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A healthy and fit body is essential for a human to perform the best. For the right reasons, of late, there has been increasing consciousness among individuals about fitness and health. Consequently, the fitness industry has been growing immensely. Keeping up with our new formed habit of searching for every solution online, many platforms providing guidance on fitness and health online, are also emerging. One such startup that is guiding you to attain your fitness goals is Miten Says Fitness.

Miten Says Fitness (MSF) is a digital-based platform that provides online fitness training services and has some of the best fitness trainers in India. MSF provides personalized fitness solutions (in the form of weekly Diet and Workout Plans) that are completely customized to the requirements of each of its clients – taking into consideration their current lifestyle, body condition, preferences, limitations, and fitness goals.

Company Highlights of Miten Says Fitness

  • Startup Name-Miten Says Fitness
  • Headquarter-Mumbai  
  • Sector-Health & Fitness
  • Founder-Miten Kakaiya
  • Founded-2017
  • Parent Organization-Miten Says Fitness LLP

Miten Says Fitness - About

Miten Says Fitness (MSF) is a Mumbai based startup that provides personalized fitness solutions to its clients through weekly diet and workout plans. These plans are updated every week – taking in any feedback and assessing the progress made by the client.

How MSF Works

This approach ensures that the plans become more and more sustainable for the clients. Also, the weekly updates hold the clients accountable to follow through with their fitness journey while Miten Says Fitness provides clients with the service remotely.

The functioning of Miten Says Fitness is quite simple. First, the customer selects any of the numerous permutation combinations of options available on the website and signs up through its portal.

MSF Workout Plans

Once they sign up, the clients receive a document called- MSF Fitness Questionnaire. This questionnaire allows the team to collect complete details about the clients' body, lifestyle, preferences, limitations, and fitness goals, along with their body photos.

Based on the response to this questionnaire, the MSF team create a plan for Week one. The plan includes details of exactly what food they need to eat, in what quantity, and a brief recipe which makes their meal plan tasty (and not just limit themselves to boring, bland salads).

Besides, clients also get a personalized workout plan (which can be done at home or at the gym – based on client preference) that details the exact exercise that they need to do along with the correct number of sets, reps, the rest period and a brief description of the correct form to execute these exercises.

A couple of buffer days are provided to the customers so that they can arrange for groceries and other necessary material to start with their Week one. As the customer starts, the company has to be informed.

Around day 5, Miten personally collects feedback from them and prepare their week 2 plan accordingly, and so on!

Miten Says Fitness provides a wide range of fitness services. The prominent ones are,

Helping its clients with a laid down path to enable them to achieve their fitness goals.

Enabling access to world-class fitness knowledge and expertise right at their fingertips.

Making personalized fitness programs affordable to its consumers.

Educate its clients with the correct information

The USP of MSF is;

They provide the services of a personal trainer and a nutritionist under one roof.

They provide the right level of support, motivation, and guidance to ensure that their clients feel empowered to religiously follow their fitness journey – despite being remotely available to them.

The core belief of Miten Says Fitness is to always provide value to its audience (on Social Media) and its clients and deliver results above expectations.

Miten Says Fitness - Founders and Team

Miten Kakaiya is the founder of Miten Says Fitness (MSF). He studied MEng (Hons) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Manchester. He also worked with Airbus in the UK for an year before setting up MSF.

Miten Kakiya - Founder of Miten Says Fitness

Today, MSF is a team of 9 highly motivated individuals driven to leave a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of MSF stakeholders.

Miten Says Fitness - How was it Started?

The idea for MSF occurred unusually to Miten Kakaiya, founder of MSF. During his sisters' wedding few of his cousins approached him for fitness tips given his interest in fitness. In the process of guiding them and getting tangible results; Miten found a business idea in it.

Miten Kakaiya, during his stay abroad for studies, has come across multiple Online Personal Trainers.

A few of the personal trainers I came across, really made a huge impact on my decisions in shaping the company. I observed them grow over a span of 2-5 years and carefully analyzed the strategies employed by them to climb the ladder of success - quotes Miten.

Fascinated about the concept of online personal trainers, Miten envisioned starting something along similar lines in India. He studied the fitness industry in India very closely to understand the micro details of the market. From his research, he realized that there are few gaps in the Indian fitness industry and that there are only a few online personal training service providers.

Miten started working on his concept by helping a few dedicated individuals from his neighborhood gym at a very minimal cost. It was this careful assessment of finding motivated and dedicated individuals that helped validate the potential of his idea.

MSF started off with basic services like detailing what food the clients need to eat and what workouts/exercises they need to do. As the team received feedback from their consumers, the team started including more details on their services.

MSF came up with client transformation plans, which included things like recipes for every single meal – making their diet food super tasty and easy to cook and sustain. MSF also started including information about the exercises and details like how to correct the form and basics to keep in mind while exercising.

