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This age is often regarded as “the social media age”. With the increasing number of social media users, influencer marketing is becoming an important component of marketing strategy for many brands. The increasing popularity of influencer marketing can be gauged from the very fact that Google searches for the term 'influencer marketing' grew 1500% over 3 Years, from 2015-2018. Social Media today is flooded with influencers and that too of many types - Mega, Macro, Micro, Advocates, Referrers, and Loyalists. If you too are planning to leverage influencer marketing for promoting your business, and wondering how to do it best, 'Mad Influence' is the place to be.  

It is one of the Best Influencer Agency in India .Read more about Mad Influence Company Profile, Challenges, Founder, Revenue, logo, tagline, etc.,

This platform connects brands to influencers across various social media platforms, so that brands can find the best influencers for attracting customers. Mad Influence is among the top 10 infuencer marketing agencies in India.

Mad Influence Highlights

  • Startup Name-Mad Influence
  • Headquarter-Noida
  • Founder-Gautam Madhavan
  • Sector-Service
  • Founded-2018
  • Parent Organization-Dutch Vibration Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mad Influence - About and How it Works

Mad Influence helps build the brand through influencers. From the amplification of content to the creation of content – Mad Influence does it all for the brands. It brings together talents, content creators and influencers to create amazing influencer marketing campaigns for brands.

What we offer is solution for humans by the humans. Real life Influencers spreading word of mouth and promoting a brand or a service in real time is the best way to market anything and that's what we do - Mad Influence founder Gautam Madhavan says emphasizing the services provided by the company.

Mad Influence provides the brands with a dedicated dashboard, and with the help of an integrated Artificial Intelligence tool built-in on their platform, Mad Influence helps brands get real time analytics of their influencer campaigns and track performance. The platform also helps brands to access between thousands of influencers with just one click.

Gautam Madhavan - Founder of Mad Influence

Gautam Madhavan is the founder of Mad Influence. A commerce graduate by qualification, Gautam, worked with various organizations in marketing and business development roles before starting his own venture. He also founded 'Go Dutch India', a reward based crowdfunding platform, prior to plunging into the influencer marketing domain.

How was Mad Influence Started

Mad Influence was started with a vision to connect humans digitally and build a sustainable community of content creators.

The idea clicked Gautam while he was attending a conference. Gautam noticed that while there was just one speaker speaking at the conference, there were many listeners who were not only interested to listen to the speaker, but also were serious enough to take the learnings and implement in their lives. This made Gautam to think of a platform that brings together many influencers and content creators, who could bring about a large impact on a larger audience. Thus Mad Influence came into the picture.

The platform was started on January 1st, 2018. Since then, they have on-boarded over  10,000 content creators, influencers, and brands across India from multiple networks including Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Mad Influence - Startup Challenges

During the inception of Mad Influence, the concept of Influencer Marketing was new. This created a havoc of lack of trust with much less market knowledge. This also effected the startup to hire freshers in the influence marketing domain.

Though this still remains an issue, but things have changed considerably over the years. Maintenance of cash flow in this field is a struggle. As it is necessary for the startup to pay its creators on time, in order to not lose credibility. But on the other hand, the payment schedules of clients is different.

In orer to overcome the challenges, Mad Influence conducted workshops across Delhi for influencers, teaching them how to create content, monetise and grow.

The team also replicated this initiative in other cities like Mumbai and Chandigarh. It help influencers with content production, which enables speeding up the entire process of influencer marketing.

Regarding the imbalance in Cash flows, the team figured out a financial cycle set up with each customer and made sure that the mutual agreement is relied upon at all times. It has solved a lot of cash flow cycles compared to the previous ones.

Mad Influence- Name, Tagline and Logo

Mad Influence is all about bringing the digital influencers to come together and create immersive content to engage with their audience and upsell. To achieve this, Mad Influence is created as a community, where the members are passionate and Mad about Influencing, Mad about creating, Mad about everything they do. Hence the name Mad Influence.

MAD is not a word, it's emotion here - the Mad Influence founder, Gautam Madhavan says

Mad Influence Marketing Agency - Be the Brand

Mad Influence's tagline is 'Be the Brand'

As we cater to the digital community who are normal human beings and not real time celebs , we want them to become a brand first and then Influence later. This makes us work harder to make every associated creator with us to build a self sustaining brand for himself or herself - Gautam quotes speaking about the idea behind the tagline.

As far as the logo is concerned, the MAD is designed in such a way that M looks like a magnet and the Influence that'swritten beneath that means that MAD attracts Influence.

Mad Influence - Revenue

With initial investment of Rs.1 Lakh , Mad Influence started as an influencer marketing startup in 2018. Currently, its revenue is over 50 lakh per month

The platform recently won a place in the Top 100 Marketing Startups in Asia at MadCon Dubai.

Mad Influence - User Acquisition

What helped the Mad Influence team best regarding user acquisition and retention is their approach to clients. They take their client's projects personally like it's their own brand. This helps the brand to open up with them more genuinely. Proper understanding of the client's needs helps them serve the clients in the best possible way.

Mad Influence- Growth

Today, Mad Influence is working with almost all the leading Music Labels and Movie Production houses of Bollywood and Pollywood and soon they plan to collaborate down south.

In terms of brands, they are already catering to the Fortune 500 brands like Puma, Idea Cellular, Colgate, etc and also the upcoming startups in India like Oyo Rooms, Club Factory,, etc and soon would be planning to build sustainable yet affordable solutions for every brand that enters India. Mad Influence is the official agency Partner of TikTok in India. Mad influence is also the official influencer partner of T-Series, which owns a 90% market share in Bollywood music.

Mad Influence - Future Plans

With growing advent in technology, the startup is on a verge to build various Internet Products in field of AR (Augmented Reality), VR(Virtual Reality) and AI(Artificial Intelligence) to support business. An automated dashboard is being built for influencers and brands, This will help them make the process more sophisticated and reliable.

Mad Influence - FAQs

What is Mad Influence?

Mad Influence is one of the best Influencer Marketing agencies in India. It helps you build your brand by connecting brands to influencers across various social media platforms.

Who is the Founder of Mad Influence?

Gautam Madhavan is the founder of Mad Influence.

What is the tagline of Mad Influence?

Mad Influence's tagline is - "Be the Brand".

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market one of its products or services. Influencers have specialized knowledge & insight into a subject. Their pre-existing presence in a niche helps brands to connect with their prospective/existing customers.

What does Mad Influence offer?

This platform connects brands to influencers across various social media platforms so that brands can find the best influencers for attracting customers. Mad Influence is among the top 10 influencer marketing agencies in India.

Who is an influencer?

An influencer is the people who have the power to influence the audience and customers by their established reputation and expert-level knowledge in their field.

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