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There is a lack of access to digital marketing for small businesses looking for ways to grow their business. Big agencies don't really work for the SMEs and people/agencies that work for SMEs are not effective at making them profitable from online ads spend. Biplab Poddar started Oxedent with the mantra to make them profitable, not just maintain the digital presence. The company has created an online advertising strategy exclusively for SMEs that turn their Online Ads into a profit center.

Read this article about Oxedent, how it works, founder, tagline, business model, challenges, growth, and future plans.

Oxedent - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Oxedent
  • Headquarter-Kolkata, India
  • Sector-PPC Management, Online Ads management
  • Founder-Biplab Poddar
  • Founded-2017
  • Parent Organization-Oxedent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

About Oxedent and How it Works

Oxedent deals with Pay per click (PPC) management which includes Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads campaigns setup, and management.

The company has been successful in executing 250+ projects since the last year across 54+ countries with the maximum clients from the UK and EU Countries.

"We ensured that our clients get the maximum of the ads spent. Our average client sees a 6.5x ROI, meaning every $1 they spend on ads we gave them a sale of $6.5. We want to expand to a 50 people team and expand our reach to the Australian market.", says Biplab Poddar, Founder, and CEO of Oxedent.

The company is working on building a SaaS app which won't just automate the campaign setup and optimization but also make the campaigns profitable for eCommerce businesses. E-commerce business owners will be able to tell the app their advertising goals and the system will choose the audience, ad platform channels, placements to get the most out of their ads spend and increase store revenue.

Oxedent - Target Market Size

There are an estimated 20 million – 24 million e-commerce sites across the entire globe, with more and more being created every single day. Only about 2M of them generate $1000 per month in sales. On the other hand there are 2.05 Billion active people shopping online. So there is clearly a gap or limitation in the way e-commerce businesses advertising online.

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How was Oxedent Started?

Biplab Poddar, the owner of Oxedent, pursued a B.Tech Degree from Kalyani Government College in Electronics. Like all other parents, it was expected from him too, to get a 9-5 job in an MNC and get his life settled. But it was way too different from what he thought.

Biplab started doing paid internships right from 3rd year of his college and helped many startups with their digital marketing who were just starting up and can’t afford full-time employees. Going forward he started learning advanced techniques and tools of Digital marketing.

"I read an interview of a freelancer making $30000 per annum from consulting on digital marketing to foreign clients, then I learned about freelancing platforms like PeoplePerHour and UpWork. I created a profile immediately, got my first job in about a few weeks. It was a London based Law firm, I helped them create Google AdWords campaigns, and they are still my client", recalls the Oxedent founder.

This was the turning point of his life and since then, he never looked back and was making a handsome sum of money every month in the final year of his engineering days. Poddar never wanted to join a full-time job but was unable to convince his parents and had to join a full-time role as Digital marketing manager in a real estate company.

The founder paralleled freelancing with his job and continued like this for 3 months after college. More companies were inquiring for his services and single-handedly he couldn't deliver.

"Then finally the fire in me made me quit my job to be on the crest on a wave and hired more digital marketing enthusiasts, trained them, and made them a part of my team. It was September 2017, I registered Oxedent as a Pvt. Ltd company", says Biplab.

Oxedent - Product/Services

The company is into PPC management services and the biggest USPs are:

  • They’re ROI & Focused
  • One of the few Google Partners
  • They only do PPC unlike other agencies that do everything from social media management to SEO, email marketing etc.
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Founder of Oxedent

Biplab Poddar

They are a 9 person team at the minute. They maintain a very friendly environment in the office, all of the team members are under 30 so there is a lot of work and a lot of parties.

Hiring: It doesn't matter if the candidate has a college degree or not as long as he/she knows what he does (PPC) and how to make campaigns generate sales.

Oxedent - Name, Tagline, and Logo

Oxedent has its name derived from the term “Oxygen” for the company acts like oxygen to the brands who are suffering due to online absence and who need a complete transformation in the digital sphere.

The company has a distinct clear vision to break through the clutters of internet marketing agencies, hence the name Oxedent, far unique than the typical “solutions'', “info” in the names of most marketing agencies.

Oxedent - Business Model and Revenue Model

The company has a very simple flat fee business model based on your marketing budget. This is a list of ad spend vs company price:

Ad Spend (INR) Oxedent's Fee (INR)

70K-100K 20K

100K-150K 25K

150K-200K 30K

200K-250K 35K

250K-300K 40K

300K-350K 45K

350K-400K 50K

400K-450K 55K

450K-500K 60K

Oxedent - User Acquisition

Biplab already had a client base and a strong portfolio since he was doing freelancing for 2 years before he started the company. The company has got its first 100 clients organically through the website. They also have an amazing blog where they share how-to, strategy and step by step articles on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, conversion rate optimization(CRO).

"As I mentioned earlier most of our clients are SMEs and they try to run ads of their own and look for help online and found through our blog and we help them get maximum ROI from their ads spend", says Biplab Poddar, owner of Oxedent.

The team hasn’t spent a single Rupee on ads in the first one and half years but focused on creating content that helps business owners utilize the Online Ads to scale their business/sales. They have 100+ amazing articles on their blog that brings them 80% of the website traffic.

They also have tie-ups with UK and USA based digital marketing agencies and offer white label PPC services to their clients.

Oxedent - Startup Challenges

Hiring the right talent was/is a challenge in Kolkata for a very niche service (PPC management). When Poddar was managing clients’ ad campaigns single-handedly, he ensured all of them are profitable (made sure they get at least $4 in sales for each $1 they spend on ads). While growing the client base it was his main concern that the quality of his works is the same and clients get maximum ROI.

Biplab Poddar initiated a training program called ‘oxedent mini’ where he teaches PPC & CRO to candidates with digital marketing experience and then hire them, to maintain the quality of his service and highest ROI for the clients.

Oxedent - Growth

Operating locations: The majority of the clients are from the UK, EU Countries, Middle East, and the USA.

Revenue: About 1 crore

Profit: 25-30 Lacs

Userbase/Client base: The team has worked with 250+ clients so far. They are currently working with 18 clients.

Notable clients: Tata Housing, UNICEF Ireland, Boy London.

The revenue of Oxedent has grown from 22 Lacs in the first year to 47 Lacs in the second year to 1 Crore in the third year.

Oxedent - Future Plans

There are an estimated 20 million – 24 million e-commerce sites across the entire globe, with more and more being created every single day. Only about 2M of them generate $1000 per month in sales. On the other hand, 2.05 Billion active people are shopping online. So there is clearly a gap or limitation in the way e-commerce businesses advertising online.

Oxedent is building a SaaS platform where the e-commerce business owners can reach engaged shoppers with buying intent and only spend on ads channels and audiences that are likely to generate sales and revenue. The platform will automatically suggest the best advertising channels, keywords, ad copies by scanning their website, and products.

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