Wellnessmonk - Online Platform for Health & Wellness Products

E-commerce sector is growing exponentially - from daily used FMCG products to electronics, from clothes to valuables like gold or diamond - everything is available online. And now, all thanks to the e-pharmacy platforms, even medicine is available online easily. While over the counter medicine can be ordered without any prescription, other prescribed medication can be obtained by just uploading the prescription online.

Owing to the e-pharmacy platforms, world-class medicine and health care products have now become easily available across the country. With this very aim of delivering quality healthcare products to every possible nook and corner of the country, Wellnessmonk was founded in the year 2017. The company was earlier known as 'Pharmacyonnet', but the name was changed to 'Wellnessmonk' in 2019. Now Wellnessmonk sells a wide range of products for healthcare, wellness, personal care, mother and baby care and even household products like groceries, beverages and snacks.

Wellnessmonk - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Wellnessmonk
  • Headquarter-Kanpur 
  • Founder-Gyaan Dixit
  • Sector-E-Pharmacy/Health
  • Founded-2017
  • Funding-Bootstrapped
  • Parent organization-Dreamz Nutrition & Pharmaceutical Private Limited

Wellnessmonk - About and Products

Wellnessmonk is an online healthcare store where a wide range of health-related products are available.

The site delivers over 10,000 products including organic grocery, imported & gourmet food items, household items, mother & baby range, personal care products for men & women, wellness items related to sports & fitness, health supplements, anti-aging products and variety of herbal & organic products.

The delivery is available pan India and it is working towards reaching the remotest areas of the country. So why queue up outside shops when you can avail all your medications & health products, with just a click of a mouse, sitting at home and with added benefits of exciting offers & amazing discounts.

Wellnessmonk - Industry Details

With mobile and internet services being available across the country even in many remote places, the Government of India is taking many e-health initiatives like online medical consultation and facility for exchange of patient information pan-India. Owing to such initiatives, growing health awareness and people becoming more and more accustomed to online shopping, the e-pharmacy segment is growing fast.

India currently has over 850,000 independent pharmacy retail stores that are able to meet only 60% of the total domestic therapeutic demand. These traditional Brick and Mortar retail pharmacies are currently responsible for 99% of the pharmaceutical sales annually with online pharmacy contributing to only 1% of the total therapeutic sales.

The e-pharmacy segment is expected to see a growth of 20% CAGR and cross the $3 billion mark by 2024.

Wellnessmonk - Founder

Gyaan Dixit is the founder of Wellnessmonk.

Gyaan Dixit

Gyaan Dixit completed MBA from Pune and started working at a reputed pharmaceutical company. In 2014, he quit his job and started Dreamz Nutrition & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd (DNPL) along with his elder brother who had a good experience in pharmaceuticals & Nutrition. Today the DNPL turnover is around INR 12 Million (2019) and manufactures 22 products among which AgeDeifier is the hot selling cake.

Wondering how I could provide the best of products to everyone living in India & what can I do to make healthcare retailing more advance and approachable, my quest led the way to wellnessmonk.com in the year 2017,” asserts Gyaan

Wellnessmonk - The Idea and Starting Up

The idea struck Gyaan, while he was working on his own venture Dreamz Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. with his brother Gaurav Dixit. It was his vision to provide healthcare products to the remotest areas of the country. He wanted to provide the facility where one can provide for the healthcare needs of his loved ones even when he is not near them.  

The idea behind wellnessmonk.com is to bridge this gap by providing you a hassle-free solution to look after your family & friends and give you a sigh of relief even when you are far from them.

Wellnessmonk - Name and Logo

Being a one stop platform for all wellness related products, the company is named Wellnessmonk.

However, earlier the company was known as Pharmacyonnet. It was renamed Wellnessmonk in 2019.

Wellnessmonk - Customer Acquisition

As an e-platform, Wellnessmonk acquires customers online.

As we deal in Health & Wellness, our target audience is everyone. From a newborn to the senior person we deal in each and every segment of health.

