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The advent of Edtech is certainly a boon for the education sector. Edtech is not only making learning easier, interesting and fun for students but has also made managing schools and educational institutes simpler. There is a lot to take care of when it comes to managing an educational institute.

Stock management, account management, tracking student performance, managing time tables, maintaining regular communications with parents and guardians and a lot more needs to be done to run an educational institute smoothly. There is a need of education ERP software which could make it smooth.

ERPs allow systematic management of all these tasks under one platform. My Class Campus, an all in one campus management ERP with 40+ ready modules, is helping educational institutes to manage various tasks better and with ease. My class Campus provides one of the best school ERP software.

My Class Campus - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-My Class Campus
  • Headquarter-Ahmedabad
  • Founder-Rachit Dave, Rutvij Vora & Raj Kothari
  • Sector-Edtech
  • Founded-2015
  • Parent Organization-Hexagon Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

About My Class Campus

My class campus is an Ahmedabad based startup founded in 2015. It provides a complete ERP for educational institutions. It Provides ERP software for educational institutes.

Besides, My Class Campus also builds app for educational institutes and offers a DIY website designing platform for these institutes. Their school ERP app increases productivity of teachers and give better experience to students & satisfaction to parents.

"All in one solution is the biggest gap in educational ERP domain and we at MyClassCampus are providing that.", says Rachit, Co-founder, My Class Campus

Having a simple and easy to use system is also another problem for schools as admin staff is not very tech savvy. 80% of schools buy a system but couldn’t utilize effectively due to complexity in use and technical glitches. MyClassCampus is crafted with a vision to provide the simplest solution which anyone can learn to use. Also, their dedicated expert tech team is keeping the system error-free for a better experience.  

My Class Campus Founders

Rachit Dave, Rutvij Vora and Raj Kothari, Founders, My Class Campus

My Class Campus was founded by Rachit Dave, Rutvij Vora and Raj Kothari. All the three founders are engineering graduates from Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya, Anand (Gujarat).

Rachit Dave is the CEO of My Class Campus. He is a BE in Electronics and communication and is also an MBA in Human Resource. Rutvij Vora is a BE in Information Technology and M.Tech in Cyber Security and Incident Response. Raj Kothari is a BE in computer engineering and also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management.

Besides My Class Campus, Rachit, Rutvij and Raj are also associated with another startup CareerKhojj, which is a platform giving career guidance and facilitates knowledge sharing and communication between students and teachers.

How was My Class Campus Started

It was in 2014 when a huge section of the Indian population was doing everything from booking tickets to shopping, online and through apps. Rachit, Rutvij and Raj had the thought that if shopping and ticket booking, which are not daily activities, are being done digitally, why the educational institutes were still following the old techniques of managing operations, data, resources and communication.

They wanted to develop something which could help the educational institutes to manage different tasks and operations digitally and thus easily.

"We felt, there is a strong need of Mobile And cloud driven advanced yet easy to use system. That’s when we started building My Class Campus, which is one of the most popular and fastest growing Educational ERP Companies.", said the founders.

What is My Class Campus

My Class Campus offers a complete ERP for educational institutes. My Class Campus is a cloud-based ERP platform. It is simple, easy to use and connects management, teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders of an educational institute. Besides, My Class Campus can be used for a single branch and also can be used by educational institutes having multiple branches through a single account credential.

It has 40+ advance dynamic modules which cover all the requirements to make an institute completely digital and go paperless. It offers a right based access to the system which helps in managing an institute more effectively.

Some USPs of My Class Campus are-

  • Quick and easy set up
  • Multi-branch enabled
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Regular new updates and features.

Some of the features of My Class Campus ERP are-

  • Classroom, Student and Faculty management
  • Dynamic calendar, Time Table, and Holiday and year planner
  • Attendance and Exam Scheduler
  • Result Reports, Student Progress report
  • Homework Module
  • HRMS Module
  • Library, Hostel, Inquiry, Inventory, Fees management
  • Transport and GPS
  • Material/document management
  • Student wallet
  • Gate pass

Besides the ERP solution, My Class Campus also develops customized apps for schools and offers a DIY platform where educational institutes can design their own dynamic website.

"Any educational organization dealing with more than 50 students can use our system. We have a very dynamic system which can be used by school, college and private institutes dealing with any kind of classroom management and teaching process.", said Rutvij.

My Class Campus - Price

My Class Campus provides the system in the range of 100-150 Rs/student/year pricing model depending on the packages. The company has three subscription packages: Basic, Advance and Premium. Based on need, an institute can choose which package to go for.

