MotionGility Helps Brands with the Best Explainer Videos

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Video marketing is the new trend. An explainer video can do wonders in communicating your product to the target audience clearly and in an interesting way. According to a study conducted by 'Video Rascal' (a New York-based company for creating animated marketing videos), 85% of people are more likely to buy a product after seeing the accompanying explainer video. So if you too want to harness this growing love for videos in favour of your business, 'MotionGility' is here to assist you in that. 'MotionGility is an animated explainer video making company that creates professional looking and fascinating explainer videos that will surely give an edge to your business.

  • Startup Name-MotionGility
  • Headquarter-Indore
  • Co-founders-Himanshu Chaturvedi & Komal Kokate
  • Sector-Animated Video Production
  • Founded-2015
  • Parent Organization-MotionGility Pvt. Ltd.

About MotionGility and How it Works

MotionGility provides its clients with the best-animated explainer videos to promote business stories. Animated videos are much more effective when it comes to communicating ideas and emotions as compared to PPTs. In today's busy life, people are more interested to watch a short and sweet video rather than reading about a product. Besides, From being distributed on WhatsApp, to being uploaded on various platforms, videos can slip in anywhere, helping massively in sales and pitching.

Video works magic. For example, if TCS or any other MNC has to train its employees, it might opt for methods like PPTs. But PPTs often turn out to be monotonous and somewhat boring. However, videos have a scope of vibrant graphics, and they promise engagement. Similarly, an entrepreneur or marketer might opt for PPT to showcase what s/he has in store but might miss out due to the same factors of PPTs. Complex technologies like Blockchain, AI can also be conveyed to the audience through these easy grasping Animated Explainer Video. Videos solve these problems for everyone and hence turn out to be very effective - MotionGility founders said

Majorly, MotionGilitys' product solves the budget problem that occurs while marketing a business or product. They provide cost-effective yet influential and convincing services.

MotionGility USP is that they craft customized videos that help a business in marketing and generating leads. They provide first-of-a-kind custom-made graphics in the video, which is created by them and not downloaded from anywhere

MotionGility - Target Market

India's video streaming industry is all set to grow at a CAGR of 21.82% to reach Rs. 11,977 crore by 2023. According to a report by global accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the over-the-top (OTT) video industry will record the highest growth rate among all segments and drive evolution over the next four years in the overall media and entertainment industry in the country that will rise by 11.28% to reach Rs. 4,51,405 crore.

Video Production Industry, therefore, is a massive market. MotionGility targets FMCG, technology, hospitality, electronics, lifestyle, and everything possible. The video industry is huge in its form and is spread across platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and numerous others. India is the fastest-growing entertainment and media market globally and is expected to keep that momentum.

MotionGility - Founders and team

Himanshu Chaturvedi and his childhood friend Komal Kokate came together to set up MotionGility in 2015.

Himanshu graduated from Cambridge University with a Diploma in Animation and a Degree in Education. His love for creating animated videos led him to put his best at work. Currently at MotionGility as the Founder & Director, he leads the production unit.

Komal holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Acropolis Institute. She looks after requirements and deliverables at MotionGility.

After college, Komal went on work with an MNC, while Himanshu was working with an animation studio. However, Himanshu soon quit his job due to a lack of space for creativity and increasingly monotonous work. Around the same time, Komal was keen to start her entrepreneurship journey and joined hands with Himanshu to start MotionGility. However, soon due to lack of funds it became hard for them to sustain themselves. Hence, Komal joined CSC and parallelly kept working for MotionGility in her early mornings and late nights. Meanwhile, her father passed away and she decided to quit her job as she wanted to dedicate herself fully to her entrepreneurship journey.

MotionGility currently has a team of 27 employees, 22 in Indore, 3 in Australia, 2 in the USA. Their work culture is pretty feasible with flexible working hours to relieve their staff of stress. Besides, they also believe in offering the team, recreational activities every Saturday, which energizes the team and boosts efficiency. Every team member at MotionGility is considered and treated as a significant other, and all are very closely knit.

How was MotionGility Started

In the year 2015, Himanshu was striving hard to showcase his creativity. He was also working, and he realized that all this is taking a toll on his creativity. That's when he got an urgent project. Himanshu was ready with it in less than 48 hours, and every video was to be showcased during India vs. South Africa cricket match, held in Indore, in the year 2015. A massive audience witnessed his work, his efforts, and that was the moment, the inspiration for his startup. A subtle push from his childhood friend Komal, who is also the co-founder of the company, made it all possible.