Wellnessmonk - Funding

The Wellnessmonk funding is non-existant currently as it is bootstrapped. However, it is planning to start its marketing cell to handle funding and association related matters, as it requires more funds for executing future plans and for promotions and endorsements.

Wellnessmonk - Revenue Model

Wellnessmonk generates revenue by applying a marketplace fee to every order.    

Wellnessmonk - Challenges

‘Never Quit’ is the mantra that Gyaan follows while taking up challenges. According to Gyaan, doing business in India is still a hard nut to crack. Being an honest and loyal business is even tougher. It is depressing to see the wrong business getting more benefits than the deserving one. But still fighting against all odds and finding the way towards the destination is always what the Wellnessmonk team is working towards. Forming a team having adequate skills was one of the major challenges faced by the company.

My inspiration is the people & family associated with us & when we see so much responsibility on us we always try to fight much harder with all the positive approach.

Wellnessmonk - Competitors

Some competitors of Wellnessmonk are Netmeds, 1 mg, Practo, BookMeds, Yodawy, SmartMedics, WeChemist, BrownPacket, PharmEasy, Myra Medicines, HeyCare and MedPlusMart

As said by Gyaan, there are many online platforms that are selling everything and trying to attract consumers with impractical discounts and offers. But his aim is to build Wellnessmonk as a specialized brand for healthcare products.

The company is working towards incorporating imported and revolutionary healthcare products into the portal, which will surely give it an edge over the competitors.

Now we are like a supermarket or say Super pharmacy where you can buy everything related to health. If we find something which is good for health then we definitely go for that.

Wellnessmonk - Achievements

Wellnessmonk is currently dealing in over 10,000+ verified & trusted health products and has created a customer base of more than 80,000 customers in a short period of time. It also has over 200 vendors pan India to supply products.

The company is registered with national & international standards. Besides, the company has acquired licenses from bodies such as Food & drug authorities, FSSAI and ISO. The startup is also recognised by Start-Up India, Food safety & standardization authority, Import export council & International Standardization.

Wellnessmonk - Technology Used

Wellnessmonk is a 100% technology-driven startup, having its virtual private servers. For security and performance, the company works with CDN around the globe. For online marketing, it uses email marketing, surveys & Analytics. The company has its own designed 100% customized information system and in-house uses Trello. Besides at the end to end chain, it uses Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Bluehost, Cloudflare, Survey Monkey, Mail Chimp, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.    

Wellnessmonk - Work Culture

According to Gyaan, well-disciplined & focused work culture is the most crucial factor for healthy working. At Wellnessmonk, utmost care is taken to have a positive environment with good lighting & seating arrangements and proper desks & personal space for the employees.  

Besides this, it conducts regular group discussions & debates to bring the best out of employees. To keep the employees motivated the company also organizes surprises and socializing on every small achievement. Awards & applaud are given to employees on every breakthrough performance.  

Perseverance, skills & loyalty are major parameters on which we judge any candidate, but it is also a fact that you can’t get 100% desirable candidates. It’s important to give an opportunity to the most appealing candidate than wait for the right one.

Wellnessmonk- Future Plans

Wellnessmonk's future plans include -

  • Opening storefronts for the offline market by mid 2020.
  • Start manufacturing generic, branded & herbal medicines.
  • Starting prescription medicine service based on pin codes.
  • Starting a free of cost service where the customers can find their nearby doctor based on pin codes.
  • Our strategy is to sync the existing health segment & became the biggest platform for selling health products online in India.

Wellnessmonk- Founder's Advice

Invest time in making not just the product but a brand. A brand is what helps you earn a winning difference in the heart of customers. For efficient brand positioning, you need to give what is never given before i.e. the best ever quality.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Who is the owner of Wellnessmonk?

Wellnessmonk Founder is Gyaan Dixit.

What is Wellnessmonk?

Wellnessmonk is an online healthcare store where a wide range of health-related products are available.

Is Pharmacyonnet and Wellnessmonk same?

Yes, Pharmacyonnet was renamed to Wellnessmonk in 2019.