M2P Fintech Startup Story: Simplified Banking, Lending, and Payment Solutions

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Never overlook the power of a good cup of chai in your life. M2P, the idea of Madhu, Muthu, and Prabhu, was born out of one such fascinating tea chat. M2P fintech is a payment infra startup that helps businesses embed financial products. It works with more than 500 banks and other financial institutions

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M2P Fintech - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-M2P Fintech
  • Headquarters-Tamil Nadu, Chennai, India
  • Sector-Developer APIs, Financial Services, Fintech
  • Founders-Madhusudanan Rangarajan, Prabhu Rangarajan and Muthukumar A
  • Founded-Nov 14, 2014
  • Valuation-$600 million (June 2022)
  • Company Type-For-Profit
  • Legal Name-M2P Solutions

About M2P Fintech

M2P Fintech is a Fintech startup that offers BaaS (banking-as-a-service) to non-banking financial companies, banks, fintech startups and more. It helps companies of all sizes integrate investment products into their service lines. Their system streamlines collaborations with banks, PPIs, FIs, and other authorized bodies, allowing businesses to quickly design and launch fintech products.

Fintech pioneers such as Amrish Rau, CEO of Pine Labs, Kunal Shah, Founder of Cred, Jiten Gupta, Founder of Jupiter, and Abhishant Pant, Founder of The Fintech Meetup, have backed them.


M2P aims to assist enterprises and firms in creating and embedding custom APIs so they can concentrate on their service lines while M2P handles the backend interfaces and technology infrastructure.

M2P's API tech-stack is powerful, safe, and customizable, allowing them to go to trade quickly and effectively, enhancing business efficiency and customer loyalty.

M2P aspires to be a viable distribution system for banks and financial entities, assisting them in forming Fintech and acting as Fintech incubators, hence increasing financial inclusivity.

The tagline of M2P fintech is “We build, enable, embed fintech”.

Startup Story of M2P Fintech

M2P Fintech began as a friendly tea chat among two pals, Madhu and Muthu, and grew from there. They frequently discussed and disputed repeating patterns in B2B payment tools, as well as identifying white areas. They started M2P Fintech in late 2014 after numerous conversations, and Prabhu R joined in as a co-founder.

the company began as a payments infra company in 2015 and have since evolved into a dynamic two-sided fintech platform with banks and licensed financial firms on one side and fintech companies on the other wanting to tackle a variety of fintech problems.

They envision themselves as the world's fintech lab, a place where entrepreneurs can gather and express ideas without worrying about the complications of creating a licensed product like financial solutions.

Products of M2P Fintech

Funds are available right now. Anytime. Anywhere. There will be no pre-loaded cards or purses! With JIT financing, you can provide clients with real-time financial access.

Card Issuance

Issue single, multi-user, multi-currency, physical, or virtual payment solutions on top of a highly scalable platform.

Debit Cards: High-end debit cards with online enrollment, limit modification, and remittance customization, among other features.

Credit Cards: Full credit card issue API stack, mobile-first architecture, built-in security, and end-to-end assistance from layout to delivery.

Prepaid Cards: The company creates single and multi-use redeemable cards, multicurrency forex cards, JIT-based loan cards, fleet, travel, and business cards.

On top of a scalable framework, offer single, multi-user, multi-currency, physical, or digital payment options.

Cross Border Payments

Through a simple API interaction, M2P enables cross-border transfers quicker, easier, and more dependable.

Forex or Travelcards

Using M2P's consortium, create customer-centric remittance and cross-border payment solutions. For all travellers, use multi-currency travel or Forex cards.

Remittance Solution

M2P makes cross-border remittances faster, smoother, and more reliable through single API integration.

Fleet Drive

M2P's FleetDrive helps you control FASTag tolls, fuel, meals, and other fleet-related costs. Get a 15-day working capital loan for any on-trip costs for free.

Easily create customized physical and digital cards with built-in adherence, safety, and dependability, as well as 360-degree support.

Buy Now Pay Later

Linking lenders, retailers, and clients to create market-changing credit solutions. Provide end-users with real-time credit facilities from a variety of providers.

  • Banking
  • Neobanking

M2P is a leader in facilitating new banking through cutting-edge API services that are secure and compliant.


With cutting-edge APIs, you can provide your clients with tempting deposit plans. Enable digital banking and comprehensive wealth management.

Fixed Deposits: With FD's, you can get to market quickly.

Gold Deposits: Enhance your clients' gold holdings, make incentives easier to come by, and provide hassle-free gold deposits.

Business Model of M2P Fintech

M2P Fintech is a supplier of API facilitating firms of any size to be digital finance solution suppliers. They're well-positioned with a safe and adaptable cloud platform that enables businesses to create tools with efficiency and agility at their centre. Their software platform has also undergone multiple regulatory assessments and is validated by industry-leading credentials.