As Himanshu started working in the video production field, he realized that small companies or businesses that are locally known lack proper marketing channels for their products and services. Besides, their marketing budget is confined to small numbers, unlike the giant/ established companies. Consequently, these local companies hire agencies that barely have a proper setup, for their marketing. Such agencies fail to promote companies and businesses. Rather they contribute to demoting. In order to address this gap, Himanshu came up with the idea of explainer videos. These ideas have been realized as an ideal solution to solve marketing issues.

Initially, I spoke to Komal, my childhood friend, my sister Hema and a very close friend Rajat. I also discussed the idea with another brother-like mentor Sudhir Sir. All four of them liked the idea and were all set to support me to the core. Komal was working in an MNC then. She helped with the insights of the MNCs that such videos can be used for training purposes. However, one problem that arose was how would the market be convinced for these videos.

But, a major challenge in the process was to convince the market players about the efficiency of explainer videos. Nevertheless, with a strong conviction, MotionGility emerged to be a successful player in the video production industry. Today besides many small companies, MotionGility is also handling projects for brands like ITC, Harley Davidson, and Airtel.

MotionGility - Name, Tagline and Logo

Since MotionGility is into motion graphics, it justifies the 'Motion' part of their brand name, while 'Gility' is derived from the word' ability.' From there, MotionGility has come into being. The logo has an M and G, which are filled with eye-pleasing colours with a play button that signifies motion/movement.

MotionGility's tagline is 'What we promise we deliver', and the team is pretty true to that.

MotionGility - Business Model and Revenue Model

MotionGility operates in a service-based industry. Their revenue model varies as per the project. They focus more on the requirement of the client and alter things as per that. From gathering the client's requirements and scriptwriting to delivering the video, MotionGility offers everything. In general, their price range for explainer video varies from 500 USD to 10000 USD.

MotionGility - User Acquisition

Initially, Himanshu created videos on the products that were already present in the market. Along with the same, he tagged the audience, and through that, he was able to attract the market towards his videos. The audience was curious to know more, and there he saw a chance to build his portfolio through it.

Himanshu had a humble beginning where he charged minimal prices from his audience. First, they launched on Youtube along with Freelance platforms and then moved to social media platforms and content marketing, that's how they got their clients.

Our strategy was that we focused on the requirement of the market than the requirement of the client. This way, the client was able to draw the audience towards his brand

MotionGility - Startup Challenges

Getting the initial clients is always a challenging task. Himanshu and Komal initially had to work free of cost to create a customer base. The second challenge was that they did not have a team. Being a startup getting quality manpower to join them was not easy for the founders. Due to a lack of proper infrastructure, many were not willing to join the company. To solve the issue the company was moved into an office situated at one of the best locations of the city.

we hired an employee who wasn’t as skilled as we were expecting. We then looked for reasons as to why we weren’t able to convince people to work with us. That’s when we realized that the infrastructure might be a reason.

MotionGility even had to miss some of its clients due to lack of manpower. This made Himanshu and Komal tie up with different animation institutes that offered them, interns. Himanshu trained these interns and formed a team. Nevertheless, the projects were done by Himanshu so as to retain the high-end quality of the projects, and the company offered its services at a quite low cost to attract customers

The first strategy I implemented was offering a high-quality video at a lower cost. But, the high quality of the video spoke for itself and left me with a network of more clients. This way I could recover my cost and have a great network in the market. A friend of mine, Rahul, who is also a strategic partner today, has guided me through times.

MotionGility - Awards & Recognitions

Awarded by the Govt of MP (Traffic) with a Recognition Award.

MotionGilitys' story was covered by Cityfeed, a local journal.

The journey of MotionGility has been shared on numerous platforms.

MotionGility - Future Plans

Currently, MotionGility has also captured Germany and other overseas markets. MotionGility's strategy remains clever. From a tier 2 city, it delivers a quality worth appreciating in the global market, at lower costs.  In the near future, MotionGility aims to broaden its animation services to TV and more businesses.


Who founded MotionGility?

Himanshu Chaturvedi and  Komal Kokate founded MotionGility.

When was MotionGility founded?

MotionGility was founded in the year 2015.

Is MotionGility is an Indian company?

Yes, MotionGility is an Indian company.

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