My Class Campus - Revenue Model

My Class Campus charges per student basis with an annual fee. The company has three subscription packages: Basic, Advance and Premium. Based on need, an institute can choose which package to go for.  

My Class Campus - Funding and Investors

My Class Campus raised seed funding of INR 1.5 Cr through a private investor group.  

"We are already generating and growing good MoM revenue. However, our dream is to serve 10s of thousand educational organizations around the globe through our solutions. We are not in a hurry to raise funds however right kind of investment partner who could see our vision would definitely add more value and speed to our goal.", said Raj.

My Class campus will utilize a part of the fund for research and technology development to bring more excellence and another part for strengthening of the sales force to increase customer base PAN India and in the International market too.  

My Class Campus - User Acquisition

Acquiring the first set of customers was not an easy task for My Class Campus. After launching the minimum viable product in March 2016, My Class Campus team started approaching small coaching classes and schools. While it was a new concept and internet speed being a problem, there were very few institutes which showed genuine interest. The first user was a coaching institute which purchased the system at the very first visit.  

“As it was quite a basic product, we used to visit small coaching classes and schools. We used to get a lot of rejection with answers like who will pay the cost of the internet? Our teachers don’t use smartphone. Our parents are not tech savvy etc. We used to tell them, a few years back you weren’t using WhatsApp but now you do use right? Same was this. It is going to become very common in coming time. Very few used to trust us. Still, we kept going with a vision that someday, the problem of the internet will vanish. And then with a surprise, in 2017 Jio came. It totally changed people’s perspective on the use of smartphone and suddenly people started accepting our idea” , recalled  Rutvij, Co-founder, My Class Campus

Today, more than 2,000 educational organizations are registered with My Class campus. More than 3 lakh students and 6 lakh parents receiving regular updates through the system.  

My Class Campus - Startup Challenges

It was very tough for My Class Campus to build the product initially without having funds and sustain. It was tough to meet expenses even after the MVP was launched. The company required expert developers for building a strong product, but hiring good manpower without funds was a challenge. The company hired freelancers to meet with its early manpower needs.  

"At one point of time, paying our monthly rent was difficult and it went due for 3 months.", said Rachit.

My Class Campus - Competitors

There are few platforms which have a very large number of schools registered with it. Major companies are working region wise with few hundred to 1000 customers. My Class Campus is building a tool, which will be the easiest way to get started with the best experience and customer support to win a large mass of educational organizations. 

“Our product innovation and processes are already helping us to win many customers who were already using some reputed companies’ products previously”, said Raj, Co-founder, My Class Campus

My Class Campus - Growth

Some growth milestones achieved by My Class Campus are-

  • 2000+ institutes are registered with it.
  • 6,00,000+ users
  • 8 Partners
  • Operating in 10 countries

My Class Campus - Future Plans

My Class Campus is planning to launch an interesting communication tool with data analysis around June 2020. This tool will change the way communication happens with all the stakeholders. The company is also aiming to enable 100s of educational organizations to go cashless in 2020-21.  

“By end 2020, we want to enable 1000+ educational organizations to go 100% cash and paperless for their operations, communication and data management.”, said Raj.

My Class Campus - Founder's Advice

Find a real problem you’re passionate to solve. Don’t worry about the competition. If you feel there is a market, you can definitely build a good business providing you’re innovating on product, pricing and go to market strategy.  

If you are ready to give your best honestly and focus on customer needs and keep hustling to strengthen your revenue channels then as a startup it’s not too tough to achieve something. We are on the journey to success however we are enjoying it a lot.

My Class Campus - FAQs

What is My Class Campus?

It provides a complete ERP for educational institutions. Besides, My Class Campus also builds apps for educational institutes and offers a DIY website designing platform for these institutes.

What is My Class Campus Price?

My Class Campus provides the system in the range of 100-150 Rs/student/year pricing model depending on the packages. The company has three subscription packages: Basic, Advance and Premium. Based on need, an institute can choose which package to go for.

What are the products offered by My Class Campus?

Academics, Accounting, Admission, Attendance management, Courses, and Batches Management, Database backup/restore (Management), Document Management, Event Management, Examination Management, Fee Management, Financial Management, etc., are some of the features.

Who are the Founders of My Class Campus?

Rachit Dave, Rutvij Vora, and Raj Kothari founded My Class Campus in 2015.

What is school ERP software ?

A school ERP software is a set of programs, designed to manage all the administrative tasks of a school in an effective manner. It manages attendance, online fee payment, transport management, library, and examination management, circulars and report cards, and more.

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