MeVero - A Digital Buddy to find your Passion and Purpose of Life!

Not many people realize they have completely transformed their lives as they grow, leaving behind the happiness of pursuing their passion. The competitive and fast-paced life leaves limited time to perform chores of routine life and spare no time and resources for your passion which was once your key task of the day. This is a common problem for most people in today’s world.

While many try to manage their time to reconnect with the long-lost passion, they don’t get motivated due to limited knowledge and failure to connect with people with a similar passion. But this is where you need a platform like MeVero which can help you discover the real you.

MeVero enables an user to effectively pursue his/her passion. It offers a host of Services, Applications & Tools which the user can use to pursue the area of passion.

MeVero - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-MeVero
  • Headquarter-Palo Alto, California
  • Sector-EdTech
  • Founders-Kaushik Banerjee, Aritra Sarkar & Dipankar Ganguly
  • Founded-October 2018
  • Parent Organization-Wedoria Technologies

About MeVero and How it Works

MeVero is the first global digital platform to offer Social + Knowledge + Services for the pursuit of passion. The platform has been completely built out of Kolkata, India. MeVero is probably the first Social media platform to be built from India. It connects its users to people of similar passion, so that strangers across the world can discuss, collaborate, create projects, and help each other pursue their passion. Following the belief, 'happiness follows when you do what you truly love', the founders conceptualized MeVero - a Happiness Tech Platform.

MeVero is India’s first AI-powered platform of applications and tools for the effective pursuit of happiness. It enables people to pursue their life purpose(s) whereby they can learn, create, network, collaborate and join constructive communities based on common goals, undertake and showcase projects and finally monetize their skills. To define it better, MeVero is:

Socially Enabled Pursuit of Passion – connect people of similar passion around the world,

Personalized Knowledge – intelligent curation and personalization of knowledge around the area of passion,

Aggregation of Services for Pursuit of Passion – various tools & services for supporting the efficient pursuit of any passion.

MeVero - Product/Services

Understanding the need of millennials, MeVero offers the following services:

Life Navigators: Certified Life Coaches on the platform whom you can consult for understanding how to effectively pursue your passion. The first of its kind in the world.

Creation Tools: Online creation tools through which you can use to create and edit video, audio, image, photos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations.

Courses: A host of courses and programs in your passion offered in association with credible global e-learning platforms.

Learning Gallery: A pool of books, case studies, audio dramas, audiobooks, motion comics all devoted to help you understand what barriers you are facing and find inspiration from people who had broken these barriers and pursued their passion successfully.

They also offers content from specific Web resources for the content types, such as

All are curated intelligently and personalized around a user's area of passion.

MeVero - Target Market Size

As per an estimate, globally there are 220 million English speaking people on the Internet, who are unable to follow their passion effectively leading to disgruntlement and confusion. MeVero promises a 15 Minute of Happiness in the daily life of millennials, by personalizing their journey in every step of following their passion.

Founders of MeVero and team

Founders of MeVero are Aritra Sarkar, Dipankar Ganguly, and Kaushik Banerjee.

Kaushik Banerjee – Kaushik is the Co-founder and CEO of MeVero Inc. and an alumnus of Jadavpur University and IIM Lucknow. He spent 26 years in Marketing, Sales, Strategy and Profit Centre operations spanning across FMCG, Durables, Fashion, Telecom & Media. Kaushik was the Vice President & SBU Head of Anandabazar Patrika Group from April 2007 to September 2012. There he built the Digital Business from scratch and generated a revenue of USD 1 million in the first full year of operation.

Aritra Sarkar - Aritra is the Co-founder of MeVero Inc who spent more than ten years working in the media in both the US and India—where he handled corporate strategy, business development, and integrated marketing for two multi-media conglomerates.

Dipankar Ganguly - Co-Founder & CTO, Dipankar has over 25 years of global IT experience having served in different technology leadership roles at companies such as IBM, iGate, Tata Unisys, etc.

How was MeVero Started?

Both, Co-founders of MeVero, Kaushik and Aritra, had a long run in the Corporate world before commencing MeVero. Both were disillusioned with the pandemic of employee dissatisfaction rampant across all companies. They realized the potential and need for a global community of people pursuing their passion that will connect its users to people of similar passion, so that strangers across the world can discuss, collaborate, create projects and help each other pursue their individual passion.

Aritra set up his first tech venture, Wedoria Technologies in 2012, with a mission to help every human being find their purpose in life. In 2018, along with Kaushik, he started his second entrepreneurial venture, MeVero, to focus his efforts on enabling the pursuit of passions.

MeVero - Name, Tagline, and Logo

MeVero’s tagline is "Find & Follow Your Passion in Life. Set Goals".

MeVero - Business Model and Revenue Model

The business model of MeVero consists of:

Online Advertisement - Native Ads in the App via Facebook Audience Network to generate revenue through Ad impressions.

Cloud storage subscription - 500 MB Free for lifetime and plans starting $1/month after that.

Tool package subscription - Creative tool packages like Rich Text Editor, Photo Editor, Video Editor, etc. starting $1.5/month.

Commission on Life Navigation session booking - 25% commission on session booking amount (minimum $10/hour can be set as session fees by Life Coaches on MeVero).

Premium subscription - Users receive a completely Ad-Free Experience and a Daily Personalized Passion Digest Newsletter curated and delivered to their inbox, starting $1/month.

MeVero - Competitors

It is the first platform which tries to address the entire problem, so it has no competitors currently.

MeVero - Growth

MeVero launched its beta version product in October 2018 and today it has 100K+ Registered Users across 221 countries. The platform has recorded 200K+ App Downloads, 5K+ Content Downloads, 90K+ Veda Chats, 1K+ Firesides Created and 10K+ Goals Set. The company has lately launched MeVero 2.0 with enhanced features and a user-friendly website.

MeVero - Future Plans

Currently, MeVero Inc. is looking to raise capital to fund its technical development and user acquisition, and scale to 5 million users by June 2021.

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