.

For this, they started Namyaa Skincare, which produces intimate hygiene products for women such as intimate washes, whitening serum etc. In the next 1-2 years, they are planning to launch revolutionary products under both the labels. Under Namyaa Skincare, they are shortly launching a new vertical called Namyaa Lifesciences. Under this, they will bring out purely herbal health supplements to solve period, PCOD and reproductive health issues in women.

Qraa Men - FAQs

What is Qraa Men?

Qraa Men is a leading Indian brand in the men’s grooming and personal care industry. They combine the knowledge provided by ancient Vedas with the cutting-edge technology of the 21st century to offer a range of products dedicated to men’s grooming and personal care.

Who is the founder of Qraa Men?

Karan Gupta

When was Qraa Men founded?


What are the Qraa Men products?

Qraa Men products are face wash, moisturizer, acne clearing face gel, etc.

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