Our next step is to introduce a video trainer alongside – which makes the implementation of the program hassle-free for our consumers. Our focus has always been on providing value to our audience and to our clients. This simple fundamental has helped us keep our customer acquisition costs low while also ensuring that we deliver quality services. Hence, we are always on the lookout for improving the overall experience of customers.

Miten Says Fitness - Name, Tagline, and Logo

Miten taking inspiration from his overseas Online Fitness Trainers, wanted to follow the formula of – First Name + Last Name + Fitness, to name his brand. But the formula somehow didn't work. Narrating the story behind the name Miten says-

I didn’t really like the sound of Miten Kakaiya Fitness or MKF. And so suddenly, one night MSF struck me, and I named it as Miten Says Fitness.

Miten Says Fitness - Business Model and Revenue Model

Miten Says Fitness follows a simple B2C model of operation. MSF products are priced between INR 1,200 to INR 30,000/-. During the sale season, they have their products going as low as INR 250, as well. Since this is an online service package, they do not have any raw material costs associated, allowing price flexibility.

Besides, their team is also very lean for now. These factors allow high-profit margins for MSF, and these high margins are being used to re-invest into the business, mainly for Product Development and Marketing.

Miten Says Fitness - User Acquisition and Growth

Prior to launching MSF officially, Miten worked with a couple of clients to understand the potential of the idea in a better manner. These clients have been able to follow the diet and workout schedule dutifully. Gradually, positive results showed, which gave Miten an encouraging push to boost his strategy. He thereon started marketing his services online.

In the initial phase, Miten's customers were mainly his friends and acquaintances. Through mouth referrals and digital marketing, Miten was able to popularize his services. Social media was extensively used by MSF to propagate their services by creating valuable content, spreading true information, and showcasing the incredible benefits that MSF clients have achieved.

MSF's major source of client acquisition is social media. It allowed them to disseminate information at free of cost. Besides, it has proven to be a trusted platform to gain access to customers. The MSF team then works to convert their social media followers to customers.

Miten Says Fitness Instagram Marketing

As MSF got a hold of a good number of clients, MSF has flagged of offers and value-added benefits to its clients regularly to gain more clients besides, retaining the clients.

We are investing heavily right now into growing the reach of our social media and providing our followers with more and more free, authentic, and valuable information. Apart from that, we have plans to get a small scale, but impactful influencers on board to help us increase the reach and authenticity of our brand and our services - says Miten explaining the customer acquisition strategy.

Miten Says Fitness - Startup Challenges

Initially, it was quite a task for Miten to convince his parents and his close social circle about the online fitness training service providers, given it is fairly a new concept for the Indian Market. Nevertheless, with a clear and structured planning process, Miten was able to convince them successfully.

A major challenge for MSF was to make its clients follow the plan regularly and be committed. Unlike other products, here the clients have to buy a package and also put in efforts so as to reap benefits – that is, improved health and fitness levels.

To increase the awareness among the public concerning fitness and to improve the brand image of MSF they have introduced, the MSF Transformation Challenge. It is a fitness challenge wherein a bunch of people sign up together and are bound by limited dates.

MSF Transformation Challenge

The best three transformations during this period win Cash Prize from MSF. So far, they have had five editions, and all of them have been a huge success.

Now we are planning to bring it back again next year – bigger and better than ever before!

Miten Says Fitness - Funding and Investors

MSF has completely relied on money generated from the MSF business itself. Right from day one the company started generating revenue.

All the money generated is re-invested for content creation and on marketing to acquire more customers with the help of Social Media.

Miten Says Fitness - Advisors and Mentors

Miten, by virtue of studies, has developed a social circle dominated by Entrepreneurs, who are  guiding him in his venture and has played a good role in shaping up the organization

Miten Says Fitness - Awards

Miten Says Fiteness has been recognized for the efforts it has put to make people live healthy and fit. Awards received by the platform are-

  • Radio City Mumbai City Icon Award for Excellence in Nutrition and Lifestyle in 2019.
  • GHP News 2019 Fitness and Nutrition Awards- Best Online Fitness Training Specialist- India
  • Featured on Mensxp platform for 31 days fitness challenge introduced.

Miten Says Fitness - Future Plans

MSF is currently operating from Mumbai. Miten Says Fitness has so far helped more than 1000 clients in 26 countries across the globe. The Platform is experiencing a steady growth rate of 100% YoY since inception, and aims to help 100,000 individuals from across the globe as a part of the five year plan.

Our goal is to remain as lean as possible. Implement newer technologies and invest more in product development. In the long term, we want MSF to be analogous with fitness in India and Indians across the world - Miten quoted explaining the company's future plans


Who is the founder of Miten Says Fitness?

Miten Kakaiya is the founder of Miten Says Fitness.

What is Miten Says Fitness?

Miten Says Fitness (MSF) is a Mumbai based startup that provides personalized fitness solutions to its clients through weekly diet and workout plans.

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