PortraitFlip - Redefining the Art of Handmade Paintings

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PortraitFlip helps creating a wonderful gifting experience for its customers. It understands the most complicated task of deciding on a perfect gift and therefore introduced a modern way to gifting. Founded by Sunny Choudhary in 2018, PortraitFlip makes handmade paintings from photos. 

PortraitFlip - Company Highlights

  • StartupName PortraitFlip
  • Headquarters-Pune 
  • Founders-Sunny Choudhary
  • Sector-Handmade Art
  • Founding Year-2018
  • Turnover-6 crores (2020)
  • Registered Name-PortraitFlip E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd.

PortraitFlip - About and Vision

PortraitFlip makes handmade paintings from photos. It's that simple! Art is underrated, but customers hardly know how emotionally governing a handmade painting can be.

With a short-term vision of providing an unquestionable 100% customer satisfaction with unforgettable brand awareness, PortraitFlip looks ahead to promote the implicit ninjas of the art world and create better living standards for the artist community.

"We are also driven by the commitment to generate decent employment and contribute to the economy. Nothing is a better asset to a company than a potential youth who has the urge to  learn and prove himself" - Says Sunny Choudhary, Founder, PortraitFlip.

PortraitFlip Instagram

PortraitFlip - Market/Industry Details

PortraitFlip is a part of the gifting industry which has a market size of approximately $31.63 Billion. While it forms a very small part of this share, PortraitFlip is trying every chalk and cheese to make a decent contribution to the market share.

The team is sure that the art of gifting is only going to get better in the next 5 years. There is going to be a growing demand for  handmade/personalized gifts now more than ever – that’s a brownie point for the gifting industry.

PortraitFlip - Founder and Team

Sunny Choudhary is the founder of PortraitFlip. However, he believes that an idea is just a thought if not backed by a team.

Team PortraitFlip

PortraitFlip has a team of ten players who have successfully maintained a highly enthusiastic and young working culture at the office. PortraitFlip is working with more than 190 artists across the world, promoting and supporting their living.

Sunny Choudhary believes in only one Hiring Funda –

"Hire an expert for a payroll of two average candidates – it makes all the difference. The second would be to treat your team as a family who is trying to help your ends meet"

PortraitFlip - Startup Journey and Ideation

PortraitFlip came as a result of a sorry tale!

One of Sunny's friends wanted to gift his girlfriend a handmade painting from a photo but had a tough-luck finding it. There were very limited companies that provided this service and the ones that did, cost an arm and leg to deliver.

Sunny Choudhary realized that there was a gap that needed to be filled and grasped this opportunity to make PortraitFlip. He started with reading and analyzing the competitors in the market. There wasn’t a validation required since he felt the deficit in the product.

The launch of PortraitFlip went smooth. Everything was taken care of from the website to delivering partner. The website was ready and Sunny was on talking terms with the studios.

The only thing that bothered him was - "It was the end of November and I hadn’t received a single real order"

After thorough research, he decided to run GoogleAds and FacebookAds with the idea of receiving orders fast. But money stood his way. All of Sunny's hostel mates decided to pull in whatever they could and funded PortraitFlip's initial round of Ads, which was later returned with interest.

"Most of my conversations happened with my hostel mates and best friends. They were of great support and motivation. It was them who gave me the strength to undertake something like that" adds Sunny.

PortraitFlip - Product/Service Offered and USP

PortraitFlip has a dedicated website, that a handmade painting from photos.

PortraitFlip Website

"It might not sound like an actual problem but it is – the core of it is that the hidden maestros of the art world do not get the respect they deserve" says Sunny, founder, PortraitFlip.

PortraitFlip is thriving towards making a better living standard for all those artists who end up compromising on their passion. Its product is and has always been handmade paintings and the team would love to stick to making big pictures for it.

PortraitFlip - Name, Tagline and Logo

PortraitFlip came pretty simply to the team. The teams flips photos into handmade paintings and that’s how the name was  born. To be on point and precise was the main intention here.

Sunny Choudhary feels that handmade paintings are a graceful way of keeping unfinished, finished or most cherished memories intact - which showed him a way to the tagline – “Making your memories live forever.”  

