Mother Sparsh - A Brand for Baby Care Products as Gentle as a Mother's Touch

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Today, with all the buzz about eating organic and using organic products, we see a lot of products on the market that claim to be organic and natural. This swing of organic air has not left the baby care segment untouched. To enhance the quality of products in the baby care segment, Ms. Rishu Gandhi launched her brand 'Mother Sparsh' in the year 2016.

Mother Sparsh is an innovative eco-friendly baby care brand focused on delivering a holistic experience to mothers and babies with their natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable, paraben-free, and chemical-free product offerings. Read more about Mother Sparsh Company Profile, Founders, Business Model, and more.

Mother Sparsh - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Mother Sparsh
  • Headquarter-Chandigarh
  • Founder-Dr. Himanshu Gandhi and Rishu Gandhi
  • Sector-Baby Care
  • Founded -2016
  • Parent Organization-Mother Sparsh Baby Care Pvt. Ltd.

Mother Sparsh - About and How it Works?

Mother Sparsh has a very diverse and interesting range of products. Mother Sparsh's products are very skin-friendly and ayurvedic in nature crafted with the vision to protect a baby's sensitive skin from all types of problems like redness, rashes, boils, allergies, dryness, and various other problems.

Mothers always seem to be exchanging their notes on the requirement of better products for their babies. Mother Sparsh happily introduced India's first Kids Cooking Oil with all enriching nutrients such as vitamin D, Omega 3 & Omega 6 for food preparations for kids. Its portfolio of eco-friendly products includes 98% and 99% water-based baby wipes, ayurvedic tummy roll-on, natural insect repellent to only name a few.

Mother Sparsh - Industry

According to InvestXP, In 2016, India had around 73.3 million babies in the 0–2 year age group and 252.5 million children in the 0–12 year age group. This makes India an important world market for baby and child products. Increasing awareness among parents about baby care and the wide availability of baby care products in India has changed the mindset of people in the country and has transformed the demand scenario considerably.

Furthermore, there is a significant demand for high-quality baby products, since most people are staying in nuclear families nowadays and have a single child. Therefore, they are prepared to spend a substantial amount. In the baby food segment, there is rising awareness among parents to fulfill the nutritional requirements of their babies adequately. Parents, primarily among the working-class population, are looking to compensate for the little time spent with their child by giving them the best with respect to their nutritional, hygiene or lifestyle-related requirements. Furthermore, the increase in disposable income, and double income is empowering Indian parents across the middle and upper classes to spend more on baby care products.

Mother Sparsh - Founder and Team

Rishu Gandhi

Mother Sparsh is founded by Dr. Himanshu Gandhi Rishu Gandhi.

Rishu Gandhi is Co-Founder & Head Brand Strategist at Mother Sparsh. She has a graduation degree in engineering. Before starting Mother Sparsh, she was working as a Java developer at Infosys.

Mother Sparsh - Startup Story

Rishu has an interesting story when it comes to starting her entrepreneurial journey. After completing her engineering degree, she joined Infosys as a Java developer. But her passion to become an entrepreneur, especially with her keen interest in researching and learning about consumer behavior with respect to new products and innovations deeply inspired her to research and build her own brand "Mother Sparsh" to help moms with best of products for their babies.

Rishu originally belongs to a business family and she always wanted to start something of her own. One day, her colleague was complaining about the polyester wipes that resulted in rashes on her child's skin. That led Rishu to research the baby care products that are available in the market. She thoroughly researched and analyzed the baby care products in the market and found a huge gap in the segment. She realized that there was a dire need for baby care products that were eco-friendly and organic.

Mother Sparsh - Business Model and Revenue Model

After suffering from a huge loss, the Mother Sparsh team switched their marketing model and decided to try product sampling. The company provided free samples to target customers and educated them about their products. In the same year, Mother Sparsh was also recognized by market research source as one of the first brands to launch water-based wipes and this rekindled the spirit of entrepreneurship in Rishu.

Mother Sparsh - Startup Challenges

Being a woman entrepreneur in India is not easy. In the beginning, Rishu faced challenges like lack of access to Adequate Funding, Limited Scope of Mobility, Inadequate Practical Experience, Balancing business & family life.

I overcame all the challenges with the help of my family support, confidence, getting exposed to the right set of experiences and my will power. If you have the courage to have your own enterprise, you certainly have the potential to make it work and reach the heights that you had dreamt for. Keep faith in yourself and your smart work is sure to daze everyone around you - says Rishu Gandhi

Rishu focuses on the eco-friendly & biodegradable roots, and does not believe in indulging in chemicals for a bit more sales.

Mother Sparsh - Competitors

Mother Sparsh is a brand in such a dynamic industry that faces competition from multinational companies like Johnson & Johnson, Himalaya Baby Care, Mamaearth, Pigeon, and Mothercare to name a few. Though all these brands operate in a perfectly competitive market, indirectly they do overlap with each other because of catering to the same target audience.

Mother Sparsh - Funding and Investors

Presently self-funded, Mother Sparsh is planning to look for investment and funding as it grows and escalates to the next phase of a large expansion in terms of product ranges.

Mother Sparsh - Growth

In a short span of 2.5 years, the company is selling products worth Rs 40-45 lakh per month through on-counter sales and online orders on Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry, Paytm, and more. The company records an annual turnover of Rs 3.5 crore. Mother Sparsh had a turnover of INR 15.44 crore in the financial year 2020-21.

Mother Sparsh - Future Plans

In the near future, Mother Sparsh is looking forward to launching a series of baby care products that are sure to provide relief to mothers and their babies with eco-friendly and biodegradable advantages. The company plans on launching and including more variants in the baby wipes category with varieties like baby wipes for sensitive skin with bamboo fabric. Moreover, there are also plans to also provide more options in terms of packet sizes.


Who is the owner of  Mother Sparsh?

Dr. Himanshu Gandhi and Rishu Gandhi are the owners of Mother Sparsh.

When was Mother Sparsh founded?

Mother Sparsh was founded in 2016.

What is the turnover of Mother Sparsh?

Mother Sparsh recorded a turnover of INR 15.44 crore in the financial year 2020-21.

What products does Mother Sparsh brand has?

Mother Sparsh brand provides baby care and mother care products.

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