Media Corridors: PR Agency to Help Businesses in Building Brands & Maintain Online Reputation

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The digital revolution and the growth of social media in the last few years have demanded all types of businesses to go online. The global digital population has reached 5 billion in 2022. When the customers are online, the online presence of businesses has become indispensable for sustaining the market. Building trust among customers and creating a positive brand image and maintaining the reputation becomes of utmost importance after the businesses create their online presence. Online reputation management is the best way to maintain your brand’s image. It helps in conveying the intended brand message to your target audience, developing a strong bond with your customers, and also assists in lead conversion.

Media Corridors is a global PR & Online Reputation Management Agency to help all kinds of businesses create & maintain a positive brand image and promote their brand. Read to know more about Media Corridors, its founder, services, USP, growth, and the story of its starting up.

Media Corridors - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Media Corridors
  • Headquarters-New Delhi
  • Industry-PR & ORM
  • Founder-Ayushi Arora Gulyani
  • Founded-2015

Media Corridors - About

As a Global PR & ORM agency trying to break through the clutter, the question is: how do they make their PR strategies stand out? Hence, they focus on their strengths. Media Corridor’s brand storytelling skills, combined with smart campaign planning that can help deepen the emotional connection with audiences, create a positive brand image, and deliver results that matter through the media landscape, whether traditional or digital. They BUILD campaigns and strategies, ENGAGE with the right media with a message-focused.

Media Corridors - Founder and Team

Ayushi Arora Gulyani 

Media Corridors was founded in 2015 by Ayushi Arora Gulyani. She is the CEO of the startup.

Ayushi has always wanted to do something more, something big and impactful. Something beyond my marketing skills.

As a Communications’ professional who has built a career in the PR media landscape after having worked with various media organizations as a Journalist and PR representative viz., Times Group, Network 18, Lintas.

Ayushi had started with a simple act of kindness, got associated with a NGO, felt their feelings. Celebrated Rakshabandhan with 100 brothers at another NGO, felt brother-sisterhood. Sold a painting made by me to raise money for the food victims in Nepal, felt humanity.

Started coaching young media students, about building a career as a Communications' professional, some of whom still visit me and speak with much enthusiasm about the roles they have identified for themselves early in life, felt intelligent.

These simple act of kindness in her life, and her achievements as a Marketer makes her an overall happy soul who aims to leave her mark in whatever she does.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Media Corridors has worked with clients across the country and from varied industries. Initially started with business marketing projects of corporates in the technology, hospitality and auto sector and with time they bagged startups, capital investment, and angel networks along with many individual business profiling mandates.

Media Corridors is a group of Young, talented, enthusiastic and hardworking professionals. They are focused, detail oriented and professional in their approach. The agency has two teams; one deals with Traditional and Digital Public Relations and the other is associated with Content and Online Reputation Management. The team excels in supporting startups by marketing consultancy support and strategies to build the right brand image for investors and their end customers.

Media Corridors - The Idea and Startup Story

Ayushi started her career as a Journalist with Times Group in Bangalore, India. Her love for writing and unwrapping unheard stories through well-articulated articles started here. Later, she switched to Public Relations with Lowe Lintas’ LinOp in the same city to explore the realms of marketing and brand building in the media landscape.

Switched to Delhi as her new place of residence in 2013, secured a job with Network 18 as a Food Editor with and thoroughly enjoyed working towards her marketing and editorial responsibilities in the hospitality industry. Having worked with a diverse sector client portfolio from auto, technology, to healthcare, lifestyle, real estate, and more, Ayushi started to find a neat balance in her writing and communications skills and was glad PR as a career happened to her.

She took active part in startup meets, marketing conclaves and gathered some brilliant network of renowned marketing professionals and CEOs. Having gained six years of good working experience, it was about time to follow her dream of setting up a marketing PR venture of her own. Started her business marketing projects of corporates such a IL&FS Technology, InterGlobe hotels and with time bagged more retainers with startups such as Sqrrl, Moglix, Intellolabs, Propstory and more. Today, Media Corridors headquartered in New Delhi has worked with clients across the country with over 100+ clients in 7 years of our existence.

Media Corridors - Services

Media Corridors provides services for different domains:

  • Public Relation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Crisis Communication

Media Corridors - USP and Innovation

A fastest-growing public relations and online reputation management company, engaging media influencers that connect you to your customers and investors through the art of modern dialogue so your business can grow, get highlighted in the media and prosper. The agency aims at helping brands to build an exemplary image in front of their target audience through engaging brand stories. Team Media Corridors analyze and create profiles of the companies according to their area of strength and offers the required communication roadmap respectively. After analyzing the strengths, they create a concept-based marketing plan that resonates with the brand’s USP and brand image being created or managed in front of the appropriate target audience. They BUILD campaigns and strategies, ENGAGE with the right media with a message-focused approach, so brands and businesses they work with can stand out and SUSTAIN in the ecosystem at large.

Media Corridors - Client Communication

As Media Corridors is a startup of communication professionals, keeping the client updated is one of their main concerns.

The team follows Multi-channel support, providing client support services across all the available channels like email, live chat, or phone calls. Omnichannel support allows them to deliver seamless and integrated client service across all client touchpoints.

The team believes that they are Communications professionals who create the perfect bridge between the media and the clients. Factually, this can be done by being more well-read about the industry, clients’ business, and their competition at large. This knowledge is what gives them all the confidence and become better at the job they are doing. The more you trust your own client and their business, the greater the extent to which you are willing to go.

Media Corridors - Challenges Faced

Doing something for the greater good requires an enormous amount of effort. Sometimes you might even end up making mistakes. Having said that, however, what she has learned over the years, is that the ability to mobilise people and keep a ‘Never Give Up’ attitude helps in turning any situation around. Keeping the employees secure and content with their requirements, especially when things got tough, has helped me create a team of PR professionals who are stronger and more focussed than ever! Hence, changing goals to milestones is going to continue at Media Corridors.

Media Corridors - Recognition and Achievements

Media Corridors has been awarded many times. It got the awards listed below:

  • Most Promising PR Agency 2019 by Silicon India
  • Best Emerging Entrepreneur in Delhi - 2022, Online Reputation Management Consultancy by Business Mint
  • Most Promising PR Agency 2022 by Silicon India


When was Media Corridors founded?

Media Corridors was founded in 2015 in New Delhi.

Who is the founder of Media Corridors?

Ayushi Arora Gulyani is the founder of Media Corridors.

What are the services provided by Media Corridors?

Media Corridors services include:

  • Public Relation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Crisis Communication

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