The logo of Portrait went through a lot of revisions over time. The one that the team finally landed with has a lot of hidden elements to it but yet seems uncomplicated which was the biggest challenge to be accomplished.

To keep an artistic touch - the team decided to have a color palette in place of the “o” and the heart on the “I” to connote the emotions that the painting carries while red remains the universal color of love and grasp the user-attention.

PortraitFlip - Business Model and Revenue Model

PortraitFlip have a B2C business model and its entire operation takes place over the website. The prices of PortraitFlip's handmade painting start with $60 and go up to $675 depending upon the size, medium, and subject of the painting.

PortraitFlip - Startup Launch and Customer Acquisition

"I would say Google Ads and Facebook Ads are a blessing! While we kept a head-on with SEO practices, Email  Marketing, and other aspects of digital marketing, Ads boosted our sales within 4 months." says Sunny.

Since, PortraitFlip is an E-commerce site, most of its sales are bettered by practicing every aspect of organic SEO. The team tried to hit up the traffic by working on everything from Content Marketing to Email Marketing to Social Media Marketing. It gave wonderful results and it’s been almost a year, PortraitFlip haven’t invested anything in ADS. SEO is doing everything!

SEO took time to show results but it worked miraculously for PortraitFlip when it did. The team improved its social media game by releasing reels and YouTube videos.


Improvised customer services also helped PortraitFlip's sales to be increased. it improved its website by making it more user-friendly, it made entire ordering process smooth enough with very low chances of people leaving without ordering. It’s not just about making a website. There was much more involved in the backend.

"Customer satisfaction is very important. If your customer is content with your work and service, you automatically  buy yourself a few future sales. Word of mouth!" adds Sunny.

PortraitFlip - Startup Challenges Faced

"Challenges are challenges if you look at them with that eye. It is just a part and parcel of the entire ball game  that we call a business. There will be hurdles all the time, but you have to keep fighting it and conquering all"  says Sunny.

A minor carelessness from PortraitFlip's side and it was removed from ETSY overnight! ETSY was a platform that was bringing the startup with major sales. Before the team could act upon it and damage control, PortraitFlip lost an entire customer base in the blinking of an eye.  

But the team did not give up. Facebook came to its rescue, and even though things went a little haywire for a month, everything was taken care of.

PortraitFlip - Growth and Turnover

PortraitFlip has a decent turnover of 6 crores, in just 3 years from inception. Its target is to hit 10 crores in the year 2021.

PortraitFlip is working with more than 190 artists across the world, promoting and supporting their living.

PortraitFlip - Advisors and Mentors

"Entrepreneurs are advisors and mentors themselves. The idea is to experiment, fall, learn and experiment again" adds Sunny.

In this case, Sunny Choudhary (Founder of PortraitFlip) keeps researching, reading, and coming with new ideas to advise and mentor his team. The team has been of massive support too. They make sure that they keep their homework ready and add maximum value to the company by educating and experimenting.

PortraitFlip - Competitors

PaintYourLife, MyDaVinci and InstaPainting are the top competitors of PortraitFlip.

Tools used by PortraitFlip to run business

PortraitFlip uses -

  • WooCommerce as its business platform
  • Klaviyo for email marketing
  • Tawk for customer service
  • TrustPilot as a review platform.
  • Canva and Photoshop for graphics
  • WordPress for Blogs
  • Ahrefs and MozBar as SEO tool.

PortraitFlip - Recognition and Achievements

PortraitFlip was honored with an award for the Best Start-up from Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai.  

"Well, I can proudly say that my biggest achievement would be - my team of 10 renegades" exclaims Sunny.

PortraitFlip - Future Plans

The team has an aim to make PortraitFlip the go-to platform for handmade paintings across the world. However, apart from this, it is also planning to enter the Pet Market. The work has already begun with its sister website dogisworld (but still building a base for it)

PortraitFlip - FAQs

What is PortraitFlip?

PortraitFlip E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd. is a startup that makes handmade paintings from photos.

Who is the founder of PortraitFlip?

Sunny Choudhary is the founder PortraitFlip.

How much is the turnover of PortraitFlip?

The turnover of PortraitFlip is 6Cr since inception and it has a target of 10Crs in 2021.

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