Lepasa: Creating A Planned Metaverse Architecture for Real-World Aspirations

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The global metaverse market size is projected to be worth 1 trillion by 2030. The next wave of digital disruption is clear. The days are not far when people will spend most of their time roaming in virtual reality. The metaverse encompasses different technologies, including virtual reality platforms, gaming, machine learning, blockchain, digital currencies, and more.

Lepasa is a Jaipur-based startup that is building digital asset-based ecosystem for business and customers. Read to know about Lepasa, its founders, the startup story and its growth

Lepasa - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Lepasa
  • Headquarters-Jaipur
  • Industry-Digital Asset/Technology
  • Founders-Ashish Agarwal and Alok Joshi
  • Founded-2021

Lepasa - About

Lepasa metaverse envisions an autonomous, cohesive & opulent digital economy in sync with the real-world use cases.

Lepasa is laying the foundation for the immensely potential digital asset-based ecosystem for content creators, businesses & consumers by developing a decentralised virtual world with numerous revenue generation opportunities.

Lepasa - Industry

The elements of a new digital age are converging at scale. The metaverse is the driving force bringing these elements together in a unified immersive experience. Users should increasingly be able to access a host of use cases, including commerce, art, media, advertising, healthcare, and social collaboration. A device-agnostic Metaverse would be accessible via personal computers, game consoles, and smartphones, resulting in a large ecosystem. Using this broad definition, the total addressable market for the Metaverse could be between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, with total Metaverse users numbering around five billion.

Lepasa - Founders

Ashish Agarwal 

Ashish has been in Blockchain for almost a decade, He started his Blockchain journey with a handful of visionaries’ way back in 2013. Before venturing into blockchain, Ashish has been an entrepreneur for a long-term selling its enabled services. Before Starting Lepasa, he has been an integral part of the Blockchain development in India. He has developed multiple Blockchain-focused solutions ranging from digital custody to full-fledged exchange.

Alok Joshi 

Alok has been in the IT consulting business for more than 2 decades. Ha has vast experience in consulting corporates like banks and large-scale government projects.

Lepasa - Name, Tagline, and Logo

Lepasa is inspired by the Spanish term “Que Pasa ''? They named their immersive, realistic, sustainable project with real-world use cases “Le+Pasa” to make the audience believes that It happens.

Lepasa - The Idea and Startup Story

2021 has been crazy or we may say the craziest year for the Crypto community. DeFi & NFTs have stolen the show from top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. It is such strong evidence that NFTs are bringing a massive number of “New Crypto Owners” to the industry. A scenario where a new user buying any crypto for the first time to buy NFT is too common nowadays.

They had started working on the “NFT” concept back in late 2020 when Cryptopunks were everywhere & the entire industry was in awe of the pixel arts. On that very day they had decided that if they are going to NFTs, it has to be something else, not just one another project in the crowd.

Being in Blockchain Tech for almost a decade, their seasoned & dedicated team suggested having an equal proportion of Tech & Art go ahead. Oh WOW! That was one strong statement that laid the founding stone for this world-class Fine Art 3D Game Ready NFT project.

They onboarded world-renowned Traditional Fine Art Artists, and CGI Artists and formed a strong bond with the Tech team. Even though NFTs have been one of the largest real-world use cases of blockchain and smart contracts to date, their adoption has been unidimensional. NFTs have been restricted to GIFs and JPEGs in popular culture, failing to incorporate the vastness the technology is capable of.

Lepasa - Products and Services

Virtual lands are envisioned as spaces where anyone can go and hang out with their friends via a monitor or through their virtual reality headset. Eventually, enthusiasts expect metaverse real estate properties to support virtual structures, where users can build whatever they’d like. But contrary to the fact most of the existing options are either low poly, cartoonish, or tokenised games. It is difficult to think of a real, immersive experience in the current scenario.

Web 3.0 will lay the foundation for the phenomenal evolution of the Internet. That’s the reason the millennials are flocking into this, their expectations from metaverse could be immense in the context of enhanced experiences, gamification, and financial gains. True to the belief of web 3.0, they are adding a 3D layer to the existing model of the tokenised, low poly/2D version of the constrained metaverses. They are building an enthralling, immersive 3D visual experience. A planned Metaverse will provide immense opportunities to participants.

Lepasa - Customer Acquisition

They had worked day and night almost a year before launching their project, and they had worked a lot on launching it when there is a lot of demand and curiosity for the project, they had 200+ customers on the day of launch.

They have been working hard to sustain their early customers and at the same time gain more new customers. Their customer base is constantly growing in the last six months they have organically grown multiple X.

Lepasa - Challenges Faced

The most challenging part in such futuristic, comparatively newer concepts is mostly around finding the right resources/talent. They have been lucky on this part as they have been in this space for a long. Still, they too have to struggle while growing their team.

Lepasa - Growth

Their Launch event was one of the most exciting and successful events so far, as mentioned above they had 200+ customers on day 1. They have been working constantly and their user base is growing constantly since.

The integration of blockchain technology with the real-estate could bring a revolution in the industry & will result in a lot of benefits including increased trust, enhanced loyalty, proficient data management, and access to real-time information. They have added a layer of state-of-the-art conceptualization & planning to bridge the gap between virtual & real. To create a Virtually-Real experience, it needs to perceive, conceptualize & planned as a real-world project.

Lepasa Metaverse is planned exactly like any state-of-the-art real estate project shall be planned and developed. Right from the ideation phase to town planning, they have followed real-world objectives & principles. At the ideation stage, they were driven by the idea of “Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life” based on a study of the Blue Zones - the geographic regions where people live longer and have fewer diseases than anywhere else in the world.

Lepasa - Advisors

They have been fortunate to have the industry’s leading name in their core team & advisory. Their technical advisory associations include Polygon, FalconX, EPNS, etc.

Lepasa - Competitors

Some of the top competitors of Lepasa are:

  • Decentraland
  • Sandbox
  • Cryptovoxels
  • Somnium Space

Lepasa - Tools Used in the Company

Some of the tools they use in their company are:

  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Blender
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Auto Cad
  • Unreal Engine 5

Lepasa - Future Plans

Looking at the vast use cases and humongous possibilities with metaverse, they have been very careful and futuristic in their vision to develop such a solution that is relevant not just in the current scenario but also capable of serving the future phases of the business use cases.


What is Lepasa Metaverse?

Lepasa Metaverse is a startup focussed on the developmnent of decentralised virtual world.

When was Lepasa founded?

Lepasa was founded in 2021 in Jaipur.

Who is the founder of Lepasa?

Ashish Agarwal and Alok Joshi are the founders of Lepasa.

Who are the competitors of Lepasa?

Top competitors of Lepasa are:

  • Decentraland
  • Sandbox
  • Cryptovoxels
  • Somnium Space

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