On one hand, their system helps firms to swiftly design and launch fintech products by allowing them to customize all key operations using our plug-and-play alternatives. Their system, on either hand, makes it easier for banks/PPI licensees/regulated firms to handle these solutions in the back end by enabling technological interface, settlement, and technical assistance.

What Distinguishes M2P Fintech?

  • You may create Products in a couple of days, allowing you to increase your go-to-market pace and effectiveness.
  • Fintech APIs are simpler to use and comprehend, allowing businesses to use and provide smooth financial solutions.
  • They go above and beyond. M2P interacts proactively with the extensive market knowledge and creates products tailored to the demands of end-users.
  • They interact with a range of companies, including developing enterprises, financial firms, and banks, to develop and deliver customer-centric products. Their services are completely safe and consistent with industry norms.

Better Half Program of M2P Fintech

Better Half, a first-of-its-kind half-day formal job initiative targeted at helping women resume their careers, has been unveiled by M2P Fintech.

As per a release, it is tailored to re-start one's career path; those picked are asked to add 5 hours each day, making it the first organization to make half-day employment normal. The initiative includes official upskilling, membership in ESOPs, and other perks that a full-time worker would receive.

The program's name, 'Better-Half,' refers to its goal of assisting people in honing their talents and preparing them for 'better' career opportunities and 'half' a day of job. The initiative is aimed to ease the transition back to full-time work by gradually increasing office hours.

On-the-job assignments, learning experiences, and the chance to engage in a multi-disciplinary group are all available through the initiative. The initiative also provides community assistance, and those chosen are guided by senior professionals, with the possibility of converting to a full-time position after the 12 months or anytime the member chooses.

Better Half, which has over 500 M2P personnel, aims to diversify the staff and improve gender parity within the company.

  • Competitors of M2P Fintech
  • Open Bank Project

It is regarded as one of M2P's main competitors. It was established in 2012 and is based in Berlin, Germany. It operates in the Internet Software space alongside M2P. Compared to M2P, it earns $1 million more income.


It is a private firm based in Singapore, that was created in 2020. It is a company that works in the consumer and corporate banking sectors. It hires 22 fewer staff than M2P.


It was created in 2016 and is based in London, England. It is a company that works in the consumer and corporate banking sectors. M2P yields 1,052 per cent of TrueLayer's income.

Challenges Faced by M2P Fintech

M2P's early trips were laden with difficulties and repercussions. Even if their topic experience, innovative potential, and technological competence were among the finest, following norms to seek prospects was a big growth problem.

The original team secretly started their bootstrapped adventure by pooling personal assets. They created M2P, an API framework that allows companies to swiftly design and launch finance products by customizing the required processes via plug-and-play approaches.

By enabling technology interface, settlements, and technical assistance, M2P made it easier for banks and PPI licensed firms to endorse back-end services. M2P enabled neo banking, cross-border payments, card issuance, program administration, innovative financing, and trades for clients in a brief period.

Their fintech APIs were powerful, safe, and customizable, allowing banks, fintech, and companies to go to trade quickly and effectively. Its software suite has undergone respective legal audits and is validated by industry-leading credentials.

The Major Breakthrough

M2P's first turning point came when they partnered with DCB Bank to offer their initial Visa-powered card program. Furthermore, they partnered with Rupay, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Mercury, and China Union Pay to launch a plethora of different campaigns. They had become Visa's Fintech Fast Track partner in the Apac, as well as MasterCard's valued associate worldwide.

It handled over $10 billion in dealings in 2021, thanks to its varied coalitions. Over 500 transactions and 100 Fintech programs have gone virtual in just a couple of years. Workforce strength has risen dramatically as well, from 60 in the initial periods to over 300 in 2020, with 700 predicted by 2025. (by March 2022).

Spike in Digital Payments

The pandemic spurred an increase in digital payment after February 2020. As markets began to encourage digitized handsfree payments, banks, Non-banking finance companies, and companies sought fintech solutions and APIs to support omnichannel trade. This was a great chance for them to help us accomplish our vision of financial inclusivity for banks, Non - banking finance companies, and other companies.

After this, there's no going back. Assignments started pouring in, and they required more capacity and funds to keep up with the demand.


M2P has made great strides from the chai talk in 2014 to fundraising cycles, worldwide growth, breakthroughs, collaborations, and acquisitions in 2021. They feel that fintech's era is here. They're also armed with cutting-edge data-driven fintech solutions that feature AI-ML algorithms, transformative R&D, and novel propositions.


What does M2P FinTech do?

M2P Fintech is an API infrastructure company that helps businesses embed financial products.

Who are the founders of M2P Fintech?

Madhusudanan Rangarajan and Prabhu Rangarajan are the founders of M2P Fintech.

What is the valuation of M2P Fintech?

The valuation of M2P Fintech is $605 million as of 2021.